ABkC News February 05

Steering Group Meeting Report

TKM O Plate

The re-allocation of the TKM O Plate took place and was awarded to Clay Pigeon to run on 21/22/23 October in conjunction with the 4-stroke TKM, Honda Junior and Honda Senior.

The ABkC are considering having a zoned system of inviting bids for O Plates, so each region has a guaranteed O Plate meeting in turn.


This year’s ABkC Internations meeting will be held on the first weekend of September at Golspie.  Team managers will be starting to recruit their teams.

Kart Promotional Video

After the suggestion at the AGM, the ABkC has decided to go ahead with the production of a promotional DVD which clubs can use in local schools and so on.  It will be copyright free, so extra copies can be made locally.

Working sub-groups

Sub-groups have been set up to consider suggestions and new regulations under the chairmanship of the following:-

Simon Goodfellow for the Direct Drive

Mike Coombs for Gearbox matters

Steve Chapman for Club matters.

Simon was also elected vice-chairman of the ABkC.

Club Adoption

Again following another suggestion, committee members have each agreed to ‘adopt’ a nearby club, in order to make occasional visits to their committee meetings and explain ABkC policy and take back suggestions.   They will be in touch with clubs.

N.1.3 Class / Variation Applications

The Kart Regional Committee (which is how the MSA recognise the Steering Group) have considered five applications routed from the MSA and made recommendations:-

F6 was permitted use of the older Honda engines.

Junior World Formula by F6 was referred to the full Steering Group where a revised application was suggested.

Additional TAG 125 engine classes were turned down pending ABkC formulating a generic catch-all class.

Certain amendments for additional engines into UK Clubman were turned down.

Word Formula was renewed with small amendments and the new tyre types.

The Kart Sporting Committee under the chairmanship of Rod Taylor is continuing to examine the junior categories for performance / weight / age / maximum ballast.  The ABkC Direct Drive group is going to look at the class weights in the various Cadet classes.

Widening Participation in Karting

There is an opportunity to bid for matching government funding in order to attract inner-city people into karting, as drivers / marshals / officials.  Ideas to progress this are sought as only the commercial circuits are likely to have the kart fleets and infrastructure needed to set up ‘try a kart’ days.  The NATSKA and Kart Control Board will be invited to make suggestions.

Tyre Tester

ABkC have decided to go ahead with the purchase of a VOC tyre tester, to hire out to clubs and championships.  The more that are purchased on one order, the better the discount, so clubs are invited to make contact with the Secretary if they are also interested in a purchase.  The price could be as low as £2000 plus vat and MSA Club Development funds might be available to help.  The MSA and ABkC are discussing a suitable form of words to allow the tester to be used as a preliminary check, anything suspect then going on for a full lab test.  Even the presence of the sniffer at a meeting has a high deterrent value against the insidious use of illegal tyre treatment which is also potentially dangerous and harmful to health.

Lap Timing Applications

The ABkC has now received a favourable report on the use of the Supersports Wintime system.  The ABkC is drawing up a specification for such applications, with a list of must have requirements for MSA club race use.  We are also working with the MSA on training for Kart Timekeepers and Comp Secs.

AMB Decoder Update

There is a new model of the TranX 160 transponder available.  Clubs need to update their AMB Decoder, and an update can be downloaded from the AMB website http://support.amb-it.com/index.jsp or by email from AMB.  The serial number is required.

Welsh & Scottish Championships

It was noted that Llandow plan to hold the Welsh Championship meeting in future.  The Scottish Championships plan to have a fixed date of the second weekend in August, and ask other series to try and avoid this date.

Competition Licence Renewal

Some clubs found their members had not renewed their licences in time for the first 2005 meetings.  It is clear that renewal applications can be sent to the MSA from early November, so there should be no excuse.  Please urge drivers to renew promptly.  We are investigating if the MSA will accept photocopies of existing licences for upgrade purposes.

