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Steering Group Meeting: March

The Steering Group, which is also the MSA Kart Regional Committee, held a busy meeting in mid-March.  The MSA’s Executives Cheryl Lynch and John Ryan attended as well as regular MSA member Bruce Goddard. 

Championship formats & qualification

Following a smaller meeting discussing championship formats the previous month, recommendations were accepted to have a minimum of ten race signatures before competitors can enter the major national championships.   In other words competitors need to have their five signatures plus ARKS test to move on from novice status and gain qualifications for a National A licence, plus another five race signatures.  Competitors looking to enter the 2007 Super One or BRDC Stars of Tomorrow are therefore pre-warned of the need to collect these signatures.  Other pre-qualification ideas, such as position in club championships were discussed but put aside for the moment.  Another outcome is for Super One and Stars to have guidelines on not clashing too often with any particular club’s meetings. 

Cadet age & maximum kart weights in juniors

Recommendations are being put forward to the Kart Sporting Committee to increase the upper age for Cadet classes to the end of the year of the 13th birthday.  This is so smaller young drivers can stay in the class if desired.  Coupled with this, it is likely that the 2007 junior class regulations will incorporate a maximum kart weight including ballast.  This is so small drivers do not progress into a class where they would be forced to carry too much ballast to make the class weight, which is potentially unsafe.  The maximum ballast is likely to be set somewhere between 25kg and 30kg, and added to an average kart weight.

Championship & Tyre Contracts: 2007

The current contracts for the promotion of the ABkC’s national championships come to an end in 2006, and the ABkC invites any interested parties to contact the secretary for further details.  Any formal bids need to be lodged by the end of April so the Steering Group can make a decision at its June meeting.  The various classes are currently promoted by Super One, Stars and the NKF.  Similarly ABkC tyre contracts are coming to an end this year.  Any interested parties should contact the secretary for further details on the same timescale as above.

The MSA are currently inviting tenders for the promotion of the MSA British Kart Championships for 2007 onwards and full details will be publicised shortly.

Promoting karting

Following discussion after the last AGM, it was decided to publicise the 2006 AGM widely in the hope that competitors, the trade etc would come to make their views known after the formal part of the meeting is concluded.  It was noted that MSA kart licences have declined from 5419 in 2004 to 5277 in 2005, with a corresponding decrease in new ARKS licences from 900 to 720 in 2005.  Everyone is concerned about the decline and putting forward ideas to boost karting at the entry level.  NATSKA, the schools association, have joined the ABkC as an association member, and their representative put forward the suggestion for clubs to have teach-in’s for newcomers, maybe via a section of the paddock especially reserved for novices.  Often it is the Dads who need the help.  NATSKA also asked clubs, teams and traders to give their old karts and especially 4-stroke engines to them, for use in the school clubs.  It was also agreed to explore setting up a formal coaching system in kart clubs.  The promotional DVD’s have had a good take up and sales have even contributed to the Association’s finances, which remain healthy. The new ARKS Start Karting DVD is now expected for 1st January 2007.  The Association has purchased the www.startkarting.co.uk domain name, to help publicise karting.  The 2006 Start Karting brochure is available for clubs to help promote karting in their areas.

It was pointed out that the Department of Culture, Media and Sport offer discounts on corporation tax, rates, capital gains and tax on income and interest by registering as a community amateur sports club.  Further information is on http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/casc/ and motor sport is eligible to apply. 

A circuit operator pointed out that he had been advised that VAT does not apply to circuit hire in excess of 24 hours.

MSA Seminars

John Ryan expressed disappointment regarding the poor attendance by kart scrutineers at the recent seminars and urged club committees to encourage their scrutineers, and indeed all officials to attend relevant MSA seminars.

Class changes for 2007

The Direct-Drive Sub-Group has held meetings with traders and teams regarding the introduction of the new CIK TAG engines.  The Steering Group has decided that the CIK TAG engines will not be introduced for JICA and ICA in 2007, and a further meeting will be held in the summer regarding whether or not to introduce the Formula A engine in 2007.   Rumours of problems and a possible later than usual homologation date was noted.  The group is also considering a rev limit in 100 National, either through a add-on rev-limiter as used in Portugal, or by setting a maximum sprocket size for each track.  Comments are invited.  This would be to keep engine rebuild costs down, especially when the reed valve engines are permitted from 2007.  Tal-Ko is having on-going discussions with the ABkC and the trade regarding any changes in their classes for 2007.

WTP Cadet problems

The WTP B5 TAG engine on-going situation is causing much concern.  The MSA has yet to receive a fully substantiated application meeting the conditions set at the September meeting of the Kart Regional Committee and so the 2005 regulations currently apply for the WTP Cadet class until further notice.  (They have been put on the ABkC website.) The ABkC is especially concerned about the suffering affecting existing and new competitors who may no longer own the older B1 engine.  The Little Green Man championship will start by using the 2005 regulations and indeed may have to stay on these regulations all season.  The ABkC also wants to ensure the B1 engine and the new B5 engine can race competitively together for the same trophies.

Tecbnical Changes for 2007

It should be noted that wedge style nose fairing will not be permitted in the Cadet classes from 2007.  An error has been made in the Blue Book regarding the height of the rear bumper in Cadets and this will be clarified by the MSA.  The 1.8mm minimum diameter of brake secondary cables will be made mandatory in all classes from 1.1.2007.

Show Offers

Both the London Kart Show and Autosport are offering deals to kart clubs for their shows.  Further details from the secretary, but the London Show in particular is offering very good discount pricing and the thought is that in both a karting ‘village’ of the main associations and clubs could be set up.  Details on request.

Cheating not rife, says ABkC

Finally concern was expressed about a survey in a popular weekly which purported to allege that 100% of karters thought cheating was rife.  This was considered very wide of the mark and has done karting a disservice. 

Next meeting

The next steering group meeting will be in June at which point a call will go out for invitations to hold the 2007 ABkC  ‘O’ Plate meetings.

Late News – O Plates

The Formula A/ICA/100 National/JICA O Plate meeting which was to have been held at Larkhall has been cancelled due to insufficient entries.

Honda Junior / Senior ABkC O Plate

Llandow will hold the Honda Junior/Senior O Plate at their circuit on 25th June.

All dates are kept on the Calendar page of the ABkC www..abkc.org.uk website.

Amendments to regulations issued by MSA:

WTP Cadet:

At the ABKC Steering Group Meeting held on 22 September 2005 the criteria to be met to enable the WTP B5 engine to be introduced for 2006 were established and detailed to Mills Engineering Ltd whose representatives attended that meeting. Both the MSA and ABKC have provided full co-operation towards Mills Engineering Ltd who, to date have been unable to meet these criteria, the criteria being set to maintain levels of safety and compatability with other Cadet engines. In the circumstances acceptance of the WTP B5 engine is now delayed until June 1st 2006 subject to the established criteria being met to the satisfaction of both the MSA and the ABKC. Should the criteria not be met by that date the introduction will be further delayed to 2007, again subject to the criteria being met. The technical regulations for WTP remain as published in the 2005 MSA Karting Yearbook.

See this link on the website


for information on errors in the Gold Book, changes to Rotax carburettor jetting and intake box hole, and that any references to ‘08’ CIK bodywork also means ‘08’ and later homologations.  (There is a new ‘11’ homologation).

N Rear bumper (Cadet)

Please note that for all cadet class karts the upper rail and uppermost extension element must be between 20cm and 30cm above the ground in dry configuration and not 16cm and 20cm as incorrectly published in the 2006 MSA Competitors Yearbook.

(Editor Graham Smith, email secretary@abkc.org.uk)

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