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Lets Go Karting and How to Start Racing at Shenington

Want to start kart racing, read on: 
Karting is a most exhilarating activity, yet a family sport
It's fun, it's cool, kids can start racing from age 8, practice in Cadets from age 7, and drive Bambino's at some places from age 6
Almost everyone can race, some at 60 or more
Find out all about kart racing at Shenington near Banbury
For those aged 6 - 14 years old, we have an introductory scheme called Lets Go Karting:
Shenington Kart Racing Club was selected in 2008 as one of the clubs to hold the MSA sponsored Lets Go Karting scheme, giving youngsters an introductory taster session in a race kart. 
Initially set at 5, once the three year supported time was over the club now charges 10 for an introductory session.  
If the youngster enjoys the experience then they can book to come back for an afternoon of three sessions at 40, and once they have done two or these they can come to a full test day on the whole circuit for 90.  
The club supplies all the equipment, kart and racewear (except boots, please have trainers).
We have a fleet of three Bambino karts, several Cadet karts, some lower powered for beginners, some four stroke and some two stroke, and three Junior karts for the older drivers.
Drivers will start by signing on and paying (cash please) then being kitted out in one of our race suits and find a suitable helmet to fit.  
They will receive a briefing (see Video page) and a video briefing and explanations of the flag signals.
After that they will be shown a suitable sized kart based on age, weight, size and previous experience if any, fitted into it and given a full explanation of the controls with checks to make sure they understand.  
After that they can take to the track for their introductory session. 
You must book the taster session with Secretary Graham Smith on 01926 812177, the next availability is on the morning of Tuesday 5th August.
You can also request a copy of the How to Start Karting brochure and a free Come Karting DVD from the Secretary.
Afternoon sessions must be booked with Gill Cox on 01295 257674 but drivers must have done the morning taster session first, the next availability is on the afternoon of 5th August.
The next full practice days available to book with Gill Cox are on Thursday 29th May and 15th August.
As part of the scheme we can offer a brand new Honda Cadet kart, ready to race, for only 1250 plus VAT, see picture below (note they may not always come with a 'sticker' kit).  Ask to see one (conditions apply)
Various pictures of the Lets Go Karting scheme and some of the many drivers who have joined the club and have gone on to race with us.
For everyone, here is the information you may need:

First off, why not come along to a race meeting (see Race Calendar page) and see which classes are popular and may suit your age, weight and ability (Do not rush out and buy a kart without this research first!)
Read this "How to Start Karting" brochure by ABkC and ARKS first, visit or download here
First you need to purchase a Start Karting pack from the MSA Shop, it costs 75 which includes the cost of your first licence,
and if a minor under the age of 18 then also the PG Entrant licence for the parent or guardian.
Then the test costs 95 (2014 price).  
You will also need to purchase a suitable helmet (under 15's note the only helmet standard allowed is the Snell CMR2007 type) - do NOT buy a motorcycle helmet, then a homologated race suit, boots and gloves.
Consider an introductory course by one of the professional kart schools, see  Protrain and Ziemelis Racing operate at Shenington.
But if you take your ARKS Novice Driver Test at Shenington with our ARKS Examiner Tom Whitehouse and join the club at full price you will get your first race entry free (worth 50).
Those under the age of 18 who have answered all the medical questions on the licence form can race the following day, otherwise the licence application form must be sent off to the MSA and the licence received. 
And if economy is what you seek, at Shenington we have a budget class called TKM Clubman for over 16's where only second hand tyres are allowed along with the older type chassis and engines.  
Saturday afternoon practice and Sunday race fee combined for club members is only 65 meaning that a complete weekend should cost less than 120.  Karts can be purchased from around 1200.
At the other end of the scale the geared karts can reach speeds of 100mph (250 National) or 90mph (KZ UK 125cc 6-speed)
And if you don't want to race, we are often looking for volunteer officials and marshals, contact the Secretary for more information.  
The Motor Sports Association are continually on the look out for new Scrutineers (Technical officials), Clerks of the Course, Timekeepers etc
(Training is given, and you will have a mentor to guide you through the training period)
Have a look at their Go Motorsport website or Volunteers in Motorsport websites
This information is maintained by Graham Smith, Club Secretary.