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ABkC Seminars for Karting Officials

The Association of British Kart Clubs in conjunction with the MSA have organised a series of seminars for ABkC club officials and all scrutineers towards the end of the year.  These are for Clerks, club stewards and scrutineers where training and advice will be given on the new points judicial scheme as well as other 2003 regulation changes.  But it is important to note that our seminars are a supplement to and not a replacement for the MSA Seminars which will take place early next year, and are usually a requirement for licence retention.   Additionally at the Tamworth seminar, there will be sessions for kart timekeepers, competition secretaries and anyone who operates the HSS Challenger transponder lap-scoring and timing system.  The dates and venues are:-

Saturday 30th November at Guildford

Saturday 14th December at Glasgow

Saturday 21st December at Tamworth

Any non-ABkC club wishing to send officials may do so if they join the ABkC beforehand.  Their membership will then be valid for 2003.  However all scrutineers are welcome.  Details of the seminars is enclosed, please return the slip sent to all ABkC clubs back to the secretary no later than 23rd November.  Please try to send people to represent your club.

Summary of changes to the kart regulations for 2003

There will be a few changes to the regulations in the MSA Kart Race Yearbook, known as the Gold Book, for 2003.  Firstly 100 National!  Following the outcry after the ABkC and Super 1 proposed it would not be offered in 2003, the Super 1 organisers have promised to offer the class again.  So the ABkC will keep the class regulations in the Gold Book and fully active.  However due to popular demand the slick tyres are changing to Vega SL7, although the current tyres with or without a GB mark can be used until the end of March.  The SL7 is the same tyre that will be adopted for Rotax Max, and as a concession the 100 National drivers only can use either JAG marked tyres or GB marked tyres at club level.   But when run at national championships like the Super 1 the tyres must be marked GB.  The same applies to the Vega W2 wet.  It is important to note that Rotax Max drivers must always use JAG marked tyres.  The engine regulations for 2004 onwards will be discussed by the ABkC and notice of change given, assuming the class continues to be popular.

Rotax Max will have a change of slick to the Vega SL7, marked JAG but despite a short lived misunderstanding about the markings, the wet remains the same Vega W2, also marked JAG.  There is some tightening up on mainly carburettor, needle and jetting regulations in all the Rotax variants.  For instance only the standard K27 needle will be permitted.  The Rotax Junior UK weight goes up to 143kg and Junior Restricted comes into the Gold Book for the first time, now to be officially known as MiniMax.  The tyres in this class will be Vega SL8, with W2 wets, all marked JAG.  Weight is 135kg, number plates are yellow with black numbers and the current Bridgestone tyres can be used up to 31st March at club level.  There are also some updates to the Rotax engine fiche.  There is a new exhaust valve alignment screw, a new gearcover with a recess to eliminate the possibility of fouling the starter and a new silver plated big end thrust washer.  All parts are interchangeable on existing engines.

The gearbox classes remain largely unchanged with a review on-going for 2004.  The 250 International class is no longer offered by the ABkC for short circuit racing.  The MSA British Championship class in long circuit will be offering CIK Superkart Division 2 in 2003, which is effectively the long circuit equivalent.   The Rotax 257 single cylinder engine will be allowed in 250E for another year or can be used in five speed format in 250 National.  Some new engines are permitted in 250E, including the option to have two separate 125cc engines or the twin SGM or FPE.   In 210 National the short circuit weight goes up to 180kg. 

Weights also go up in the Honda classes, with Honda Junior going up from 142 to 145kg but the Honda Junior Heavyweight remains unchanged.  The Honda Senior weight goes up from 172 to 175 kg and the Honda Senior Heavyweight goes up from 187 to 190 kg.  In both Honda and Comer Cadets rev-counters and data-logging will be permitted.  The Cadet wet tyres will have to have certain code markings on them.

