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Posted by 'Alan' on 30 Jun 2020 @ 08:28

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SEND IT! Karting News Magazine, Issue 4… is LIVE ONLINE NOW... SEE LINK BELOW
A bumper issue with 172 pages is now live online via the link below. This is the first subscription issue. You will see two prices…. The 10 issues online subscription set at £30 for the first 10 issues, and the £20 single issue price, which will include a keepsake copy of the printed magazine, as well as access to the online version for that single issue. You can still buy the keepsake version via the TDi Media online store at If you buy via the flipsnack link below you will have to email me to let me know you have purchased via @flipsnack, and let me have your home address for delivery.
Thanks for all the support and positive feedback to Jake and I so far. We hope you will subscribe and support the magazine moving forward. We have many exciting plans over the next few years to share with subscribers.
The Cadet brand ambassador draw will take place before the end of the month, so please subscribe to the magazine and complete the registration form on the TDi Media website so you qualify for the free draw. Dad and lad only teams this year, next year will be Juniors. If you have already filled in the form on the website, there is no need to do it again. See the SEND IT Magazine link on the website and scroll down for the form.
This month’s issue includes the following content:
A multitude of driver profiles and information
Great tech tips article by Gary chapman about the dark art of castor and camber
Terence Dove on 10 mistakes new drivers make that cost seconds a lap
Jake Sanson’s look at 12 drivers who could challenge for the world title, including 6 girls and 6 guys
Our article on sports psychology and its place in karting
A 4600 word, 14 page Race report from Hooton Park at the weekend… Biggest ever!
Plus latest news and much more!
If you are a club and want to send in race reports from your own meetings, please send in the report (brief or detailed, up to you) with pictures from the local photographer… We will be covering Super One’s Sunday races in out initial issue 5 release.
From issue 5 onwards, we will be releasing an initial “edit so far” by the end of next week, which will be updated bi-weekly as content is added. Once issue 5 is released, issue 4 will only be available as a single copy, rather than the start of your 10 issue subscription. Subscriptions start from the issue for which you first subscribe, and cover 10 issues from that point, so please subscribe this week if you want to access the issue 4 content as your first subscription issue.
Subscribe to issue 4 by following the link here

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