Please note any costs given are only a rough approximation

Used equipment - see adverts in Karting magazines, through your local club, or on-line at UK Karting's Market Place. Purchase of 2nd hand equipment - between 1200 - 2,000. This cost would cover everything to get you started and on the track - that is:

  • 2nd hand Kart chassis and engine
  • Boots, helmet (try to buy the best you can afford)
  • Race suit, gloves etc.

It is possible to get a 2nd-hand kart and engine for 700-800, but this would not be as competitive, except maybe for the Cadet classes.

Alternately you can hire a kart if you do not want to go to the expense of purchasing until you know if Karting is for you.
A rough guide to prices - One day hire (that is 6 x 10 minute sessions) for a practice day would be in the region of 200 to 250 including Racewear, use of mechanic and expert advice.
To hire a Kart for a race day - from approx 250 including Racewear, use of mechanic and advice on track lines etc.

To go club racing with your own equipment is a very economic form of motor sport, yet offers higher grip and faster acceleration than most affordable car racing. Entry fees are usually about 50 - 60 and you will get a short practice, two or three heats and a final. In the more economic classes your tyres will last several meetings, although at championship level most drivers will use a new set per meeting. In addition you need to buy fuel and racing 2-stroke oil for your kart, and have the engine rebuilt every so often. At a club meeting you can expect to put about 30 to 40 minutes of use on the engine, and you might rebuild it every 3 to 8 hours depending on the class. A sealed  Rotax Max engine only needs rebuilding about once per season, and 4-stroke engines only need periodic changes of valve springs and oil changes. Rebuild costs will be between 300 to 500 or more. Other costs include the occasional new chain and spark plug, different sprockets for different tracks, cleaning fluids and chain lubrication spray and some basic tools including a tyre pressure gauge and pump. So what are you waiting for, come race with us!

The 5 main (non-gearbox) classes plus the 60cc Cadet Class (for 8-13 years old)
See Kart Table for full listing

All prices are only approximations for a new ready to race Kart, excl VAT.

Formula Cadet
Ideal start for 8-13 years old. The IAME category uses a sealed 60cc Parilla Gazelle UK engine which has been chosen by the MSA to take over the prime category from the Comer engine from 2013 and is thus used in the Cadet British Championship raced in the Super One Series. It has a direct drive with a centrifugal clutch. Approx top speed 50mph. Fitted with side pods and nose cone for safety. Cost approx 2300 - 3000. The Honda Cadet, with an un-sealed 4-stroke engine is cheaper at around 1800 - 2100, and a good economic starting point. It also has an ABkC National Championship within the Super One series. A new race prepared Honda engine can be obtained for 450 plus vat.  The two classes may be raced together.    The upper age of 13 is so that smaller children may stay in the class, but usually drivers will move up to the junior classes by the age of 12 as they get too heavy to be competitive.  The Comer Cadet using the W.60 engine will still be raced at many clubs and has a national MSA championship in the Super One but no seeded numbers are issued.

Note that Juniors must be a minimum weight with their suit, boots and helmet, check the regulations for each class for the figure.  Some classes like TKM and Blue have different weights depending which restrictor is being used.

Junior TKM
11-17 years old. Single engine option - TKM BT82. Chassis no longer need to be homologated, but there are limitations on the karts. A restrictor plate between carburettor and engine limits available power and there are various options for different sized drivers. Clutch is optional for easy electric starting & recovery after a spin. Cost 2,800 approx.  A TAG (electric start, Touch and Go) variant is available.

Formula KFJ (KF Junior)
13-17 years old (or from year of 13th birthday with prior experience). Engines are international 125cc TAG two stroke electric start types, restricted to 14,000rpm. Top speed approx 75mph. The premier junior category and MSA British Junior Championship class. Cost 5-6000 approx.

TKM Extreme
16 years and over. Single engine (TKM BT82) and same chassis choice as for Junior TKM and with one choice of restrictor between carburettor and engine or none for heavier drivers. Similarity of regulations makes the progression from Junior TKM to Senior TKM except that the senior category is now 115cc, both inexpensive and logical. TAG option available.  Cost 3000 approx.

Rotax Classes
Use a modern water cooled 125cc engine with electric self start with categories for 11-15 year old - MiniMax, 13- 17 year old - Junior Max (these both have restricted power output), seniors and Max 177 for the heavier driver who must weigh a minimum of 80kg. There is also a 2-speed geared kart class called DD2.  Cost 4500 approx.

Gearbox Classes
A range of classes for karts with gears and clutches from 125cc to 250cc. Speeds on tracks, for example Silverstone, up to 145mph. Gearbox karts can be bought second hand from as low as 1000. New 125's (KZ UK, or KZ1) cost from 6000, up to a fully equipped 250 National or International at 8,000 plus depending on options.

The above prices do not include any Racewear.
To participate in a race (as opposed to a practice day) the following must also be obtained:

  • Unless you fall into one of the exemptions, you need to buy a 'Starting Karting' pack from an ARKS school or from the MSA, Motor Sports House, Riverside Park, Colnbrook, Slough SL3 0HG (Tel:01753 765000). The pack costs 75 including postage which includes the costs of the first licence (and the PG Entrant licence if needed). A serial numbered licence application form is enclosed along with a PG Entrants licence form which must be completed by the Parent or Guardian for anyone under 18 years of age. (It costs 18 per annum). After having a medical form completed (see below) you need to book an ARKS driving test with one of the approved ARKS schools or a participating club. This costs 95 (incl VAT) plus the hire of any equipment.  A Kart licence costs from 36.
  • If you are over 18, a medical certificate of fitness provided by your doctor. This is part of the medical examination which is on the licence application form. Otherwise you need to self-certify your health.   A medical can cost anything from 50 to over 100 depending on your doctor.
  • A Kart Club membership. There are many clubs in the country. By joining one of them you are then allowed to race at any circuit. Some clubs have test days and offer special rates to members for these and race days. Joining an ABkC affiliated club will allow you to race in the ABkC national championships eg Super One, and Super 4 gearbox classes in NKF (Northern Karting Federation).
  • Apart from your kart you must have protective clothing which includes - a crash helmet approved for racing, an approved racing suit, gloves and boots giving ankle protection.

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