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Annual General Meeting

The AGM will again be held at the International Kart Show, Telford, on Saturday 4th December, opening at  1.30 pm for a prompt 2 pm start.  Please take this as the official notice.  An amended ABkC Constitution has been sent to clubs.  Adoption of the amendments at the AGM are recommended by the Steering Group, the main purpose being to slim down the rather unwieldy steering group meetings, and have more decisions made in principle by the sub-groups beforehand.  It also means more involvement by club representative in decision making.  The MSA has promised to give serious consideration to inviting the sub group Chairpersons onto the MSA Kart Committee in future years, so the nomination form includes a statement to the effect that they would be willing to serve on that group.  Basically the Steering Group, also recognised as the Kart Regional Committee, would comprise the ABkC Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, the BKIA and MSA representative, the MSA Kart Committee chairman, plus the Direct-Drive, Gearbox, Club, Championship and Kart Associations chairpersons.  At least one meeting per annum could involve all members.

As adoption of the amendments cannot be pre-judged, two sets of nomination papers for the 2005 steering group are enclosed.  One set is for the current constitution, and one for the new, which will be used if the new constitution is adopted.  Please complete both with your club’s nominations.

There will be no change in the subscription fees for 2005.

N.1.3  Class approvals

The MSA have assured the ABkC that all N.1.3 applications for 2005 will be referred to the Kart Regional Committee for comments. For instance the KRC were not in favour of an open chassis policy in Europa.  N.1.3 approvals include class variations sought through supplementary or championship regulations, and they all must be renewed annually.  It is expected that there will be an emergency procedure for short term force majeure requests.  The guidelines that the MSA and the KRC will operate are expected to be published shortly. 

CIK Decisions

President Leon of the CIK has resigned, and the Permanent Secretary Vincent Caro has been appointed acting President for a year.  The FIA rejected a 4-stroke plan, and instead are seeking technical and sporting regulations for the use of long life 125cc 2-strokes, and to reduce dramatically the cost of international karting.  The new regulations are to be presented at the December FIA World Council meeting.  Russell Anderson has been appointed to the CIK’s 2005 International Karting Commission. The ABkC steering group intends to investigate having a generic 125cc TAG class structure once the CIK plans are better known.  For that reason they deferred the request to include the senior UK Clubman in the Gold Book, which has pioneered such a class.

Chain Guards

The September News was not quite correct, the new MSA chain guard regulations apply to all karts, including gearbox.

Bodywork regulations

The MSA Technical Working Group has been drafting new regulations for the Blue Book, incorporating as much commonality as possible with the CIK.  But these will not be ready for 2005, so the regulations remain largely unchanged.  The clarification issued by the MSA in the springtime will be published in the Gold Book.

World Formula

Tyre testing has been completed, and Bridgestone have been chosen for the next three years, subject to contract.  The ‘MSA’ YEQ slicks will cost £80 plus vat, with an overlap to 31.3.05.  The starter motor must be retained whilst racing, but a third support bracket will be permitted.  Two other minor changes to the 2005 regulations will be made.  The 2005 class regulations will be posted on the ABkC website in due course.

Future of Super 4 Series

The steering group has decided that the BRDC Stars of Tomorrow will promote the ABkC S4 Super ICC and Junior Gearbox national championships, whilst NKF will promote ICC UK and 250 National.  These contracts will initially be for one year only.  Two other bids were also considered, to keep the Super 4 as one series.  The Steering Group would like to thank Lesley Allen, Andrew Werrell and the rest of the Highlight Karting team for the organisation of the Super 4 since 1994.

Officials Seminars

An agreement has been struck with the MSA for the ABkC to run the Karting afternoon sessions at the seminars which will take place during January and February.  So please support these with as many officials as possible.  Details will be sent out soon.

‘O’ Plate Championships

Thank you to all clubs who bid for the 2005 O Plate meetings.  West of Scotland’s Larkhall circuit will host the Rotax event, Warden Law the Cadets, PF International the 2-stroke TKM’s, and Clay Pigeon all the 4-strokes.  Shenington have been awarded the gearbox classes to be run at their June SuperPrix meeting, when the club will hold a Gearbox Extravaganza.  The 210 Nationals have also promised to have their O Plate at the same meeting.  With this year’s 100cc class O Plate at Rowrah cancelled due to lack of entries, Formula A, ICA, JICA and 100 National will go to Three Sisters on 27th February.  Drivers are expected to visit the track around that time for pre-Super One practice in any case, and this will mean the new O Plate holders will be able to show off their cherished numbers throughout the season.


