ABkC News December 2000

News from the AGM…

The ABkC’s AGM was held at Trentham Garden’s International Kart Show for the first time, and although overall attendance was slightly down, a record number of clubs sent representatives.  Steve Chapman and Graham Smith were again returned unopposed as Chairman and Secretary but there were seven nominations for the three 100cc positions, Steve Clayton, Roy Trethewey and newcomer Stuart Ziemelis (representing Kimbolton) being successful.  The remaining elected members are Paul Klaassen, Neil Hann, Mike Coombs, Russell Anderson, Derek Price, Trevor Cryer and Alan Bryant with Ian Rennison being co-opted on as Treasurer at a short steering group meeting.  Chairman Steve Chapman told the delegates that there were many initiatives either completed or in the pipeline.  With the future of 100cc 2-strokes at a cross-roads, Formula Libre has been introduced and 100C re-vamped with stickier tyres and a larger carburettor.  Transponders have been introduced at nearly half of our member clubs, and although some clubs have applied for waivers to delay introduction, the implementation is proving popular.  A new Judicial ‘points’ system has been tested in the Super 4, and will be used in Super 1 during 2001 with full club implementation for 2002 likely.  ‘KartSport’, the future of progressive competition licencing, is coming along too.  He added that noise is still a problem in our sport, and not enough drivers are taking the correct actions to limit their engines noise output before racing.  The treasurer announced that fees would remain unchanged for 2001 and he thanked the clubs that have contributed to funds through running O Plates.  Paul Gladstone for the MSA revealed that there had been much less judicial inquiries of driver conduct this year, and this was very welcome.  He also said that the CIK would be looking into new safety areas such as neck collars and plastic rear bodywork.  Eight or nine manufacturers have already registered an intent to tender for the new Cadet engine.  Answering a question from the floor, he said that tinted visors are permitted in 2001 so long as they do not change the colour of the safety flags.  In discussion about official’s responsibilities he reminded delegates of the MSA Club Manual which is now available on the MSA’s website.  Officials may be better protected if the club is a limited liability company.  An agenda item for discussion was about protecting the future of 2-stroke karting in the face of the CIK decision to move towards 4-stroke.  Many delegates were unhappy at the possible costs of racing 4-stroke engines as well as the noise output.  It was pointed out that in motocross, it is the 4-strokes that are noisier than the 2-strokes.  Although others pointed out that the CIK position is based on emission and toxic particle output, this was countered by the possibility of electronic controlled direct injection 2-strokes such as the new Aprilia engine.  It was agreed to form a working group to investigate the 2-stroke future.

At a special gearbox class sub-group meeting it was agreed to put forward an amendment to permit 250 International karts to have radiators to the MSA specification, rather than the CIK’s.  The CIK will not permit radiators further forward than 55 cm from the rear axle line, whilst the MSA permit radiators anywhere except directly in front of the widest part of the seat.  Since the Rotax 257 is no longer in production, long circuit drivers have proposed that 250 National engines be permitted in the International class without reverting to their original carb and ignition as now, in order to boost the grids.  This was agreed to be incorporated into the BSA long circuit championship regulations, and Super 4 agreed they might well do the same.  It will not affect club racing.  Some had also asked for a relaxation of the original ignition rule for the Rotax, but this was not agreed as a new German engine might be homologated for the class.  It should be noted though that ignitions must be un-modified, e.g. machining is not permitted.  Some errors in the new Gold Book were noted for amendment, in 250 International regulation 19.4. (h), the carburettor is VHSB 39nd and not as shown.  The ignition rule in Appendix 4 D.3 is superfluous and will be removed as the rules are incorporated into each class regulation.  Appendix 2 (eligible engines) has not been updated e.g. the 125 Open list is now as described in the class regulations with any CIK registered engine plus MSA registered National 125 engines permitted. See here for full list of amendments.

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