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The Awning Company Super One Series   (26/04)

Temperatures were unseasonably cold but the racing was hot at the high level Gloucestershire circuit amid the heart of the Chilterns.  The sun shone most of the day on the 133 competitors until a sudden sharp shower punctuated the second final of the official British Cadet Championship.
Click for larger image...ABkC MiniMax National Championship
Jensen Butterfield enjoyed lights to flag victories in both MiniMax finals.  Tom Canning had earlier topped timed qualifying from Jonny Edgar but Butterfield won both heats whilst Canning suffered an exclusion for a non-compliance.  When Edgar took Lorcan Hanafin for second in the Dog Leg complex it gave Butterfield an unassailable lead he did not squander.  Edgar was bundled back to fifth but recovered for a three kart wide dash for second, taken by Dexter Patterson from Edgar and Hanafin.  Butterfield again had a break in the second final when several karts went off including Edgar.  But this time he was reeled in by Patterson and the recovering Canning to within half a second.  Edgar recovered to fifth.

Final 1 (18 laps): 1 Jenson Butterfield (Tonykart); 2 Dexter Patterson (Kosmic) +6.67s; 3 Jonny Edgar (Esprit); 4 Lorcan Hanafin (Tonykart); 5 Alex Lloyd (BRK); 6 Finlay Bunce (Tonykart).
Final 2 (18 laps): 1 Butterfield; 2 Patterson +0.41; 3 Tom Canning (Kosmic); 4 Hanafin; 5 Edgar; 6 Lloyd.
Click for larger image...ABkC Junior Max National Championship
Joe Turney had the upper hand throughout timed qualifying and the two heats, lining up on pole for the first final with Jonathan Hoggard alongside.  As Turney took the lead William Pettitt slotted briefly into second until Hoggard took it back.  Pettitt eventually claimed second with a light touch on Hoggard with Myles Apps in fourth.  Mark Kimber and Rory Hudson clashed on the last corner, Kimber surviving for fifth but Hudson out.  Turney and Hoggard traded the lead in the early part of the second final until Pettitt fired his kart up the inside to lead.  As the other battle continued to rage behind, Pettitt eased away for the win.  Once Turney had flung off the attentions of Luke Ide and Tommy Foster he started to close in for the finish.  Hoggard endured a long grassy trip falling to seventh.

Final 1 (18 laps): 1 Joe Turney (Kosmic); 2 William Pettitt (Tonykart) +2.44s; 3 Jonathan Hoggard (Tonykart); 4 Myles Apps (Tonykart); 5 Mark Kimber (Tonykart); 6 Axel Charpentier (Tonykart).
Final 2 (18 laps): 1 Pettitt; 2 Turney +0.94s; 3 Luke Ide (Alonso); 4 Tommy Foster (Tonykart); 5 Charpentier; 6 Tyler Chesterton (Tonykart).
Click for larger image...ABkC Rotax Max National Championship
Josh White maintained his advantage from TQ through both heats to pole position with Josh Collings alongside for the first final.  But White was immediately hobbled at the dog leg as James Johnson dived in, letting Jack McCarthy take up the lead.  White started his comeback from tenth but the lead battle was a fierce rough and tumble of changing places, variously led by Collings and Johnson.  White also got back to the lead battle but a half spin saw him having to settle for fourth.  That fracas allowed Harrison Thomas to the front and he hung on for the win over Johnson and McCarthy.  Briefly usurped by McCarthy, Thomas hung onto the lead for most of the second final until the last lap when White dived in and won from Collings and Johnson with Thomas falling to fourth.  The latter two scrabbled over the grass at the penultimate corner but made the flag.  The support race for Rotax Max 177 was won by Daniel Martin.

