ABkC News January 2002

MSA Seminars for Club non-licensed officials

The MSA have been very disappointed with the low turn out of kart personnel attending the current round of seminars.  The agenda includes lots of informative matter including correct documentation for signing on, insurance cover for marshals and officials, and help on how to plan and run efficient meetings.  Contact Allan Dean Lewis at MSA for venues still to be held.

JICA Tyres

The Junior Intercontinental A class will change to the Bridgestone YGB slick tyre, the same as ICA, from 1st March.  European championship contenders will have to use a narrower tyre than in the U.K. events though, it being too difficult to bring two widths of MSA marked tyre into the U.K.  (PFI already run the new tyre.)

Gold Book Amendments

Some parts of the Gearbox and Honda prokart regulations in the Gold Book are incorrect having been based on an early draft.  Amendments will be issued by the MSA shortly.  Here is the draft amendment for the Gearbox section:  National 125 – Replace 15.4.1 (k) with the following: “No form of reprogrammable ignition units. Only one fixed delay curve is permissible with no variation to the ignition timing or curve while the kart is in motion. Devices may be required to be laboratory tested to determine compliance.”

250 National: Replace 18.4 with the following wording: “Engine. See Appendix 2 for list of eligible engines,” and 18.4(i) with “No form of reprogrammable ignition units. Only one fixed delay curve is permissible with no variation to the ignition timing or curve while the kart is in motion. Devices may be required to be laboratory tested to determine compliance.”
In Section D Gearbox general regulations, D.3  Remove the words: “Formula National 125 and Formula National 250.”
In Appendix 13, Summary of classes, there are some errors to be corrected:
JICA  dry tyres  change to Bridgestone YGB
ICA  dry tyres change to Bridgestone YGB
Formula A  wet tyres change to KT8-CIK
125 Europa class B wet tyres change to KZ-UK
Formula 250E  change class weight to 210

Junior Gearbox Honda exhaust

The only exhaust to be used is to be the HGS type TR02.

N.1.3 Waivers still required

Member clubs are reminded that they must apply for an N.1.3 waiver every year if they wish to offer classes that do not have their detailed regulations in the MSA Kart Race Yearbook, the “Gold Book”.  This might apply to TKM 4-stroke, the Biland, or the new Restricted Junior Rotax U.K.  None of the new classes has yet been endorsed by the ABkC.  If the class is only run as part of a visiting championship a separate N.1.3 may not be required, as the championship will have one for the visit to the venue.

Cadet Chassis and Junior Class tests

The MSA representative noted that a particular trader is importing a Cadet kart, almost identical to one already registered for use by the official importer of the make, but emphasised this parallel import kart is not eligible for MSA racing. Buyers beware!  The MSA will be holding a test day to benchmark the various new and changed Junior classes, and reserve the right to slow them down after the tests if need be.  After an importer requested a fresh look at the ban on flat-top steering wheels, the ABkC recommended that they could be allowed, so long as the perimeter at any point met a specified minimum radius.  The Kart Technical Working group will discuss the recommendation and propose a rule change.  The use of rev counters for Comer Cadets was also put forward to Kart Technical but any change in that or general data logging restrictions cannot take effect until 2003.  A small working group will be formed to help choose the replacement engine for the MSA Cadet class from 2004.

ABkC InterNations

The ABkC InterNations event will be held at Watergrasshill in the Republic of Ireland this year on 14th/15th September.  The classes will be Honda and Comer Cadet, racing together with defined sprocket sizes, National 125 gearbox, Honda Twin pro-karts, Rotax Junior UK and Rotax Max.  Formula Libre may be permitted to race along with the Rotax Max, again with a specified maximum sprocket size.  Invitations are invited from English clubs wishing to host the event in 2003.  It must demonstrate financial viability. Thereafter the event will rotate to Scotland, Wales and then Northern Ireland. 

