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Annual General Meeting Report

Russell Anderson and Graham Smith were re-elected as Chairman and Secretary at the Association of British Kart Club’s AGM, held at the International Kart Show.  Thirteen clubs were represented, but the total of those present was considerably less than last year.  In his address, Russell Anderson said that the ABkC has achieved a great leap forward in its relationship with the MSA that very week.  In future all requests for new or amended class regulations will be sent to the ABkC Steering Group, which doubles as the MSA Kart Regional Committee.  “There will be three categories of class changes permitted under the MSA’s N.1.3 regulations, a force majeure change with a thirty day period which the MSA can instantly agree, notifying us of their decision, a new concept class where 6 months notice would be necessary, and alterations to existing class rules.  In the latter two cases a sub-group of the Kart Regional Committee will recommend whether to agree to the proposal or not.  If refused the proposer would have an ultimate right of appeal to the MSA Chief Executive,” explained Anderson.  The sub-group will consist of himself, the BKIA’s Paul Gladstone, the MSA’s John Ryan, the Kart Committee chairman Rod Taylor and ABkC President Steve Chapman.  If any difficulty is reached in a unanimous decision, the proposal will be referred to the full Kart Regional Meeting.

Russell Anderson went on to give details of his first meeting at the CIK Karting Commission, of which he is now the UK representative.  He told the AGM members about the proposed 125cc 2-stroke regulations for 2007, which will have a mandatory upper rev-limit for each class, and about the simple over-revs tell tale device that will be put on the karts.  Restrictions will come in 2005 for engines and chassis in the CIK European and World Championships, and he suggested that if a second chassis is allowed to be used, a championship points penalty might be applied.  Restrictions on engines, chassis and tyres will also apply to the practice days.  Anderson added that the CIK had tested nine different sorts of engine for emissions, and the two-strokes were about mid-way down the list, with a particular 4-stroke by far the worst.  It would be 2009 before new EC regulations would be drafted, and 2015 before they came into full effect. 

He paid tribute to Trevor Cryer, who was resigning from the steering group and said it had been a difficult year in many respects, progressing contentious areas.  The gearbox sub-group in particular rose to the challenge in formulating revised 125cc regulations.  He also thanked Simon Goodfellow of Manchester & Buxton Kart Club, for progressing a new system to test tyres for illegal substances and praised Lesley Allen for all her years of efforts organising the Super 4.  Regarding the ABkC ‘O’ Plate championships, he suggested that they should rotate round the country.  In the matters arising from last year’s minutes, Russell Anderson said that in future Alan Turney would attend a steering group meeting to make any proposals in person for changes to the TKM classes.  The debate on breaking away from the MSA was also re-visited, with some members present wishing a presentation from Steve Chapman.  Steve Chapman said he could do this if club chairmen desired it.

The Secretary, Graham Smith, reported on some other matters, including the recently concluded tyre testing programme to choose tyres for the World Formula class.  Nearly all clubs have now been issued with an official ABkC notice-board. 

The annual financial report and summary accounts were distributed by Treasurer Ian Rennison. 

Next the proposal on a revised constitution to slim down the steering group was put to the meeting along with an amendment from Manchester & Buxton, seconded by Cumbria Kart Club, to keep the status quo but have a revised way of working in committee.  The amendment was carried and the new constitution will not be adopted.  There was still a call to re-structure the steering group, which can be discussed during 2005.  There was no need for an election as insufficient nominations were received for the new steering group.  The following therefore join the Chairman Russell Anderson and Secretary Graham Smith  – Neil Hann, Simon Goodfellow, Nigel Edwards, Steve Clayton, Paul Klaassen, Derek Price, Mike Coombs and Malcolm Fell whilst Ian Rennison was co-opted as Treasurer and Roger Fell as another gearbox representative.  The rest of the Steering Group is made up with representatives from BKIA, MSA, other kart associations and championship organisers.

The formal meeting was then over and the meeting thrown open for discussion.  Shenington Kart Club had tabled a request to have a level of pre-qualifying for the major championships.  Mike Coombs explained that he knew this was a contentious area because of course the championships wanted as many people as possible, but he heard of too many inexperienced drivers entering, and believed that they should gain experience in club championships first.  He asked the ABkC steering group and Regional Committee to make suggestions before anything was forced on them by the MSA.  Rod Taylor, the MSA Kart Committee chairman, said that the Kart Championship Panel has already recommended that the Regional Committee make proposals.  All agreed the answer was not to have pre-qualifying race meetings.  Russell Anderson agreed to set up a sub-group.  Steve Clayton reminded members that the MSA and ABkC would work together at the officials seminars early in 2005, and urged clubs to make sure their officials attended. 

It was suggested that the ABkC should sponsor a video about karting to be shown at schools and so on.

Russell Anderson noted that the court case concerning an accident at Bayford Meadow some years ago has had an out of court settlement.  The MSA was involved but we had success in being removed from the litigation.  Ian Rennison added that the insurer’s decision might cause difficulties for commercial circuits.

Amendments and Clarifications 2005

Please note the 2005 regulation clarification and amendments which have been posted on the ABkC website, and will also be published by the MSA.

O Plates 2005

Trent Valley Kart Club has pulled out of holding the 2005 TKM O Plate meeting now that they have been awarded a round of the Rotax Max Euro Challenge.  The steering group will re-allocate this O Plate at their meeting on 8th February.

Signing on forms for 2005

The MSA have now issued the promised leaflet to advise parents/guardians/guarantors of drivers under 18 years old.  A copy is on the ABkC website and is on the MSA website which is being re-launched in early January.  The MSA is to send copies to all clubs.  A similarly revised signing-on form is expected soon.  Clubs should be issuing the leaflet to all parents.

Chain Guard Protection etc

The MSA have issued a leaflet covering changes to the regulations in 2005 with some clarification notes on chain guards.  This is available on the BKIA website in the Trade/December News section
(www.bkia.co.uk) and will also be on the new MSA website (www.msauk.org) .  The BKIA December News also has some details of the proposed 125cc CIK engine regulations for 2007.

Your local club should have this newsletter posted up and copies of the amendments given to scrutineers so they are aware of the amendments to the 2005 regulations.  The 2005 Start Karting brochure is now available.

(Editor Graham Smith, email secretary@abkc.org.uk)

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