Final 1 (19 laps); 1 Harrison Thomas (Tonykart); 2 James Johnson (Tonykart) +0.70s; 3 Jack McCarthy (Tonykart); 4 Josh White (Tonykart); 5 Josh Collings (Kosmic); 6 Ben Davis (Alonso).
Final 2 (19 laps): 1 White; 2 Collings +0.11s; 3 Johnson; 4 Thomas; 5 Davis; 6 McCarthy.
Click for larger image...MSA British IAME Cadet Championship
Georgi Dimitrov and points leader Harry Thompson were quickest in the time trials, with Thompson claiming the first heat, Bray Kenneally the other two.  Kenneally and Thompson traded the lead in the first final with Rattican and Jonny Wilkinson battling behind.  After Thompson had eased Kenneally to one side on the penultimate lap they clashed on the final lap allowing Rattican to take up the lead and win.  Whilst Wilkinson and Thompson slowed each other, Kenneally swooped round the outside for a provisional second until penalised 10s.  Thompson also took a penalty but a successful appeal to the Stewards put him back to third.  Rattican was hung out to dry in the second final in favour of Thompson after many karts crashed at the first corner, including Kenneally.  Thompson clung on to the lead ahead of Dimitrov and Tyler Read until a sudden rain shower had Taylor Barnard at one with the conditions catapulting himself from grid 21 to snatch the lead. Alex Simmonds followed him through, whilst Joseph Taylor salvaged third and Thompson fifth, split by Reggie Duhy all the way from winning the repechage following a heat exclusion.  And Kenneally made it back to seventh.

Final 1 (16 laps): 1 Joshua Rattican (Synergy); 2 Jonny Wilkinson (Synergy) +1.31s; 3 Harry Thompson (Synergy); 4 Max Dodds (Synergy); 5 Van Knapton (Synergy); 6 Joseph Taylor (Synergy). 
Final 2: 1 Taylor Barnard (Zip); 2 Alex Simmonds (Zip) +0.43s; 3 Taylor; 4 Reggie Duhy (Synergy); 5 Thompson; 6 Rattican.
Click for larger image...Junior X30 International Qualifier
Gordon Mutch had been fastest in the TQ but slipped a little in the heats, won by Jake Douglas and Ethan Pitt.  A three way fight for the lead between Pitt, Douglas and Mutch became a five kart battle when Harrison Smith and Angus Fender joined in.  But Smith was forced to retire whilst Mutch took advantage of the interference behind to ease away for the win.  The very wet track suited Fender better as he leapfrogged Douglas and Mutch for the second final win.  Behind Mutch and Pitt, Harry McQuillan moved up a few places for fourth, beating Douglas.

Final 1 (18 laps): 1 Gordon Mutch (tba); 2 Ethan Pitt (Gold) +1.11s; 3 Jake Douglas (Alonso); 4 Angus Fender (Gold); 5 Tom Douglas (Mach 1); 6 Ethan Rees (Tonykart). FL Harrison Smith. Pole Jake Douglas.
Final 2 (16 laps): 1 Fender; 2 Mutch +1.83s; 3 Pitt; 4 Harry McQuillan (Tonykart); 5 Jake Douglas; 6 Oliver Greetham (Alonso).  FL Fender. Pole Mutch.
Click for larger image...Senior X30 International Qualifier
Like the Juniors the Senior X30's are battling for places in the X30 International Final later in the year.  Sam Marsh won both heats from Matt Davies albeit Davies had been faster in the time trials.  But Davies challenge in the first final was almost immediately thwarted when he was forced to stop.  Marsh took full advantage, never headed as Scott Mackrell and Brett Ward fought over second.  Charlie Bingham made a challenge on Matthew Hirst for fourth but ended bouncing along the grass for only tenth.  Still wet for the second final with a racing line starting to dry from the half way point.  Mackrell made a break over Marsh who had his rear filled by Ward until Collings came up to split them. 

Final 1 (19 laps): 1 Sam Marsh (Alonso); 2 Mackrell (tba) +3.09s; 3 Brett Ward (Mach 1); 4 Matthew Hirst (Tonykart); 5 Josh Collings (Alonso); 6 Euan Wilson (Alonso).  FL Marsh. Pole Marsh.
Final 2 (18 laps): 1 Mackrell; 2 Marsh +0.38s; 3 Collings; 4 Ward; 5 Jack Partridge (Gold); 6 Hirst.  FL Matt Davies. Pole Marsh.

Photographs courtesy of Chris Walker/

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Attention TVKC R2 Entrants   (26/04)

Attention all drivers entered for the TVKC Club Championship Round 2, to be held on 30th April & 1st May 2016 (including NKF drivers)...

Due to an overwhelming number of entries received for round 2 of TVKC's 2016 Club Championship, the event has been increased to a two-day permit meaning ALL drivers, from ALL classes, will have a heat on SATURDAY 30th April.

Trent Valley Kart Club will be staging the second round of their 2016 Club Championship this weekend at PFi, to which, the event will also play host to the visiting NKF series.  During the past two days, the entries levels have risen dramatically, far beyond our predicated numbers for the May meeting. Therefore, given that the format of the event will consist of 3 Heats plus a Final for all competitors, the Club has had to extend the race meeting to a two-day permit in order to fulfil the timetable.  The implication of this means that ALL drivers, from ALL classes, will have a heat on SATURDAY 30th April. The Heats will commence on Saturday afternoon with the racing resuming, as normal, on Sunday 1st May.

