ABkC News October 2003


Annual General Meeting: 29th November

It would be very helpful if every club could be sure to send a representative to the AGM, which
is again being held at the International Kart Show in
Telford.  Refreshments are available from 1.30 pm for a 2 pm start
time.  Parking is free at the multi-storey car park just across the road and entry to the show
is not required for the upstairs room we shall be using.  Agenda items are needed in writing,
as are steering group nominations to the secretary for the following posts (the current occupants are

Chairman: Russell Anderson              

Secretary: Graham Smith

100cc Technical: Neil Hann

Class One positions (3): Gary Parker

                                   Alan Bryant

                                   Nigel Edwards
Cadet Technical (1):
Paul Klaassen    

Gearbox Technical: Derek Price          

Gearbox Positions (4): Mike Coombs      

                                  Malcolm Fell
                                       Simon Goodfellow

                                 Steve Clayton


Chairman’s Meeting: There was a very poor response to the idea of holding a special
meeting for club chairmen to discuss current issues.  If anyone is still interested, please
contact Russell Anderson on email chairman@abkc.org.uk


Marshal of the Year Award: The MSA and Alexander Forbes are again sponsoring a
Marshal of the Year Award.  This year the ABkC has been invited to send in a nomination,
so could any club interested write to me by the end of October with their nomination and a
background summary for the reasons behind the nomination.  Club of the Year award
nominations should have been in by 1st October.


2004 ABkC O Plate Meetings: A vote decided the locations of the Association’s ‘O’
Plate meetings in 2004.  There were several applications supported by brochures and
presentations for the popular Rotax classes, the right to hold this was won by Warden Law. 
Note that this will include a Rotax Max/175 official O Plate for the first time.  Whilton
Mill will again hold the Cadet Jamboree.  This time the WTP class will be an official ABkC
O Plate, and the Comer class title will move from the S.60 to the W.60 engine.  The 100cc
classes, Formula A, ICA, 100 National and JICA will go to Rowrah,
along with Junior Gearbox.  The rest of the Gearbox will return to Three Sisters, with
Manchester & Buxton KC at the helm.  Lastly Llandow will host the TKM 2 & 4-stroke
classes along with Honda Senior and Junior. 


ARKS Tests: May increase with VAT added in 2004.

Junior Pushers: Further discussion took place on replacing Junior Pushers in 2004.
  The MSA representative confirmed that marshals at kart events will not necessarily have to be
on a marshals register or show they have had training.  However voluntary training of
marshals and the use of trained experienced people is preferred.  Inexperienced people
should be ‘buddied’ with experienced marshals.  The ABkC is asking clubs to extend
marshals training to volunteer fathers and mechanics who are willing to go on the track during junior
races, if required, and assist with incidents.  They will have to be strictly controlled, stand in
marshals posts or behind barriers.  Any additional refuge or marshal post must be agreed in
advance with John Symes at the MSA.  Clubs should send a register of names of those who
have received training to the secretary so it can be shared between clubs.  A briefing must
always be held at each event before issue of tabards.

2004 Regulation changes: Council has approved a stay of execution for the black and
yellow quarter flag
for use only in kart racing.  They have also approved a regulation
permitting the use of the new 2003 CIK bodywork in all relevant kart classes, so long as it is used
on a kart designed for the purpose, and used in its entirety.  It was reported that the CIK
are planning to introduce, sometime in 2004, a new plastic rear protection system. 
The CIK will allow new 100cc engine homologations for 2004, but regulations remain
identical to now, e.g. no water cooled JICA, although on-board starters are an option. 
WTP Cadet and TKM 4-stroke class regulations will be put in the Kart Race Yearbook
(Gold Book) with ABkC affiliation as will the Rotax/175 class.  But WTP will not have an
ABkC championship in the Super 1 although it is expected that Mills will provide a similar series to
2003.   Europa B will come out of the book, as will some other classes.  Europa A is
hoping to run with the Super 4.  The class weight for the new MSA Comer Cadet W.60
class will be 97kg.  Synthetic 2-stroke racing oil must be used with this engine, and ATOL
are able to provide a test kit for clubs to check compliance.  A cost-effective upgrade is
available from Zip for those with the current S.60 engines. 

The special waiver to allow the use of the older bodywork on 2003 homologated chassis in
Formula A,
ICA and JICA will come to an end, meaning that those
karts in these classes must use the new bodywork.  In Rotax, clubs will have the option to
keep the engine logbooks during the meeting, but if they are not retained by the scrutineers they
must be available for inspection at all times.  The earlier suggested changes to a fixed fuel
pump position is not being incorporated. Specified spark plugs are only likely in the Max
Challenge World qualifiers.  An external fuel filter will be allowed. In Junior Rotax UK the
tyres change to Vega SL8 and Vega W2, marked JAG of course.  In MiniMax the
restrictors will be changing.  100 National will allow the 2001 – 2003 inclusive Formula A
rotary valve engines.  Changes to be the TKM classes have been separately announced by
Tal-Ko.  The MSA has chaired a meeting to start to establish a criteria to judge the
performance of junior classes, especially those aimed at 11 year olds.   The criteria process
is continuing through 2004.


