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Costs Down!: The cost of karting and especially starting karting is being driven down with initiatives from the MSA to reduce the price of the Start Karting pack, and to freeze many costs in 2015; and from the ARKS Schools to cut the cost of the Novice Driver Test from £95 to £50.  Read all about it here or on the MSA website.

October Newsletter: October Newsletter now on line, go to Latest Newsletter inicluding details of the 2015 O and E Plate meetings and all about the changes to the 2015 regulations. Go back to the June Newsletter where there are Standing Start Guidelines for clubs to refer to, and the result of the Club Questionnaire.  Thanks to all the clubs who responded.  You can also read the MSA Club Survey analysis here:

Amendments: Please not these amendments to the IAME Cadet 2014 regulations, these are important to note and also amendments to Rotax Tyre markings.

AGM News: Colin Wright was elected as the new Chairman of the Association of British Kart Clubs at their AGM on Tuesday 10th December.  The post was also contested by Nigel Edwards and Steve Clayton.  Wright is treasurer of Forest Edge Kart Club and has been involved in kart racing and formerly other sports for many years.  There were ten nominees for seven ordinary places on the Steering Group and the result of the election was for Martin Bean (TVKC); Steve Clayton (South Yorks); Rob Dodds (Forest Edge); Nigel Edwards (TVKC); Malcolm Fell (Cumbria);  Colin Lipscomb (Llandow); Kelvin Nichols (Buckmore).  The specialist positions were unchanged in Secretary: Graham Smith; Direct Drive Technical: Keiran Crawley; Cadet Technical: Paul Klaassen; Gearbox Tech: Phil Featherstone.  Nigel Edwards remains as Chairman of the Direct-Drive Working Group, Steve Clayton for the Club Working Group and Phil Featherstone for Gearbox. See bottom of page for the full listing.

Honda Restrictor:   Further to the MSA announcement that the Honda Cadet is to be restricted slightly in performance along with the other Cadet classes, the ABkC has arranged for a 16mm inlet restrictor plate to be made available.  The 16mm restrictor plate, to  be fitted between the carburettor and cylinder,  is mandatory in the class from 1st January 2013. Dartford Karting has kindly agreed to hold all stocks of the restrictor plate and distribute to customers and the trade (at quantity discounts to bona-fide trade and BKIA members).  The restrictor plate is available as a kit with 2 Honda gaskets and the fitting diagram at £7.75 plus VAT.  Please contact Dartford Karting at or ask your local trader.

The plates will also be used in the Junior Honda class from 2013 instead of the current extra head gaskets.  The ABkC, in discussion with the MSA, was mindful that the restriction required for the Cadet class be easy to fit without recourse to specialist engine builders.  As mentioned in the MSA release here a review will be held by 1st March 2013: If any further changes are required for any of the Cadet classes, then a bulletin will be issued, as per 2013 MSA Kart Race Yearbook B.4.2.1.

Rotax Clarification:  Rotax have issued a clarification regarding the cut off valve and needle which can be downloaded. This is now added to the fiche.

TKM Clarification:  Tal-Ko have issued this clarification of the regulations for the BT82 cylinder head, effective 1st June 2011 and this clarification regarding the TAG 2-stroke ignition and is now in the regulations.

Autosport International Racing Car Show 2014:  The ABkC along with ARKS has rebooked a space in the Karting Pavilion at the 2014 Show from 9-12 January.  Full illustration of the Pavilion is here.

New Cadet engine announced: The MSA has announced that the IAME Parilla Gazelle 60cc air-cooled engine has been selected as the MSA Cadet engine from 2013 for a minimum of 5 years, replacing the Comer W,60 which may continue to have a national championship until 2015.  The new engine will take over for the MSA British Cadet championship which will be in the Super One Series.  See the full press release here.  John Mills  Engineering have been appointed as the sole UK importer for the engine, they can be contacted on 01636 626424 or by email to

New book "Karting Explained":  Graham Smith has written another book on how to go about kart racing, click here for details, with foreword by Sahara Force India F1 driver Paul Di Resta. The book covers all aspects of kart racing, from choosing a kart and class, through taking the ARKS test and the first race, to setting up the kart and looking after the engine.

Below - the 2011 ABkC O Plate winners:


Amendments to Gold Book 2014:  
IAME Cadet: Amendment No 1

Rotax Classes: Amendment No 2
Amendment No 3 to Appendix 3 – Silencing, for 450 Gearbox

New Junior Helmets to meet new FIA/CIK standard:
Bell and Arai have released press releases on their new junior helmets, the standard becomes compulsory for all under-15's in CIK International meetings from 2010, and will follow on in the UK - 2011 for Cadets and Bambinos, 2013 for all under 15's in national racing.

Comer Cadet Carburettor:
ZipKart with agreement from the MSA have issued this Guidance Note on the use of the Tryton carburettors, including the amendment to regulations to use a modified block and two types of needle and seat.  Please check the Zipkart website for any later updates.  The MSA issued an amended fiche for the engine / carburettor on 16 July, which is on the website and here.

“The Comer Cadet W60 Homologation Fiche has been updated and is available on the MSA website.

