ABkC News March 2003

Insurance: The ABkC has been exploring ways and means of helping clubs to cover liabilities outside of those covered by the MSA Permit.  The MSA’s brokers, Alexander Forbes, can help with a public liability policy and clubs should contact them for further information. (See P.281 of Blue Book for their address).  The ABkC has received a spurious claim regarding an accident at a non-MSA race, held on a circuit that one of our members uses.  This has cost us 1000 so far to refute through our solicitors fees, although we are now insured against such claims.

Tyre softeners:  ABkC officials have held discussions with the MSA on the subject.  Although some parties have advocated that it be permitted, the stuff may be carcinogenic so no-one seriously wants to go down that route.  Work is progressing on finding a reliable test.  In the meantime clubs are asked to ensure such use is banned even on test days, and the ABkC is considering adding a rule that anyone caught will be banned by all ABkC clubs for a year.  The MSA is accepting supplementary or championship regulations that include measures for impounding tyres, e.g. “ to impound tyres at any time if the Clerk of the Course has reason to believe that the tyres do not conform to the regulations.”  B.12.1.8 allows for testing at any time, and shore meters may give a comparative indication, but the shore reading cannot be relied upon as definitive.

125 Gearbox classes in 2004: The Steering Group gave the go-ahead in principle for an ICC type economy class, and a ‘125 Super’ class.  Super 4 is to carry out a driver weight survey to help determine the best weights for the new classes which will supercede National 125 and 125 Open.  Detailed regulations are being drawn up.

100 National in 2004: Assuming the healthy grids continue in 100 National, the class will be retained in the Gold Book.  The current Formula A engines will be down-graded and eligible for the class, assuming a new CIK engine homologation period.  Only rotary valve engines will be permitted in 100 National. 

ICA and JICA: Strong rumours suggest that new 2004 ICA and JICA engines will have to be fitted with rev-limiters and JICA engines with on-board starters.

Cadet engines: The MSA have chosen the Comer W.60 for its MSA British Cadet Championship from 2004 onwards.  Compatibility tests are to be carried out on all the engines submitted for the MSA class so they can be raced together at club level.  The MSA are reviewing the control of the Honda Cadet engine, possibly in time for the start of the Super Two Series.  Restrictors are a possibility.

Junior Pushers: The ABkC opposed the MSA proposal to do away with Junior Pushers but recognised the need for properly trained incident marshals to help keep the track safe and clear, and keep Juniors racing, even after a spin.  The ABkC is likely to help draw up guidelines for clubs S.R.’s so they can deploy incident marshals in Cadet and junior races who have had the proper training.

2003 CIK Bodywork:  It is now unlikely that the new 2003 CIK bodywork will be permitted on national classes in 2003.  Formula A, ICA and JICA will have the choice of using the new bodywork to the CIK regs, or the old bodywork.  The CIK and MSA are reviewing the requirements for ‘rear protection systems’ for 2004.  A complete review of the bodywork rules is planned for the 2005 regulations.  The MSA has confirmed that it is still permitted to have tyres within the confines of the sidepods when running with wet tyres fitted, although CIK regulations suggest otherwise. 

Driver ages: Despite a request from the ABkC, the MSA is not likely to change the current ages for Junior Gearbox, or the age for moving into the senior gearbox classes (16 minimum.)
LATER NOTE: Just heard the MSA will accept year of 16th birthday for 125 and maybe 210 gearbox classes so long as the driver has competed in Junior Gearbox first. Can go in SR's (like ICC has now) so can be modified in Gold Book for 2004.

Penalty for missing out part of the circuit: Clubs are urged to include in their S.R.’s a suitable time or place penalty (up to one lap?) for drivers who miss out part of the circuit.  The MSA is reviewing the regulations but any change to the Blue Book could not happen until 2005.

O Plates: The 100 National ABkC O Plate meeting will be held alongside the TKM, Formula A and ICA at Clay Pigeon on 26th October.  There will be a Rotax engine up for grabs in each of the three Rotax O Plate classes at Shenington on 29th June.  The Junior Gearbox O Plate is confirmed at Rissington’s Midland Champs on 7th September, (which will now be televised), the other gearbox classes are at Wigan on 28th September.  Cadets are at Whilton Mill on 17th August, and JICA/4-stroke at Llandow, provisionally on 27th July.

Supplementary Regulations: Clubs are reminded to have a statement that details on entrants and drivers will be stored in a computer system for the use of the club.  They are also recommended to remind competitors that when events are televised, regulations regarding no tobacco advertising must be adhered to.

Rotax Regulations amendment: JAG have issued a clarification on Kart Race Yearbook regulation 3.4.1, 6.4.1 and – “All plug caps must be as supplied by Rotax, plug caps as supplied by Rotax are black rubber marked NGK TB05EMA.”  Please bring this to the attention of your scrutineers.

Licence reciprocity: The FIA are reviewing the regulations for foreign entrants in national events for 2004 onwards but the MSA have assured us the Ireland / British reciprocity agreement will continue.

Risk Assessments: It is pleasing to see how many clubs have attended to the advice given last year.  Keep up the good work!

Next Steering Group Meeting: 2nd July

If there are any comments or proposals for discussion please have them to the secretary, Graham Smith, email secretary@abkc.org.uk

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