In 250 National the Rotax 257 will now be allowed in 6-speed form, in short circuit only,
unless championship regulations specify otherwise.  Five speed engines homologated for
Superkart Division 2 up to 2003 are permitted in the class.  Magnesium is not permitted in
the carburettors.  In the 210 class, the weights are increasing to 190kg long circuit trim and
185kg short circuit trim, and the KT8 wet is permitted.  Juniors will be permitted to move
into the 210 or 125 classes in the year of their 16th birthday, so long as they have a National A
licence and have competed in Junior Gearbox.  The recently discovered error in the silencer
regulations for Junior Gearbox have been removed and a reference to the common regulations in
Appendix 3 added.  The cut-off valve in the carburettor is now specifically permitted to be
changed, but note all parts must be from the carburettor manufacturer.  The wet tyres
change to Dunlop KT8’s as do those in 125 ICC and Super.  A late change in 125 Super
(which replaces 125 Open) is that the class weight will remain at 175kg, and not reduce to 172kg.
  This was done after listening to driver feedback.  Reed or rotary valve engines are
permitted and tuning is relatively open.  The slick tyres will change to Dunlop SL4’s in both
ICC and Super, but championships will have the option to use a softer tyre in the Super class.
  In ICC (which replaces National 125) the class weight will be 182kg, the carburettor must
be the Dellorto 30mm VHSH (standard version) and the head volume to the top of the cylinder
head is maximum 11cc (13cc using the approved insert and CIK method of checking.) 
Engines must be the reed valve type.  Anyone purchasing a 2004 homologated engine for
use in this class must use one on the CIK ICC list. 


Appendix 4 has some additional regulations for ABkC clubs.  Anyone found
using tyre softeners will be banned for a minimum period of a year.  A note that the Blue
Book J.14.1 allows pitting for repairs is added, as is a final grid scoring points high system, as an
option to the current points-low system. 


Competitor’s Entry Forms:  Contrary to the statement in the July News, the
MSA say there is no need to have a reference in entry forms to the ABkC regs, so long as they
and the Kart Race Yearbook regulations have a proper reference in supplementary or
championship regulations.


The ABkC has been planning the introduction of the CIK World Formula in the
UK. This is a low cost formula using CIK controlled 15 bhp four stroke
engines fitted to registered kart chassis with a one make control tyre. Initial tyre evaluations will be
conducted by the ABkC soon using engines already homologated by the CIK and mounted on
CIK registered Mondiale chassis. It is likely that a national series will be run as part of the Ratpro
package of four stroke championships in the Super 2. 
importers wishing to submit tyres for evaluation should contact the ABkC Secretary.  The
Steering Group noted that new engines with tamper-proof seals are required in Honda Cadet for
1st January 2004.  They noted some concerns from parents and
traders, but as this is considered a commercial class took no action.  They noted instead of
an exchange engine deal, those who have purchased engines this year can have a 65 discount
against a new motor, and traders may be able to have unused stock replaced.


Many of the draft 2004 Gold Book regulations are available on the www.abkc.org.uk website.
  Clubs should immediately send their 2004 dates to Paul Gladstone for inclusion in the
Gold Book.  (paul.gladstone@tiscali.co.uk)


O Plate Winners: To date the ABkC O Plate winners are, congratulations to them all:

Honda Junior: Chris Evans

Honda Senior: Paul Saunders (provisional)

Honda Cadet: Jordan Chamberlain

Comer Cadet: Will Stevens

Junior Gearbox: Matt Passenger

National 125: Peter Mitchell

125 Open: Nick Smith

250 National: Mally Witts

210 National: Graham Payne

Rotax Max: Chris Lamare

Rotax Junior UK: Adam Christodoulou

Rotax MiniMax: Adam Christodoulou

England won the InterNations at Rowrah.


2003/4 Seeded Drivers: The lists will be posted on the ABkC website
 when results are final.  Please remember there are no ABkC 
seeded numbers on offer in MiniMax as it is not an ABkC championship 
this year.  It will become so in 2004.  For 2003/4 the 
numbers come from Stars.  Congratulations to the new champions:
Formula A MSA British Champion: Gary Catt
JICA MSA British Junior Champion: Riki Christodoulou (provisional)
ABkC ICA: Jason Edgar
ABkC 100 National: Justin Edgar
ABkC Cadet: Oliver Rowland
ABkC Rotax Max: Daniel Faulkner
ABkC Rotax Junior UK: Callum MacLeod
Super 1 Rotax MiniMax: Craig Copeland
Stars of Tomorrow MiniMax: Adam Christodoulou
MSA British Cadet Champion: Richard Bradley (provisional subject 
to appeal)
Junior Gearbox: Tom Hibbert
National 125: Carl Millington
250 National: Mally Witts
250E: Paul Kennings
Next year the Formula A, ICA and JICA in the 
Super 1 is to be sponsored by Renault joining Elf and Hill House Hammond,
 with some great new prizes.
HSS Challenger Weekend Support: A list of mobile contact numbers 
of ‘experts’ is going to be publicised to member clubs, in case of need 
during races.
BKIA: The new administrator is Paul Gladstone.

(Editor Graham Smith, email secretary@abkc.org.uk)

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