The ABkC Stand at the January 2009 Autosport International Racing Car Show, NEC.

The ABkC supports the Go Motorsport and Lets Go Karting schemes

Please note the 2014 Kart Race Yearbook (Gold Book) and MSA Yearbook (Blue Book) are now available on the Members Publications section for licence holders and anyone else to download.

Our 'How to Start' website-
How to Start Kart Racing

ABkC class regulations (classes that are not in the Gold Book):

KTE-2014-217 World Formula
KTE-2014-218 125 Open (S/C)
KTE-2014-219 210 National
KTE-2014-253 210 National Amendment on Tyres
KTE-2014-220 Honda Senior
KTE-2014-221 Honda Junior
KTE-2014-222 Junior Gearbox
KTE-2014-223 Rotax 125 Max DD2
KTE-2014-224 Formula KGP Junior
KTE-2014-226 WTP Cadet on request only
KTE-2014-227 TKM 4-Stroke
KTE-2014-228 Formula KGP
KTE-2014-229 450cc 4-stroke Gearbox

For engine builders and teams, go to .

The 2014 Honda Tech Reg V9 are here
These 2014 regulations are MSA approved and come into force on 1.1.14. The timing tool is available for sale from all the prominent engine builders and Dartford Karting at a price of £45 for the crank location tool and £4 for the timing tool, both plus VAT.  Clubs should apply to Dartford Karting for one set for their scrutineer at the club price.  Please note the phone number for Seven Kart, one of the exhaust sealers, has changed to 01438 360660.

Kart Tyro - MSA guidelines are on
Read how your club could offer low cost karting to newcomers without the hassle of ARKS tests or medicals.  Kart Tyro has been extended to Juniors from 2008, 10bhp max for juniors, 15bhp max for seniors and from 2011 existing licence holders can race in Tyro alongside the Clubman licence holders.

Tyre prices driven down for 2007 onwards:
Through the ABkC's contract renewal and tendering process for its classes and championships, importers have been able to lower the prices in real terms of all kart tyres from 1.1.2007, which must be good news for all competitors.  As part of the contracts,  ABkC pays out substantial prize money from the tyre companies to leading competitors in Super One and S4 (promoted by BRDC Stars for Super ICC, and NKF for 250 National and ICC UK).  Some add special extra prizes.  The ABkC and Dunlop are pleased to announce that one lucky competitor will receive an all-expenses paid VIP trip for two to Le Mans 2008 and 9, the winner chosen by the ABkC.  In addition, there will be one prize for a VIP Hospitality trip for four people to a BTCC round - for each ABkC class using Dunlop tyres.  Plus more tickets to a BTCC round.

For 2009, with exceptionally high changes in euro, dollar and yen currency rates, and factory input prices, the ABkC has negotiated special rates with the tyre suppliers through the terms of its on-going contracts to avoid what could have been up to 30% increases.  For 2012 there are only small or no increases, all within RPI as follows.

Tyre Prices 2013 (all prices per set excl. VAT) 2014 to follow
Please note that these maximum recommended retail prices of tyres are not guaranteed to remain the same all year, in exceptional circumstances they may be changed due to exchange rate variations or factory adjustments due to raw material costs.  See 1990 Prices for comparison.

Maxxis prices 2013
TKM slicks Maxxis New Age Green with barcodes £119.62
TKM wets Maxxis with barcodes £134.07

Bridgestone 2013 prices:
KF senior slicks Bridgestone YLB MSA £141
KFJunior slicks Bridgestone YLC MSA £141
KF wets Bridgestone YKP (Early 2013) then YLP £151
World Formula slicks Bridgestone YJL MSA £110.90
World Formula wets Bridgestone YGR £119.48

Dunlop 2013 prices:
Cadet slicks Dunlop SL3 RAC £111.24
Cadet wets Dunlop KT3 RAC £119.42
KZ2 slicks Dunlop DEH £128.00
KZ2 & KZ1 (125 Gearbox) wets Dunlop KT13 £138.44
Honda Prokart slicks Dunlop SL1 £96.86
Honda Prokart wets Dunlop KT3 £132.14
210 National slicks Dunlop SL3 £112.38
250 National 6" DES £170
250 National 6" Wets KT6 W12 £189.10

Mojo prices for the Rotax classes in 2013
D1 Junior & MiniMax Slick £111.20 plus vat
D2 Senior £111.20 plus vat
W2 Junior, MiniMax & Senior wets £129.74
Note the tyres for the UK are marked CIK with yellow bar codes

Download the Club Competition Secretary seminar presentation here

KF Classes First Races:
History was made at PF International on 4th November 2007, with the first KF class races in the UK.  Download the sound of the first KF2 start.


"Come Kart Racing" video now available:
New karters can obtain a free copy from the Secretary (address below). 
Or download a wmv webquality version here.  This DVD is intended to promote karting and seek to recruit marshals and officials.  All ABkC clubs can order supplies through the secretary.

(Note: 12MB file length.)

2005: Adam Christodoulou full tribunal findings here.  He was later excluded from a round of the Super 1 for an engine illegality, along with three other drivers.
(Note - this file is 2.7MB long).

