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KF Class Regs for Winter Series & 2008

A lot of work had been going on behind the scenes since the last meeting, listening to feedback from the drivers.  Mick Barrett had been very active, getting the teams and traders to write down their suggestions for the KF classes.  The Winter Series will herald in the new classes to the UK, eagerly anticipated.  The direct drive sub-group met and made their recommendations to the main group, all accepted after majority votes, not everyone agreeing with everything of course.

•               KF3 weight will be the same as the CIK, 145kg

•               KF3 will use the single carburettor as chosen by the CIK for their championships.  This is currently the VA.MECTryton F3 KF3 D20.

•               Discussion with the importer will take place on using the narrow rear tyre, the same as the CIK, and if this happens the kart width in KF3 will be restricted to 136cms but given the lead time on tyres, this is much more likely for 2009.

•               KF2 weight will be 160kg.  The feeling was that although we have heavier (possibly older) drivers in the ICA class, 2 or 3 kg is not going to make much difference so better to adopt what is likely to become the generally accepted weight.

•               The possibility of running a ‘heavy’ class in Super One is recommended, if there is enough support.  A class weight of 170kg and minimum driver weight on 75kg is suggested.  More investigation is to be done on whether the engine should be the KF1 with a restriction, maybe head volume, or the KF2 engine.  Some believe the restricted revs of the KF2 will be a disadvantage with the heavier class.  Front brakes will not be permitted.

•               If the ‘heavy’ class is not supported the group conceded that the Super One KF2 may have to be 162kg.

•               KF1 weight will be 160kg.

•               The exhaust in KF1 will be restricted to the homologated KF2 exhaust to match the engine make in use e.g. if a Vortex engine is being used, the Vortex homologated exhaust for KF2 must be used on the kart.

•               CIK rear protection systems (plastic rear bumpers) will not be compulsory in the KF classes.

CIK Issues

The CIK is still in discussion about what to do about front brakes in the KF classes, there being a call to adopt simultaneous four wheel braking but probably not for next year.  Some objections have been raised to putting front brakes in KF3.  Incidentally the new CIK spec Junior helmet is likely to become mandatory for international racing for juniors from 2009.  We have also been assured there will be no engine supply problems to prevent our national championships in KF classes starting on schedule in April.

2008 Class Regs

100 National (also can be called K100) will remain in the Gold Book, and offered in Super One, following the same regulations as before, unrestricted, but with the option for clubs or championships to set a restriction on revs such as a maximum sprocket size, in their regulations.  Junior Honda and Junior Gearbox class regulations are being removed from the Gold Book (the MSA Kart Race Yearbook) but the regs will be made available on the ABkC website.  Formula A, ICA and JICA classes are all being removed

Comer Cadet

The Comer Cadet is expected to have a new carburettor from 1.1.08, with the current Tillotson allowed at club races only, up to the end of May.  A 2kg class weight increase is expected to compensate for the slight performance advantage from the new carburettor.  The cost of the new carb will be announced shortly.

O Plates 2008

The bids from clubs to hold the 2008 ABkC ‘O’ Plate meetings were examined and secret votes held to decide with the outcome as follows:

•               Gearbox at Shenington SuperPrix in June

•               Comer and WTP Cadets at Rowrah, provisionally on 10 May

•               Honda Cadets at Buckmore Park

•               KF classes to MBKC at Three Sisters in March, prior to Super One

•               TKM to TVKC at PF International on 5 October

•               Rotax to Clay Pigeon, probably in October

There was some discussion about amalgamating the TKM and Rotax classes for one grand ‘O’ Plate but it was decided to consider that for the future.  It was noted that the InterNations is to be ‘rested’ during 2008.  Forest Edge Kart Club were thanked for taking over the running of this year’s gearbox ‘O’ Plate when Rissington were forced to close down for the rest of this year.  Apparently Rissington will be able to put on up to 14 days in 2008 even if their appeal fails.

Help with planning issues

We have all been watching developments at Rissington and elsewhere regarding planning, noise and land issues.  Mervyn Rundle (Club Secretary of Dunkeswell KRC) is also a solicitor and has decided with his firm "Solicitors Title" to offer a package of specialisist legal services to clubs/individuals who need support in these areas.  For a free chat call him on 01392207900 or email mervyn@solicitorstitle.co.uk


The ABkC will have stands at the London Kart Show and Autosport but not at KartMania as there are plenty of clubs promoting karting at that venue.   The meeting decided to make a £1000 donation to Carolynn Hoy and Stars to support their Karting for the Disabled initiative.  Carolynn is cycling from Llandow to Larkhall via Shenington, Kimbolton and Three Sisters to raise money and sponsorship forms are available on their website.