We realise that this decision to extend the meeting may have an impact on some participant's travel plans and other commitments but we wanted to notify everyone involved as soon as possible.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused but hope that by spreading the timetable over two days, all drivers will be able to benefit from an increased amount of track time as we endeavour to maximise the time available.

If you have any queries about the revised format for this weekend, please do not hesitate to contact Trent Valley Kart Club who are only too happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact the Competition Secretary, Danielle Short, via or 07545 131099.

Please find the event's Supplementary Regulations here: Clubmans and National B.

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Mylaps X2 Transponder Approved   (20/04)

Click for larger image...On Tuesday 15th March, an official MSA test of the MYLAPS X2 transponder took place at Rye House Kart Circuit, Hertfordshire (UK). The objective for the test was to ascertain the accuracy in timing of the X2 transponder and it's compatibility in mixed setups with the existing systems. The test results ensured stability for competitors and organising clubs in line with the MSA National Sporting Code stability of regulations. Therefore, the X2 transponder has been official approved by the MSA for use in Kart racing. 
Test set-up confirmed accuracy
The test was organized and witnessed by representatives of MSA, and MYLAPS. A photocell beam along with an MSA certified timer and a finish line camera were set up on the start line to provide comparison lap times. The test consisted of different set-ups in which both X2 transponders as TranX transponder have been mounted on the front of a kart and tested on any variations with the times recorded.

Bas van Rens, CEO of MYLAPS said "We are happy that the MSA has confirmed the accuracy in timing of our X2 transponder, also in combination with the TranX system."

For more information please contact Daniël van Breugel at MYLAPS via

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OK Engines Statement   Click for larger image...(19/04)

Following customer feedback and questions regarding the new MSA OK Championship, Strawberry Racing would like to clarify a number of points about the Vortex OK engines for the senior and junior classes.
All OK engines come direct from the Vortex factory to Strawberry Racing (the official OTK importer for the UK). Each one is supplied with three seals and arrives from Italy in a sealed box. If your engine is delivered or sold over the counter by an OTK retailer, does not have the seals in place, Strawberry will replace the engine for another one.
In this way you can be sure that your engine is as supplied from the factory and has not been tampered with in any way.
Click for larger image...Once you have purchased your Vortex OK engine, anyone can maintain the engine for you. It DOES NOT have to be maintained by Strawberry Racing.
Click for larger image...NB: Please ensure that when your motor is serviced and rebuilt that it confirms to the official championship fiche (
NB: It is advised that no parts of the motor are machined. For reference, a sample engine can be seen courtesy of the MSA and (Chief Scrutineer) Mr Paul Klaassen. 
We would like to reassure ALL competitors, any Vortex OK DDS or DDJ engine hired to a customer, or used by a Strawberry Racing team driver, will be drawn by lottery on the first morning of each event at signing-on. This is done in the spirit of fair play and to further give assurance of parity and transparency.
NB: All engines supplied will be marked on the cylinder head, cylinder and crank case as a set, to prevent the substitution of components.
Also, Strawberry Racing will be happy to exchange any motor once during practice, should a competitor not be entirely happy with it. However, once exchanged, the original engine will not be returned.
If individual drivers and/or their parents, team owners, engine preparation specialists, club officials or observers of the sport have any additional suggestions about how Strawberry Racing can give you increased confidence with regard to the new engines, then we 100% welcome them. Please call Warwick Ringham on 0114 288 9933 or email
Click for larger image...Strawberry Racing's Warwick Ringham says: "All we, and the OTK Kart Group, are trying to do is give everyone the chance to race in what, from 2016 forward, will be the pinnacle of  world karting. Our mission is to deliver this experience at an affordable price, with the same, if not better, reliability offered by current UK classes and rewards competitors with a faster and more fun driving experience. Not only that, a unique prize in top-flight karting; the chance to race as a factory driver at the World Championships, completely free of charge."
He adds: "The OTK Kart Group has invested heavily in this class, in terms of time and money in developing this new generation of CIK engines and therefore wants to see it grow and carry on for years to come. They and Strawberry Racing are passionate about seeing OK succeed in the UK and understand that some people do have a few concerns and issues. That is why we have moved quickly to answer any questions and offer complete openness."