MSA Parent/Guardian/Guarantors: New regulations from 2012, download MSA flier.  All parents or guardians of minors (under 18) are required to take out a PG Entrant licence at the same time as the race licence.  If someone else is signing on the under 18, a letter of consent must be completed in advance and left with the club at signing on.

MSA - Kart Regional Committee/ABkC Structure
On 12th February 2004 the ABkC Steering Group agreed unanimously to a new MSA structure for the administration and governance of karting in the UK.  For details see this Press Release with associated Diagram.  This was rescinded during 2011 and a new structure with a new Kart Committee agreed.

A more detailed flow chart of the new structure is also available. (Note - this is a large file)

Download a lap of Three Sisters and Fulbeck

Most pictures on this site are courtesy of Chris Walker:

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Amendments to Regulations: IAME Cadet: Amendment No 1
Rotax Classes: Amendment No 2, Amendment No 3 – Silencing 450 Gearbox;


KTE regulations see list above


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KTE Class regulations see list above


Noise and Planning Booklet - guidance to clubs

The Association of British Kart Clubs (ABkC) was formed in 1990 to act as an interface between kart clubs and the sports governing body, the MSA, with whom there is a high degree of discussion and co-operation. The clubs are represented by the ABkC Steering Group which is elected each year during the  A.G.Mheld each Autumn. Over thirty of the kart clubs in the United Kingdom are members. The Steering Group also has representatives from other kart associations, which are usually regionally based, the MSA, the British Kart Industry Association (BKIA) and various championship organisers.  The Steering Group doubles up as the Regional Association for karting so new clubs can join the ABkC instead of a local Regional Association.  Decisions taken by that group will have a direct influence on all existing and proposed kart class regulations.

Every year the ABkC publishes its regulations which represent the class structure being used by the Association in its direct drive and gearbox national championships. These are contained within the MSA Kart Racing Yearbook, the "Gold Book". We ask that clubs affiliated to ABkC use the regulations contained within this document for their race meetings. Without this co-operation it would be impossible for drivers to move from club to club during the racing season and find the same race classes. The ABkC Regulations should be used as an addition to the Club's Supplementary Regulations, used as the reference point for the classes.

All ABkC clubs must run their meetings according to the regulations set down by the MSA. The officials and all safety regulations must conform to the current MSA Yearbook, the ABkC Regulations are only the class regulations.

ABkC National Championships will be organised by the Super One Series for 60-125cc direct drive classes whilst the Super 4 national gearbox class championships are with the Northern Karting Federation (NKF) for 250 National and KZ UK. ABkC single event National Championships - the 'O' Plates - may be organised for all these and for the other less popular existing classes and any newer classes as they become established.  KZ1 is the MSA British Kart Championship class for seniors, whilst KF Junior is the class for the MSA British Junior Kart Championship, both held in the Super One Series as is the MSA British Cadet Kart Championship using the IAME Parilla Gazelle engine.

It should be emphasised that the Super One Series awards the seeded numbers 1 - 10 in all Cadet, KF, Rotax and TKM classes, and with the sole exception of the MSA Comer Cadet Championship, these are the only 1 - 10 numbers that are permitted to be used by drivers at the thirty ABkC clubs throughout the U.K. in these direct drive classes. Similarly the 1- 10 numbers from KZ UK and 250 National are allocated from the ABkC national championship Super 4 Series in the NKF.  Numbers from other series are not permitted to be used at club racing. Here is the list of authorised seeded numbers.

2000 Archive of Newsletters: December 2000, September 2000 News, June 2000 News, Mar2000, Feb2000, Dec1999

Senior officers of the Association


Colin Wright, 2 Greenways, Sandhurst, Berks, GU47 8PJ


Tel 07841 034192 E-mail: Chairman


Graham Smith, "Stoneycroft", Godsons Lane, Napton, SOUTHAM CV47 8LX.


Tel & Fax 01926 812177 - E-mail: Secretary


TBA - contact Secretary




Colin Wright

Russell Anderson

Graham Smith

Steve Chapman

Peter Catt (BKIA)

The elected members of the ABkC Steering Group are:
Chairman: Colin Wright; Secretary: Graham Smith
Class One Technical: Keiran Crawley; Cadet Technical: Paul Klaassen;
Other positions: Nigel Edwards (Non Gearbox Sub-group Chairman), Gearbox Sub-group Chairman: Phil Featherstone, Malcolm Fell, Steve Clayton, Kelvin Nichols, Rob Dodds, Martin Bean, Colin Lipscomb
Treasurer: TBA
Non-elected positions from Kart Regional Associations and Championships etc:
Carole Blanchard (Scottish), Muriel Holder (N.I.), Sue Fairless (NKF), Roger Sheffield (F6), John Hoyle (Super One);
Ian Rushforth (Superkart); Kate Bateman (210).  Not all attend on a regular basis.
Honorary Presidents: Steve Chapman and Russell Anderson; MSA: Cheryl Lynch and John Ryan
Chairman of Kart Committee: Nigel Edwards;  BKIA: Peter Catt

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