MSA Licencing & Blue Book regs

The MSA announced they are still working out the finer points of the ‘free’ licence initiative to under-16’s but it should come into effect from January.  They also noted that the entrants licence fee schedule has been amended, with a Kart National at £100 and International at £145 as well as confirming Endurance teams do not need an entrants licence.  The Tyro initiative will be extended to Juniors next year, with a 10bhp maximum engine power.  Corporate style karts can be used, the MSA will fast track N.1.3 approval.  The regulation N.6.3.10 has been amended to make it clear karts can only be driven back to the pits or repair area for repairs, they cannot be pushed in for repairs.  Incidentally the Blue Book revisions will change all the N references to K references and all the old reference letters in the Book will change as it is re-ordered for easier reading.  The BKIA asked if clubs could provide pit lanes, so that karts can come in and return safely to the track.  John Symes reminded us that any changes can only be done with his prior approval.

Crash Helmets / NATSKA approval

The MSA propose that helmets with the BS6658 Type A approval will not be permitted from either 2009 or 2010, the final decision still to be made.  This does not affect the later BS6658 Type A/FR which will continue for the time being.  They stated there is no other way to remove some very old helmets from use, and is to align with the CIK and FIA.  The rule about not being allowed to lift a kart and spin the wheels is extended to all classes.  Up to three signatures in NATSKA racing will be accepted towards an upgrade to National B (non-novice).

More about licences

Clubs are urged to tell their drivers to apply early for their licences to help avoid the difficulties experienced last year.  From January there will be a novice licence for karting, and a National A will need six more signatures on top of a National B at a minimum of three different venues.  Therefore there will be no need to ask competitors to collect extra signatures for the ABkC national championships in 2008 but the MSA may still require proof of a total of 11 race signatures plus the ARKS test from commencement of racing.  (awaiting confirmation)

Junior age range

Another vote was held to extend the ages that juniors can compete, and this time it was passed, albeit by a majority and not unanimously.  Drivers who are not novices can enter the junior 11 year old classes in the year of their eleventh birthday, and all juniors can remain in the classes until the end of the year of the their seventeenth birthday.  But remember that drivers have to be big enough so the kart weight does not exceed the maximum laid down in the class regulations e.g. 94kg in Junior TKM, 104kg in MiniMax, 108kg in Junior Max and 105kg in KF3.

Timed qualifying

The merits of timed qualifying in ABkC national championships were debated.  Neil Hann said he was happy to carry out a survey of Super One competitors and then make a decision based upon the majority view.  (Neil Hann has now emailed all Rotax S1 drivers for their opinion).

TKM Classes

Tal-Ko representatives Alan Turney and Grahame Butterworth attended part of the meeting to present a case for having a Junior Extreme class next year, aimed solely at Super One and some other major events.  The class would be for 13 year olds upwards and would use a clutched 115cc engine, one of which would be sold at advantageous prices to registered Super One competitors.  It would have a 24mm restrictor.  There were no objections, the feeling being that Tal-Ko should know their own market.  There was some concern expressed about the compatibility of having different restrictors and weights in Junior TKM as it was felt there would be sure to be some tracks where it wouldn’t be a level playing field.  It was clarified that all pre-2003 TKM chassis, including the 1998 homologation which is still valid, has a waiver for the crash tested bodywork for next year at least. 

Gearbox regs

The gearbox group recommended that after listening to feedback, the Super ICC, or KZ1 class, would be fully compliant with CIK rules in 2008.  This means that CIK homologated chassis, CIK homologated gear ratios and CIK homologated exhaust pipe must be used in Stars, the ‘O’ Plate and any other race for KZ1.  Either the MSA or CIK rear bumper may be used though.  No date has been set for ICC UK to move to full CIK regulations.  250 National drivers should note that the XP5 tyres may be used in the class at club level only, up to the end of April 2008.

Annual General Meeting

And finally another reminder to please attend the AGM on Saturday 15th December, in the Coventry area.  Look out for further details

(Editor Graham Smith, email secretary@abkc.org.uk)

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