2003 CIK chassis will include the homologation of bodywork and braking system.  So if a driver uses a 2003 chassis in JICA, Formula A or ICA then it will have to remain exactly as homologated, bodywork and all.  The rear bumper must meet the MSA U.K. regulations, if not it too will have to be changed.   On older chassis the bodywork can be as this year’s regulations.  Because of the heavier bodywork the CIK has put the weight limit up by 5kg for all the 100cc and 125cc ICC International classes.  In the U.K. this only affects Formula A and Intercontinental A where the weight will become 150kg.  The carburettor restrictor remains in JICA meantime, although there still remains the possibility of further CIK measures to slow down the Juniors. 

Supplementary Regulations

Clubs must be very sure to use the correct wording in the Supplementary Regulations when referring to the Kart Race Yearbook and other class regulations.  A paragraph has been added to the Kart Race Yearbook to show the wording needed, which is:

A.4.1      All clubs must specify the classes they offer in their supplementary or championship regulations with a reference to the MSA Kart Race Yearbook and their particular association’s regulations, and have a reference to the source of the class regulations if found elsewhere e.g. ‘TECHNICAL REGULATIONS. MSA 2003 Specific karting technical regulations apply together with the 2003 ABkC regulations within the 2003 MSA Kart Race Yearbook and the SR’s for the meeting.  

ELIGIBLE CLASSES: All ABkC classes* plus ‘xx’ and ‘yy’ are offered, except that Formula ‘zz’ is not offered.  The regulations for all classes offered may be found in the 2003 MSA Kart Race Yearbook.  Additionally Formula ‘??’ is offered under MSA Regulation N.1.3, the class regulations are available from: (name and address of class promoter).’ ”

Xx and yy refer to classes such as WTP Formula Cadet, or TKM 4-stroke, which clubs might wish to offer members.  The classes offered might just be 4-stroke, or just 2-stroke, or a mixture, but they all must be specified here. 

Clubs will also have to drop the usual standard paragraph about allowing foreign drivers with EU licences, unless they are holding a National event when professional drivers holding a licence endorsed as such by their ASN may compete, or the event holds NEAFP status (National Event with Authorised Foreign Participation). 

Class regulations for 2004

The steering group will be discussing possible changes to classes including tyre suitability for 2004 at its next steering group meeting.  Proposals will be drafted on the technical regulations for 125 gearbox e.g. how many classes are needed, the placement of the rotary engine, economy considerations and the possibility of an ICC based class.  Clubs or traders wishing to make comments should have them to the secretary by 10th November. 

Calendar and seeded drivers

The 2003 calendar for the ABkC championships is now available on www.abkc.org.uk.  Seeded drivers will be shown on the website as soon as the championship organisers have made their results final.  In the meantime provisional results are shown on the appropriate websites:-

Super 4 – http://www.super4.co.uk/

Super 1 - http://myweb.tiscali.co.uk/super1/

Super Two - http://www.ratpro.co.uk

Membership Forms

The membership forms for 2003 have been sent out.  The fees are not expected to increase.  Please return these to the secretary with payment at your earliest convenience and thank you for your support. 

Nominations for Office in 2003 and Annual General Meeting

Please send your nominations for the steering group members to me by 10th November.  Anyone nominated should indicate their willingness to serve.  Any proposal for discussion also needs to be sent by that date, seconded by another ABkC club.  Time permitting there will be space for informal discussion after the formal part of the meeting at the Annual General Meeting which is to be held at the International Kart Show, Telford, on Saturday 23rd November, starting 1.30 for 2pm.  It is hoped to have a good attendance of clubs.  Remember each club has two votes. 

Fee increases for 2003

The ARKS test will become 57 (plus VAT if appropriate), with a fee of 24 for the written test and 33 for the driving re-test.  The Start Karting Pack increases to 35 from 1st December.  MSA insurance per capita fees go up by about 10% to 3.65 for Clubman and 4.30 for National A and B per competitor.  The National B Licence will be 22 and the National A 35. For full information please refer to the MSA website www.msauk.org news section.

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