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AGM / General
The ABkC Annual General Meeting will be held at the Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel (Hitching Room), starting at 1100 for 1130 on Saturday 3rd December.  A simple sandwich lunch will be provided.  Could clubs please send in their nominations for the Steering Group at least 14 days before the meeting, with a signed letter from any new nominations confirming their willingness to stand for election.  Any items for the agenda should also be submitted in that timescale, formal agenda items need a club proposing and another club to second, signed by an official of both clubs.  There will also be an opportunity to submit items for informal discussion after the meeting is formally closed.  Please could all clubs try and attend.  Proxies are not permitted.

The positions requiring nominations, showing current incumbents are:

Chairman:                             Russell Anderson

Secretary:                            Graham Smith

100cc Technical:                Neil Hann

Class One positions (3):   Simon Goodfellow

Steve Clayton

                                                Nigel Edwards

And Cadet position (1):      Paul Klaassen

Gearbox Technical:            Derek Price

Gearbox Positions (4):      Mike Coombs


Co-opted: Roger Fell, Ian Rennison (Treasurer)

MSA Chief Executive Colin Hilton attended the Steering Group / Kart Regional Committee meeting.  A minutes silence was observed on hearing the sad news of the untimely death of MSA Executive Peter Todd.

 Next year is the 50th anniversary of kart racing, and this will be celebrated throughout 2006 in various ways.  The ABkC and BKIA are planning to produce a special logo or cartoon for the occasion.  It is also the 25th anniversary of Super One – congratulations.

Entry Ages for drivers
The MSA have confirmed they will not authorise any further championships for junior race drivers, noting the Ginetta Juniors and Citreon Saxo have already gained approval.  ABkC had written to object to the further car race series for 14 year olds.

O Plates 2006
Following the applications from clubs a secret vote was held in the steering group meeting, resulting in the following allocations:

Rowrah – Gearbox (210 & 250 may be elsewhere)

Rowrah - Rotax classes

Llandow - 4-stroke Honda classes (except Cadet)

Larkhall - MSA Classes - F.A, ICA, JICA, 100 National

Glan y Gors - TKM including TKM 4-stroke

Ryehouse - Cadet Jamboree (Cadet & Honda)

Dates are still to be decided.

Congratulations to Scotland who broke the long run of wins by England.  And many thanks to the North of Scotland KC who hosted the event in grand Scottish style at Golspie.

Kart Promotional DVD
The karting promotional DVD is nearly finished and all clubs will receive a number of initial copies to use in local schools, colleges etc.  An order form will also be sent giving clubs the opportunity to purchase more copies to give away to prospective karters, marshals and officials.

Low Cost Racing
The regulations for the new endurance licence have been circulated by the MSA in MotorSports Now magazine. It is hoped to extend the concessions to sprint racing for 2007.  Meanwhile discussions are continuing on how low cost owner-driver or arrive-and-drive races can take place within the MSA environment.  Technical regulations are being considered for a low cost direct drive class.

Tyre ‘Sniffer’
The ABkC will now purchase a tyre tester and encourages clubs to consider purchase or hire.  Regulations will be put in the 2006 Kart Race Yearbook, giving guidance to clubs.

World Formula changes
Despite the earlier announcement that the starter motors would have to be removed from the Briggs & Stratton World Formula engines on safety grounds, this decision has been reversed.  Instead it will be mandatory to have the starter motor fitted with the new stronger B&S bracket for 2006.  Apologies for any confusion. The bracket will be FOC from Zoom.

 WTP Cadets
Approval was given to John Mills Racing to introduce the new TAG version of the WTP engine at a class weight of 103kg.  The existing engine may continue to be used (but will be phased out in due course) at a class weight of 93kg.  This will give a boost in performance of perhaps 7 tenths and means that the lighter (younger) drivers will not have to carry as much ballast if they use the current engine, whilst the older or heavier drivers can migrate to the new engine.  Conversion kits will be available, the cost is not finalised but should be around £125 plus vat.  The performance will not be permitted to surpass that of the Comer W.60.  Spark plugs will be restricted.

CIK TAG Engines
It is not clear yet whether the CIK will introduce the JICA and ICA new classes/ TAG engines for 2007, but a Formula A (or whatever the new class is called) race will be held at the end of 2006 preparatory to the championships in 2007.  The ABkC is sounding out the teams and drivers as to whether to introduce the new engines in 2007 or wait until 2008.

