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Special Steering Group Meeting

A special brain-storming meeting was held in July.  Plenty of ideas and opinions were aired, and the result was an agreement to slim down the main steering group, which doubles up as the MSA Kart Regional Committee.  It was proposed to have four sub-groups, representing Direct-Drive, Gearbox, Clubs (including Judicial and training matters) and Commercial/Championships/Trade.  They would each have their own meetings and minutes.  The Chairman of each group would sit on the main steering group plus the ABkC Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and MSA Representative.  N.1.3 applications for new or amended classes and other class technical matters would be referred to the relevant sub-group chairman for a recommendation, which would go to the main steering group for ratification.  There was also a proposal that these sub-group chairmen sit on the Kart Committee.  The first three sub-group members would be elected by clubs, the commercial would be represented by championship co-ordinators and the BKIA, with maybe an elected chairman.  Changes to the constitution will be required at the AGM.


Junior Age Groups

The MSA Kart Committee agreed with the proposal to lower the age for entering JICA to 12 years. All drivers must have National A licences, with 12 year olds having to have held such for a year.  They deferred any change to the number of signatures for licence progression.  Any change in championship entry criteria will probably be done when contracts are next renewed.  Another meeting with the trade has been held on Junior classes, maximum chassis weights finding some favour.  


Chain Guards

A proposal is being sent to Council from the Kart Committee for approval in September.  It states that from 2005 chain guards on direct drive karts must fully cover the sprockets and chains down to at least the level of the bottom of the rear axle.  A metal cover on direct drive class kart clutches will be highly recommended.  That is already mandatory in JICA.  Access for starters is permitted.


Floor trays

The MSA has asked scrutineers to check that floor tray bolt threads do not protrude underneath, such as to cause a hazard should the kart go over another.


World Formula

Representations were made to the Steering Group that non CIK design chassis continue to be permitted.  The steering group agreed to defer the change to CIK design type chassis only until 2006.  Further representations were made for a junior category, but the steering group did not agree to have such a class for 2005.  It should be noted no clubs have requested such a class.  There was also a request to allow the starter motor to be removed for racing or at least have a strengthening bracket.  This is still being discussed.


JKH Brake

A safety caution has been issued by JKH regarding the Wild brake system on their karts.   A free modification is available from JKH.


125 Gearbox Classes

The gearbox sub-group have agreed on the class proposals which will be put forward for ratification at the next steering group meeting.  The class weight for 125 Super, to be re-named Formula 125 Open, will go up to 185kg.  ICC (UK) will come down slightly to 180kg, and a Super ICC sub-division with a weight of 172kg will be instigated.  ICC can run in Open at 180kg at clubs, but it might be that Super ICC would only run as the premier championship class.  Other changes to ICC/Super ICC, such as to chassis type and use of homologated exhausts have been deferred to a date in the future (2007 at earliest) and no further changes will be made until then to provide stability.


Future of Super 4 Series

The ABkC is seeking a promoter and co-ordinator for the series, or the individual classes, for 2005.


Officials Seminars in Autumn / Winter period

We hope to publish the dates and venues shortly.  ARKS are holding a seminar for ARKS Examiners and Instructors at Silverstone on Saturday 13th November.


Kart Suits for 2005

Drivers should note that the eligibility of the polycotton CIK plus three number series kart suits e.g. CIK 101, CIK 151 expires at the end of 2004.  Such suits will not be allowed in 2005.


O Plate Championships

Congratulations to the Gearbox & Cadet O Plate winners. Jason Dredge for 250 National, Frank Wrathall for ICC, Jimmy Galloway for Comer, Jack Harvey for WTP and Elliot Rice for Honda.  The 100cc / Junior Gearbox O Plate at Rowrah was cancelled due to lack of entries.  A decision is still to be finally taken on whether it should be offered on a new date this year.  Applications for 2005 O Plate meetings, which need to be with the secretary by mid-September, will be judged on the overall merits of their proposal.



The club ABkC notice-boards will be delivered shortly to each member club.  Clubs should keep newsletters and regulation amendments on the board for drivers to read.

(Editor Graham Smith, email secretary@abkc.org.uk)

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