International News

The venue for the British entrants for the JICA/ICA European qualifiers has changed to the new Bombarral circuit near Lisbon in Portugul, still on 14th July.  With the new requirements to qualify for International Grade licences, drivers are reminded that they must collect signatures during the year, and ensure their place position in the final is also recorded.  Please tell your Stewards.  Upgrades to International C only require the holder to have a National A licence, and Int C is the grade required for the Junior European qualifiers and finals.  But entrants must already have two signatures from JICA races.  For the ICA qualifier, entrants must hold an International B licence.  To qualify for an upgrade they need to have signatures from three National A or International race finishes within the top ten in the final, one of which must be from a National Championship round e.g. Super 1, Super 4 etc or an International, all within 24 months of the application.  A maximum of fifty drivers in each of JICA and ICA from each country will be accepted.  The MSA makes the decision if over-subscribed and entries need to be in between 2nd May and 7th June.  Remember medicals are required.  The tyre contracts for ICA and JICA Europeans have gone to Vega (FM Slicks, W4 Wets.)  ICC tyres will be Dunlop (DBM Slicks, KT8 CIK Wets).   Fuel for all Europeans will be from Elf Euro CIK 102/2002 at 3.7 euro per litre.  For the Superkart European Champs drivers need a long circuit International B or A licence.  To qualify the driver must be over 18, and have been classified in at least two long circuit Superkart races or have held a kart or car Int A or B within the last two years.

Junior Pushers, training and generic classes

The Kart Sporting Committee are formulating regulations for Junior Pushers to stand in designated safe areas only and have a special colour of tabard for identification.  They were also asked to look into ways and means where larger clubs could integrate the Junior Gearbox class.  It is intended to set up Clerk of Courses and Stewards training days in the Autumn to help introduce the new judicial points system.  It is also the intention of the Kart Sporting Committee to start formulating a generic 4-stroke libre class, so that individual commercial classes for each new 4-stroke engine are not necessary.

Racing for Buttons Training Day

Cumbria Kart Club representatives have proposed holding a meeting of club officials interested in taking up the “Racing for Buttons” kart promotional activities.  This initiative has kart club members visiting primary schools to promote karting, with interested youngsters being given the opportunity to try out a Honda Cadet kart.  The best driver of the year then goes ahead to enjoy a sponsored season of racing.  Racing for Buttons has brought a lot of new drivers into the sport.

Fire Extinguisher Checks & Transponder Waivers

Clubs are reminded that fire extinguishers must be inspected on a regular basis at race meetings, usually undertaken by the environmental scrutineer.  There was an incident of a fire in an awning recently where the competitor was proved not to have an extinguisher.   Clubs wishing to extend their waiver on not having a transponder lap scoring system need to apply to the secretary as soon as possible.

Bridgestone Tyre Price increase

ZipKart have informed us of a price increase from 1.2. 2002, bearing in mind that over the past four years some prices dropped up to 12.5%.  But the events of September 11th have led to increases in shipping and insurance costs.  For instance YEQ will be 110 per set, YEJ 125 and YGB 125, all plus VAT.

News from BKIA and recent Technical Meeting

The Kart Show this year will be on 23rd/24th November at Telford.  (Call 01270 582146 for details.)  Flat topped steering wheels to be allowed from 2003 subject to a minimum diameter probably of 300mm and with a recommended height above the rim of items such as rev counters and switches.  Carbon fibre floor trays can be used immediately in classes that do not specifically ban them like TKM.  The Comer Cadet engine tuning rule book has been published by the MSA (10.50) to clarify internal measurements.  It confirms ports may not be chamfered.  The amendments come into force on 1st April.  Gearbox karts with dual master cylinders may have an exemption from the brake safety cable rule.

Steering Group News

The next steering group meeting will be held at the end of April, at Donington.  Percy Jordan of Ulster Kart Club has been co-opted onto the Steering Group, and Neil Hann was appointed vice-chairman.  The steering group decided to give a small grant and loan to St Athan Kart Club to help defray the costs of the InterNations.   If any club has an occasional need for an item of equipment that could be purchased by the ABkC and also be used/shared by other clubs, please let us know.  Late news – it appears that the proposed Cadwell Super 4 round may not be happening now but don't score it out of your diaries just yet.

ABkC O Plate Meetings

9th June at Three Sisters for gearbox classes

29/30th June at Shenington for Formula TKM, Junior TKM, Junior Intermediate (and provisionally TKM 4-stroke Junior & Senior open championship)

14th July at Clay Pigeon for Honda Cadet

11th August at Rowrah for Formula A, ICA, JICA, 100 National, 100 National/165, Honda Junior & Senior

25th August at Clay Pigeon for Rotax Max, Rotax Junior UK and Comer Cadet.

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