 Tyre changes for 2006
As promulgated in the last newsletter there will be a change of slick (to DCM) and wet tyres (KT10) in Formula A in 2006, and also the wet tyre in ICC, Super ICC and Junior Gearbox, all Dunlops.  There will be no overlap in Formula A, but in the other classes the KT8 wet tyre can be used at club level throughout 2006.  The wet tyre will not change in 210 National.  There will also be a new wet tyre for 250 National, the Maxxis WT8.  The existing tyre can be used at club level throughout 2006.  There has been concern raised about the reduced life of the slick XP5 and discussions are continuing with the importer.  A request to permit six inch wheels in the class was rejected.

The Rotax Max slick tyre is to change to a Vega SL6.  The intention is to improve the consistency between batches of tyres so the junior tyre will have an improved construction but probably not a type change.  The SL7 can be used at club level (not championships) until 30th June.

With several of the tyre contracts held by the ABkC coming up for renewal on 1.1.07, the Steering Group will be studying the situation on a class by class basis and notifying the trade of their intentions early in 2006.

Technical & Weight Changes
All the 2006 chassis for CIK homologation will have to have fixing points for their proposed new rear body protection system.  We are waiting to see if it is compatible with our ‘British’ rear bumper.

Tal-Ko requested a weight and performance increase for Junior TKM and Intermediate.  A 2kg increase for both classes was approved, along with a boost in performance by change of restrictor size, giving up to 0.5s improvement in lap times.  It was noted that Junior TKM has never had a performance change since it started at 115kg.  There will also be some other minor amendments regarding spark plugs and the inclusion of the recent clarification about stub axles.

Clarification will be printed in the Junior Gearbox regulations on what is permitted in order to change the cut-off valve in the carburettor used for Hondas.  There will be no change to the TM engine tuning regulations but note the cut-off valve for the carb in the TM’s must be an original manufacturer part.

The ‘Gold Book’ Appendix 4 rule on banning drivers found cheating with chemical treatment of tyres is to be extended to cover anyone cheating on fuel.

Gearbox Standing Starts & Miscellaneous
A revised gearbox standing start regulation will appear in the 2006 Blue Book.  Meanwhile here are the ABkC’s recommendations for club procedures, they could be put in  local S.R.’s.

“In the case of a standing start (gearbox karts) the karts will proceed to the start line and stop on their correct grid positions as marked on the track.  A startline marshal checks that the karts are in the correct starting positions by walking through the grid.  On reaching the back of the grid the marshal gives a pre-arranged signal to the starter that all karts are in position.  The starter turns on the red light, this being the signal to the drivers that the start is imminent.  The red light should be displayed for between four and ten seconds.  When the red light is switched off the race starts.  There may be a green light for additional confirmation.  If the starter decides there is a false start the false start flag will be displayed at the start and at other locations around the track.  The drivers will proceed around the track or via an alternative route as signalled by officials and re-take their starting grid positions.  The false start may additionally be signalled by flashing amber lights.  There must be at least two red lights on the start gantry.  If the lights fail the start may be indicated by raising the national flag.  The lights must be visible to all drivers on the start grid.”

British Schools Karting Championship / NATSKA
Will Tew gave the steering group a presentation on his plans for a schools championship next year.  The school teams would start in indoor karting and then proceed through test days and races using the Club 100 TKM’s.  He asked for ABkC support and hoped some of the entrants would move into MSA racing.  More details at www.bskc.co.uk

We had an interested observer at the meeting, Paul Oliphant, the competition secretary from NATSKA.  We determined to keep ties with NATSKA, who are always looking for circuits to hold their schools race meetings (on MSA permit).  They use experienced pupils & ex-pupils to help with scrutineering.  All drivers have to marshal as well.  John Ryan said experienced competitors and mechanics can be used to augment the scrutineering team under supervision at our meetings too. 

Champions all
Many congratulations to all 2005 champions and seeded drivers, details on our website www.abkc.org.uk.  British drivers and manufacturers have achieved a unique double.  Many congratulations to Oliver Oakes – Formula A World Champion on a Gillard; and to John Riley – European Superkart Champion on an Anderson. Congratulations also to Jon Lancaster for his World Championship runner-up position.  It should be noted that there are only four motorsport world champions sanctioned by the FIA – F1, Rally, Touring Cars and karts.  What about us all nominating Oliver and John for the BBC Sportsman of the Year awards?  The address to send nominations is:
Carl Doran
Deputy Editor
BBC Sports Personality of the Year
0208 225 6413/ 0161 244 3709
Fax 0208 225 7359
mobile 07802 216572
mail to:carl.doran@bbc.co.uk

Next Steering Group meeting is on 3rd December following the AGM.

(Editor Graham Smith, email secretary@abkc.org.uk)

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