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On-going discussions

The specialist sub-groups in the ABkC will be busy over the next few months, formulating recommendations for any changes in the 2008 regulations.  Their recommendations are considered at the June Steering Group meeting, then if accepted published for any final comments by clubs before going forward to the September meeting for final decisions.  Items currently under consideration include:

•               Age range for the junior classes, should any of the current classes be extended down or up in age

•               100 National rev-limit and tuning restrictions for 2008

•               Weights for the new KF1, KF2 and KF3 classes

•               Whether only the CIK design homologated chassis should be permitted in World Formula

•               ICC full conformance with CIK, eg homologated exhaust pipes and homologated gear ratios only

•               Revised maximum height for the rear bumper on Cadets

•               Use of the CIK rear protection system

•               How to allocate the ABkC ‘O’ Plate meetings to clubs

Clubs are welcome to put forward their views on these or any other subjects.

N.1.3 Regulations for new classes

The Kart Sporting Committee was requested to look again at the N.1.3 regulations for new classes.  The belief is now that new classes need to be supported by their own initial championship and not thrown open for clubs to come under pressure to run.  Easykart has been a good model for this strategy. 

Bodywork regs

If the Cadet front fairings do not comply with the vertical surface requirements MSA regulations, there is the opportunity for importers to register their front fairings with the MSA so that they become approved.  So far only two importers have taken up this opportunity.  The sidepod / sidebar regulations for Cadets are also being revised to come in line with what is commonly available from manufacturers.  Cadets need to have crash tested bodywork from 2010.  Other karts need to fit crash tested bodywork from 2008, but waivers are being prepared for 250 National and 210 National karts in short circuit form.  Subject to approval, they would be allowed double rail sidebars as now. 

Drivers need reminding that their karts may need to be modified to accept the crash tested bodywork sidepod and front fairing fixings. 

New Comer Carb coming

Zip and the MSA are working together to introduce a new Tillotson carburettor for the Comer Cadet class.  This would become mandatory for 2008, but may be optionally permitted this year.  There might also be a small weight increase in the Comer class. 

Fuel testing

Many drivers are not ensuring there is a minimum of one litre of fuel in the tank at the end of the race.  It has been clarified that the event organisers always take the first one litre for the official MSA testing, and if there is any fuel left that may be taken and sealed on behalf of the competitor, should they wish further tests.  The organisers keep all samples taken.


The general parts of the MSA Officials seminars came in for some criticism, whilst the kart scrutineers seminars were not always well attended. The MSA would like feedback.

ABkC Championships

It was noted that support for Junior Gearbox is very low this year, and if it does not pick up championships for the class are likely to be dropped in 2008.  On the other hand the ABkC Super 4 ICC UK class, run by the NKF, the MSA Junior British Championship, run by Super One, and the MSA British Cadet Championship, run by Stars, have had record entries. 

Promotion of kart racing

The Start Karting brochure had a re-design this year, and they are available for clubs from the Secretary, Graham Smith.  Due to the weight of the leaflets it is better to arrange to collect e.g. from a circuit.  Remember that the ‘Come Karting’ DVD’s can be purchased from the ABkC for £50 for 100 copies.  There are currently plenty in stock. It was noted a revised and updated ARKS DVD is in the pipeline and a new questionnaire will be announced to accompany it.  More emphasis will be on a total knowledge of the flag signals. ARKS are also launching a scheme, similar to the MSA’s Club Development funding, where clubs with ARKS Examiners, or ARKS Schools, can apply for up to 50% of the funding associated with a karting promotion scheme.  The ABkC Chairman is having discussions with the MSA about reducing the initial costs of getting into the sport.

Dunlop Prizes

As part of the ABkC contract for supplying tyres in Cadet, Formula A and ICC, Dunlop are offering some great prizes to the champions.  The Formula A British Champion will enjoy a VIP trip to the 2008 Le Mans, whilst the Super One Cadet winner and the Super ICC and ICC UK winners will get VIP trips to a 2008 BTCC round.  In addition every ABkC club will receive two BTCC tickets to pass onto one or two of their chosen drivers.


Clubs and circuit operators are reminded that from 1st of July 2007 virtually all enclosed public places and workplaces in England will become smokefree, following Scotland and Wales. The new smokefree law will apply to virtually all 'enclosed' and 'substantially enclosed' public places and workplaces. This includes both permanent structures and temporary ones such as tents and marquees. This also means that indoor smoking rooms in public places and workplaces will no longer be allowed.  Premises will be considered 'enclosed' if they have a ceiling or roof and (except for doors, windows or passageways) are wholly enclosed either on a permanent or temporary basis.  Premises will be considered 'substantially enclosed' if they have a ceiling or roof, but have an opening in the walls, which is less than half the total area of the walls. The area of the opening does not include doors, windows or any other fittings that can be opened or shut.  So unless three sides of an awning are fully open, where there are employees in a team, then team awnings are included in the requirement.  The new law will require no-smoking signs to be displayed in all smokefree premises and vehicles.  Signs will make it clear which premises and vehicles are smokefree and are required to demonstrate that clubs and circuit operators are taking the necessary steps to meet the requirements of the new law.  Failure to comply with the new law will be a criminal offence and a maximum fine of £2500 can be imposed on whoever controls or manages the premises. More information at http://www.smokefreeengland.co.uk/

250 National tyres

Amendment to Kart Race Yearbook regulation D3.7 The Maxxis XP5 may be used at club meetings until 31.7.07 only.  This extension is due to the current shortage of Maxxis MH-R slick tyres and received MSA approval on 2/5/07.  There are enough MH tyres for the first round of the ABkC S4 championship but XP5 tyres may have to be used for the second round

(Editor Graham Smith, email secretary@abkc.org.uk)

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