Under 18’s racing on a Licence Application Form

The regulations for drivers under 18 not needing a medical and racing on production of their licence application form (after an ARKS test perhaps the preceding day) first appeared in MSA Now magazine in Autumn 1997, yet has not been added to the Blue Book.  Kart Sporting will look into having this added.  Meantime if anyone needs the wording of the regulation please contact the Secretary.

Trackside Repairs

There is increasing concern about drivers, especially Juniors, attempting repairs such as replacing chains, at the trackside during a race.  The Kart Sporting Committee will be considering a ban and this also led to a suggestion that everyone be classified as a finisher, whether they complete a race or not.  Clubs are invited to make comment.

100 National

The Direct Drive group is to consider whether reed valve engines should be allowed in 100 National.  This is because with the move in 2007 to 125cc engines in Formula A, there needs to be a home for the existing Formula A and ICA engines.  Comments are invited.

Honda Technical Regs

RATPRO and F6 have drawn up revised technical regulations for the Honda engines.  These are being considered by the MSA.  Although F6 have permission to allow the older engines, Super 2 will continue to only permit the T1 engine. 

Gearbox Starts

Some suggestions have been made about the need for revised standing start procedures for the officials, so if anyone has comments please get in touch.

Bodywork, bumper and side protection rules

The MSA is continuing to work on a re-write of the Blue Book regulations, looking forward to a time when the older ‘box’ type pods may no longer be available.

Low Cost Entry Routes to Kart Racing

The ABkC ‘Club’ Group is considering how drivers might be able to start racing in low powered formulae without some of the hurdles currently in place.

Kart Industry Liaison Group

Multiple world champion Michael Schumacher has agreed to join this FIA-CIK group.  His fellow members are Peter Kaiser, Peter de Bruijn, Vittorio Loriga and acting CIK President Vincent Caro.

The CIK have the objective of only permitting one (125cc TAG) engine at a meeting.   From this year only one chassis and two engines will be permitted in CIK races.  Use of a second chassis attracts large penalties.

Vortex and IAME already have 125cc Super TAG engines in production, forerunners of the new 125cc engines for CIK classes.  The regulations for the new engines are not yet finalised but there is a summary of the current proposals on the www.bkia.co.uk website.

CIK Class rule changes in the UK

The Super One, BRDC Stars of Tomorrow and ABkC O Plate meetings will only permit one chassis and two engines in the races this year.  This follows the revised CIK rules.  If a chassis is written off, another may be scrutineered at the discretion of the Chief Scrutineer and Clerk of the Course.

Child Protection & Club Welfare Officers

The MSA are working on guidelines for a Child Protection Policy for clubs.  It is likely that clubs will need to appoint a ‘Welfare Officer’ so any transgressions or incidents can be reported to a responsible person.  Clubs should note that anyone under the age of 18 falls into the child protection arena.   This might include volunteer marshals and officials at the track.  More details are expected soon.

Technical Amendments

TKM – There is an error in the Gold Book (B.3.4.1 & B.3.4.7) where the Walbro carb in the TKM regs is referred to as a W39 when it should be a WB19.

Cadet W.60 – the two permitted oils have now been announced, mandatory from 1st March.  Marker testing kits to check compliance will soon be available from ATOL.  The mandatory oils are:

Kart Tech FC produced by Elf

Super FC produced by Shell

Both products have been extensively track and dyno tested to be approved by the UK Comer distributor as suitable for use with the Comer W.60 engine.  These oils will be distributed to teams and the trade by Zip Kart and ATOL.

Gold Book Class Table – There are three errors:

Junior Intermediate weight is 142kg

ICC UK numbers are Green/White

125 Open numbers are Blue/White

A new longer life Rotax battery is now available and can be used in all the Rotax classes.  It is the Fiamm 12v 9AH FGH20902.

Transponders - The measurement of 25cms plus or minus 5 is taken from the ground to any point on the transponder. The lower the better for good pick-up.  Cable ties can be a satisfactory method of attachment.

(Editor Graham Smith, email secretary@abkc.org.uk)

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