ABkC News December 2001

Amendments to the Blue and Gold Book

After hearing from the CIK in mid December that they will use the medium compound tyre in the European Junior championships, the steering group and MSA have agreed that the slick tyre nominated for the Junior Intercontinental class will be the Bridgestone YGB, with effect 1.3.02.    The CIK is likely to appoint one tyre manufacturer per class in the JICA, ICA and ICC European Championships.

Amendment to the 2002 Kart Race Yearbook, Junior Intercontinental A Class:

Add to 4.7: ABkC nominated slick tyre with effect from 1.3.02 is the BridgestoneYGB,

Front 10 x 4.5 x 5, Rear 11 x 7.1 x 5, MSA moulded on the sidewall.

The MSA will be bringing out an amendment to correct the typo in N.14.7 (1.8mm not 18mm).  And the old style racesuits with CIK plus 3 letters will be re-instated in the book (Figure N11) noting they cannot be used after 31.12.2004.


Tal-Ko have brought out an amendment to the Formula TKM regulations to permit the use of rev-counters like the Alfano which include lap timing.   Temperature sensors are not allowed though.


Kart Licences

The sharp-eyed will have noted there is now an International C category for karts.  References to upgrading refer to the 2002 CIK Annuaire, which is not out yet, but the MSA tells me the rules are:

Age 13 – 15: only an International C will be issued.  Any under-15 currently holding a B must renew as a International C.
Upgrade from National A to International C is easy, only requirement is to hold a National A.

Age 15 and above, only Senior International licences will be issued. So I presume when a 14 year old reaches 15 they can turn in their C for a B.

Upgrade to International B - To finish in the first 5 of a National Championship or International events.  (A national championship is defined as any MSA permitted championship visiting more than one venue).  But all this is apparently under revision by the CIK so it could change!

You'll remember that the Kart Sporting Committee ruled that Juniors aged 15 and above holding an International B can race in ICA or Formula A in this
country from 2002 (even if not in their 16th year). .  The MSA advises that if a Junior turns up to race ICA or Formula A their licence must be endorsed ‘SENIOR’ by the MSA Steward.  It appears to be still open for them to race JICA in the UK even if they are racing Formula A or ICA abroad.  The MSA state championship or event regulations could be used to vary that if required.

Upgrade International B to A - as per CIK rules.

ARKS Test Costs

Please note the cost of the ARKS Test fee in 2002 will be 56.  A driving re-test is 33 and the theory re-test 23.  The Start Karting pack price remains at 31 and remember the MSA now accepts credit cards. 


Kart Control Board

The launch of the system will take place at the Autosport Show.  Driver permit record cards have already been printed, ready to sell to drivers, and ready to receive signatures at participating series and circuits.  After a certain number of signatures a driver may claim exemption from the ARKS Driving test but will still have to take the theory test in order to gain an MSA competition licence.  Commercial series or circuits will be able to apply for a promoters licence under the scheme, which can also provide insurance through the MSA brokers.  Colin Hilton of the MSA is chairing the KCB.  The members are ABkC, ARKS, BKIA, MSA, NKA, N4SKRA with circuit owner and commercial series representatives.  Our President, Steve Chapman, has been co-opted on to the Board.


AGM News

Russell Anderson was elected as Chairman of the Association of British Kart Clubs when Steve Chapman stood down after eleven years.  In his valedictory speech Steve referred to the Green Paper that the embryo association produced as its goals back in the early nineties, including mandatory intake silencers, one tyre type per class, a heavyweight class, to encourage 4-strokes, reduce noise and to align the UK with the CIK.  “All these things have happened, and it makes me very proud to see our kids doing so well in Europe,” he said.  “Many battles with the MSA were won, some were lost.  One victory was to have a dedicated kart contact person at the MSA” he added, thanking Paul Gladstone.  He went on to thank many other people who have supported and worked for the ABkC.  Steve Chapman was presented with a gift of a stainless steel and brass combination weather station as a gift from the clubs.  He was then elected as a lifetime Honorary President of the ABkC.  His wife Rita was presented with a rose bowl in recognition of her long-standing support.  Russell Anderson was elected Chairman, Graham Smith as Secretary, Neil Hann as direct drive

