ABkC News July 2003

Permit Fees: Clubs have been hit with an unexpected bill from the MSA for their club championship permit fee. Although the sum is not large, no warning was given. The MSA has explained that because they have been issuing so many free permits the MSA Board believe a charge is appropriate and the fee is shown in the current ‘Blue Book’. Colin Hilton, MSA Chief Executive, who was a guest at the steering group meeting, said if any club is experiencing financial hardship through these fees, they should write to him. He explained the MSA is making losses and has reduced their head count by ten per cent.

Judicial: The Chairman, President and Secretary had a very useful and productive session as observers at a recent meeting of the MSC Judicial Panel.

Scrutineering: The ABkC is purchasing an electronic coil tester for use in its national championships. It might be made available for hire to clubs.

Circuit Grading: Clubs are urged to improve facilities as those with poor facilities are less likely to be asked to hold major championships. The ABkC realise that for many clubs it is the circuit owner who needs to improve.

Junior Gearbox: Other than improving the detail on the TM fiche, no changes are envisaged for 2004.

100 National: Although a request to include reed valve engines was discussed, it is confirmed that only rotary valve engines will be permitted in 100 National.

Formula A: There is likely to be a change of the compound for the slick tyre from 1.1.2004.

ICA and JICA: The CIK have apparently dropped the suggestion of rev-limiters and on-board starters for 2004 but the on-board starters are optional.

Cadet engines: Compatibility tests will take place during the Whilton Mill O Plate meeting, with the new Comer W60 engine. The WTP Cadet class has been approved for the ‘Gold Book’ but an ABkC WTP championship in 2004 is still being discussed.

Honda 4-stroke classes: A new updated fiche is being released in July and from early next year there will be a further revised fiche. New seals will be used for the Cadet engine. If the seal is broken or tampered with, the engine will no longer be legal for racing.

TKM: The 4-stroke classes have been approved for inclusion in the ‘Gold Book’. Tal-Ko will be issuing their 2004 regulations soon but changes to the 2-stroke chassis spec are likely to be kept to a minimum, but permitting easily available components for quicker servicing.  30mm axles will be retained.

Silencers in 100cc: It is the intention of the ABkC to consider introducing add-on silencers from 1.1.2005 to 100cc karts, similar to those already mandatory in Italy. This is subject to satisfactory testing during 2004.

Junior Pushers: The ABkC will be drawing up training guidelines for (junior) track marshals, drawn from the ranks of fathers and mechanics, and used solely during junior races. Their training must include safe lifting and handling of karts (heavy loads – and clubs must carry out a risk assessment); first aid – what to do and not to do; how to assess their own safety and judge where on the circuit is safe and not safe – and clubs must designate safe refuges for these people. Clubs must keep records of their training, and suggestions include carbonised pads or laminated certificates so that the certificate can be used at all ABkC clubs.

Heat points system: An option of using a ‘points high’ system will be incorporated in the ‘Gold Book’, alongside the current 0 points for a win, 2 for 2nd.

Pitting during a race: Clubs are urged to make facilities so that drivers can pit for repairs during a race, e.g. if they receive the mechanical flag, so they can later safely rejoin the track.

2003 CIK Bodywork: The ABkC will seek to include the use of CIK sidepods and nosecone as an option in some classes next year including Rotax and 125 gearbox. The rear bumper will have to remain in conformity with the MSA regulations.

Driver ages: Contrary to the news in the March issue, the MSA will allow Junior Gearbox racers holding National A licences to move into senior 125 or 210 classes in the year of their 16th birthday and the class regulations will be amended.

O Plates: The 4-stroke ‘O’ Plate at Llandow date has changed to 3rd August and the JICA to 19th October. Clubs are asked to send applications to hold the ABkC ‘O’ Plate meetings in 2004, no later than mid-September.

Rotax O Plate Winners: Adam Christodoulou is the new holder of the O Plate in both MiniMax and Junior Rotax UK, whilst Chris Lamare lifted the senior O Plate trophy.

Rotax Regulations amendment: Clubs should tell their scrutineers there is an error in the Rotax Junior weight in the table at the back of the ‘Gold Book’. The correct weight is 143kg. JAG has issued an amendment on the MiniMax restrictor. Scrutineers should all have received a copy. It is important that all MiniMax competitors have their restrictors checked, as some have become oversize. A heavyweight class with all-up weight of 175kg and driver weight of 85kg was approved for the 2004 ‘Gold Book’. JAG have committed to reducing the pace of MiniMax by about a second a lap. Rotax Junior UK will have a change of tyre to Vega SL8 (slick) and Vega W2 (wet) from 1.1.2004. It is unlikely that an overlap will be permitted, except perhaps for the wet. The general Rotax regs will have minor changes to include specifying only two types of spark-plug, standardisation of the idle jet and idle jet emulsion tube, standardisation of the mounting position of the fuel pump, permitting the use of an in-line fuel filter. Lodging of the log-books with the scrutineer will become optional at club meetings only.

250 Engine Registrations: If engines are already homologated by the CIK e.g. the Honda CR250, there will be no need to re-homologate with the MSA for the next three year period. The ABkC is considering permitting the Rotax 257 in 6-speed format to race in 250 National short circuit.

125 Gearbox classes: The Steering Group approved a final draft of the 2004 regulations for Formula 125 ICC (UK) and Formula 125 Super. ICC would be restricted to the 30mm Dell’orto carb, and 13cc head volume. Gear ratio changes would be permitted. The number plates would be blue. The weights chosen by the Steering Group after listening to all the arguments for more or less weight were 182kg for ICC and 172kg for Super. Slick tyres will be Dunlop SL4 for both classes, except that at national championships the slick for ‘Super’ may be changed to a softer tyre, like the DBS-03. The wet tyre in both classes will be the Dunlop KT8, as currently used in Formula A

In ICC from 2005 the ABkC is suggesting that homologated exhaust must be used (with an allowance to cut and rotate 180 for left hand engines, that the top three in the ABKC national championship may not continue in ICC Super 4 in 2006 (with a waiver for age and maybe weight), cassette gearbox engines may not be used, and a rev-limiter may be employed to reduce power and increase engine longevity. This decision gives further time to refine these proposals. However PVL has stopped their development of a rev-limiter since the CIK has decided JICA and ICA will not be rev-restricted in 2004.

The seeded numbers from this years Super 4 National 125 class may be used in either Super or ICC next year. The O Plate for the 125 Open may be used in Super, and the National 125 in ICC.

Ken Wright: The steering group was saddened to learn of the passing of Ken Wright, and passes its sympathies on to Alice.

Annual General Meeting: This is official notice that the ABkC AGM will be held on Saturday 29th November starting at 2 p.m. to be held at the International Kart Show, Telford. Please put the date in your diaries, we are hoping for a better turn-out than last year.

Competitor’s Entry Forms: We have been advised that entry forms should have a recognition that competitors are agreeing and signing to adhere to the ABkC regulations contained in the MSA Kart Race Yearbook. Could clubs please include such a statement for 2004.

Chairman’s Meeting: The ABkC are considering holding a special meeting for club Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen, probably before the AGM, or earlier in November. Could club chairmen please write or email Russell Anderson to say whether or not they would support such a meeting. Email chairman@abkci.org.uk

Next Steering Group Meeting: 23rd September

If there are any comments or proposals for discussion please have them to me by early September.

Editor Graham Smith, email secretary@abkc.org.uk

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