The InterNations ABkC championship will be held on 3/4th September in Scotland.  It is intended that this date will be used annually.

Low cost entry to karting

The steering group wishes to consider how to initiate a lower cost entry level to karting, and invites suggestions.

Signing on forms

Club will have received news from the MSA regarding the new signing on procedure for drivers aged under 18.  No doubt this will require new wording on the signing on form.  Parents, guardians and guarantors of young drivers will be required to sign on at the start of events, effectively becoming the entrant for their respective competitors.

Currently, no contractual relationship exists between the Motor Sports Association and the attendant adults responsible for the welfare of drivers under 18 years of age. The consequence of this is that young drivers have to be held responsible for the behaviour of their guardians – widely acknowledged throughout the sport as a wholly unsatisfactory situation.

By signing on, parents and guardians will confirm that they have acquainted themselves with the MSA's General Regulations, that they agree to be bound by those regulations, that they will accept the consequences of not adhering to them and accept any associated penalties that may be imposed.  The MSA will be producing a leaflet to explain to parents and guardians in more detail exactly what they are signing up to, to ensure that there can be no mis-understanding with the new regulations. 

If the parent or guardian is not present then an adult representative must produce a written and signed authorisation to act on their behalf. 

Cadet Comer S60

Clubs should note that the S60 regulations will remain in the Gold Book for the time being, meaning the engine can still be used.  However if clubs want the S60 to compete within the W60 class for the same trophies, that must be stated in Supplementary Regulations.

Rotax changes

JAG have informed us that the Dellorto VHSB 34 QS carb is now permitted as well as the existing QD, to which it is identical except for the location of the idle and air screw adjusters.  Also it is clarified that the needle jet atomiser FN 266 must have four rows of four holes cross-drilled through the tube.

Handy 2005 Regulation Check-List

As always there are a number of changes to be aware of in the 2005 regulations.  Here is a handy check-list:

·          Kart suits - Polycotton types eg CIK101, CIK151 are no longer eligible.

·          Seats must have a metal or nylon reinforcement at the upper anchorage points, minimum 1.5mm thick and minimum 20 sq cms area.

·          Chain guards must be fitted down to the level of the bottom of the rear axle, and must cover both sides of the chain and sprockets.  It must not be possible to insert a finger in the area covered.

·          Clutches on direct drive karts must have a cover, metal recommended.

·          All transponders must be located on the rear of the seat, at a height of 25cm +/- 5cms.

·          Steering locks - as might be used with certain wheel alignment procedures - must not be fitted whilst the kart is being driven.

·          Rotax classes - the fuel pump must be fixed to the bottom of the standard air box bracket. Only spark plugs on the official list may be used.

·          Rotax Junior, senior and ‘heavy’ class weights increase by 2kg, to 145, 162 and 177kg.

·          125 Gearbox - ICC weight to be 180kg (Green plates) and may run within 125 Open at that weight.  125 Open increases to 185kg (Blue plates).  So clubs only needs to run one 125 gearbox class.  Super ICC class for championships is 172kg (Yellow plates).

·          Cadet W60 - only specified makes of oil are permitted, at least two makes will be specified.  Only Bosch W2AS or Bosch W08AS spark plugs are permitted.

·          Cadet S60 - the older engine may continue to be used.

·          TKM Intermediate – weight increase to 142kg, restrictor up to 21.5mm to equalise.

·          Crash helmets - New type FIA 8860-2004 permitted.  SFI Foundation 31.1,  31.2 and SA95 no longer permitted at International events, and last year of National use.  Withdrawn from 2006.

Lap Timing Systems

AMB have asked us to make clubs aware of their latest lap timing system, Orbit 2.  Bayford F6 pioneered it, and it’s now also used by MBKC, their results can be viewed at http://mbkc.mylaps.com/

Full details on Website: www.amb-it.com

And a demo is available on www.tracktiming.com

But remember that the HSS Challenger system used by the majority of our clubs is still available too.

(Editor Graham Smith, email secretary@abkc.org.uk)

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