technical and Derek Price as gearbox technical representatives.  Paul Klaassen again has special technical responsibility for Cadets.  Russell made it clear that he would be making more use of sub-groups headed by these people to put forward any necessary changes in regulations.  He said technical queries routed through the secretary or himself would be logged and forwarded to the group leaders for any necessary action.  He also would seek a fresh approach with the MSA.   The members of the direct drive section are Alan Bryant, Ian Rennison and Tim Sedgwick, a new appointee from Trent Valley.  The gearbox section in the steering group comprises Mike Coombs, Steve Clayton, Trevor Cryer and Malcolm Fell. All the usual kart associations and championship organisers also have the right to send a representative to the steering group meetings.  Russell paid respect to the tremendous work and leadership made by the outgoing Chairman, who received a huge vote of thanks from the assembly. 

MSA News

Paul Gladstone, for the MSA, in his summary for the year, said that the major issue that has arisen is over the new EC22 European crash-helmet standard.  He re-iterated that it is a road standard, and is not permitted for motor sport, although the manufacturers will be producing them for the volume markets and it will be harder to find the appropriate BS standard Type A or A/FR for kart racing use.


250E News

Trevor Cryer summarised the great steps that have been taken with the CIK to draw up new 250E and forthcoming ICE regulations.  He said the CIK understand that new 250E twin cylinders must be affordable and added: “Next year offers the best chance 250E has had in the last fifteen years.”   Four new engines are in prototype, two stand a good chance of being homologated.


Transponder timing and lapscoring in 2002

ABkC officials took the opportunity to clarify the transponder timing regulations for 2002 onwards.  If a club wants to have official timing or timed qualifying then the AMB decoder must be sent away to be certified.  This is then valid for three years.  In addition the Chief Lapscorer must have a Kart Timekeepers licence.  To obtain one, first a certificate of competency is needed, available from HS Sports after training or demonstrating competence on their lap-scoring application program.  Then the ‘New Officials’ licence application form needs to be sent to the MSA with the 20 fee and a copy of the Certificate of Competency.  If the club wishes to continue with unofficial timing, as in previous years, then the Chief Lap scorer only needs the certificate of competency.


O Plate Control Fuel

A discussion was held regarding whether ABkC O Plate meetings need to have control fuel.  It was suggested that more entries would be received if control fuel was not mandatory, but the opposing view was that it is better to have less entries and be sure there is no cheating.  It was agreed that the steering group would discuss the matter at their next meeting in mid-January.  In the meantime comment from clubs is welcome, as on any matter.


Racing for Buttons Promotion

After a request from Grampian Kart Club, the association was tasked with producing a promotional pack on “Racing for Buttons”, an initiative from Cumbria Kart Club, who have introduced 150 primary school kids to karting through the scheme.  Club officials go round the local primary schools, publicising karting and offering tryouts in a Cadet to the kids with the best driver receiving a free ARKS test and races.  This has resulted in twenty new Cadet members and six now progressing to Junior TKM.


Abusive helpers and parents

Clubs at the Annual General Meeting also sought to have the MSA Kart Sporting Committee introduce means to ban parents or guardians who demonstrate abusive behaviour at meetings.  Questions were put about courses in psychology for karting parents.  The MSA representative Paul Gladstone explained these had been part of the “Fit to be a Kart Champion” scholarship at Lilleshall.  Paul added: “The MSA has been asked to consider licensing youngsters’ guardians or mechanics at race meetings.”  He also explained that only the landowner can ban someone and added: “The real downside of abusive parents is that we are losing officials.”  He and Steve Chapman agreed to have the MSA Kart Sporting Committee examine ways that anti-social parents could be banned from meetings.  Paul also agreed to have the MSA look again at producing a novice kart licence, so that competition secretaries could more easily distinguish novices from long standing holders of National B licences.


Amendment to Constitution

Please add the following amendment passed at the AGM to copies of the ABkC Constitution:-

6.7 Any affiliated club may make a nomination for the post of Honorary President, the election to be held at the AGM. The nomination must be seconded by at least one other affiliated club.  The term of office is not limited and annual re-election is not required.  The Honorary President has the right to attend the Steering Group meetings and General Meetings but has no voting rights.

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