For more information about the Vortex OK DD/DDJ engines plus the complete range of OTK karts, components and clothing, visit, call 0114 288 9933, or email

The illustrative images show the three seals in situ and are supplied courtesy of OTK Kart Group/Vortex Engines.

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Summer Kart School Evenings   (18/04)

Click for larger image...Summer kart school evenings have started at Lydd Kart Circuit for Bambino / Cadet / Junior owner drivers.

Tuesdays are for Bambino 4/ & 2/ karts only.
Wednesdays are for all Cadet karts only.
Thursdays are for all Junior karts only.
The full circuit is available to you 4pm to 7pm and the cost is £35 for non-members and £30 for circuit members (The circuit does not supply hire karts for these evenings).
SAIT Motorsport/Wavertree/GMS/Ambition/fellow teams and drivers are welcome to join these evenings and run their customers also.
Lydd Kart Circuit can also provide kart lessons/one-to-one tuition during these evenings - this does need to be booked with the circuit in advance please.
These evenings are fun & friendly, the Clubhouse remains open, sign-on please at reception upon circuit arrival.
Plus, on bank holiday Monday 2nd May we will be hosting open practice for owner drivers.

Bambino hour is 9am to 10am for 4/ & 2/ Bambino karts only - £20 per kart - full circuit.
10am to 4pm for Cadet / Junior / Senior karts - sessions may apply if the track gets busy.
Full day is £50 (£45 for circuit members), half day is 10am to 1pm or 1pm to 4pm for £30 (£25 for circuit members), and an extra driver to a signed on kart is just £5.
Contact the circuit please with any enquiry on your kart spec, or for confirmation on the ruling here at Lydd. Café is open for food & drinks.
Contact us on 01797 321747 or 01797 321895, or email You can also visit our website at, find us on Facebook or download our app at

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MSA Bambino Kart Championship   (18/04)

Round 2 of the MSA Bambino Kart Championship took place on 16th & 17th April.

Leo Robinson took the win in the second round of the time-trial championship at Shenington.

The timed heats saw wins for defending Champion Taylor Orridge, Leo Robinson, and Finlay Brown, with incredibly close times between the drivers.

The final again saw very close times with no fewer than six drivers heading the timesheets during the eight minute final.

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Strong FKS Debut For McCarthy   (13/04)

Click for larger image...Rotax star Jack McCarthy 'switched codes' to the IAME X30-based Formula Kart Stars (FKS) championship at Buckmore Park last weekend (9/10 April) and made an immediate impact.

Racing with world-renowned motor racing team, Fortec, McCarthy had not previously tested the one-make series' FK chassis and X30 power plant. However, using his home knowledge of the Kent track, he announced his arrival in the Super FKS class by setting the fastest lap time in qualifying.

In the ensuing heats, McCarthy was challenged closely by his Fortec team-mates Max Stilp and Dean MacDonald. Jack opened his account with 2nd place in the first heat, which he repeated in the second. In the final heat, he led home MacDonald to underline Fortec's domination of the preliminaries.

Having to start on the outside of the front row at the start of the final saw Jack lose ground as the field streamed into the long, looping first corner. With the pack jockeying and vying for position through the successive straights, hairpins and tight bends, McCarthy waited.

Click for larger image...Working the wheel to get his tyres up to optimum temperature, McCarthy went on the attack. His recovery from the opening moments illustrated why he is so highly-regarded by the likes of the Ferrari Driver Academy, and the Bromley teenager duly netted an excellent 3rd place at the chequered flag. However the 2nd place driver had a technical infringement with his front bumper allowing Jack to then take the second place trophy.

"It was a tough weekend. It was my first time racing an X30 engine and I also had to get my head around the different tyre compound, which has completely different characteristics to the rubber we use in Rotax. However, the overall result is that I've come out of the first round leading on points, which is a good start to the series." Jack said.

The FKS series moves to the dramatic Glan Y Gors circuit in north Wales for its next round (29 April/1 May). Before then Jack will return to the fray in Rotax with Strawberry Racing at the second round of the Euro Max Challenge in Italy (14/15 May).

Keep up to speed with Jack throughout the season by following him on Instagram @jack81mccarthy and via

Photographs courtesy of Simon Burchett Photography.

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GFR Engines Excel   (12/04)

Click for larger image...GFR Engines had an excellent weekend at the first round of the NKF at Rowrah, dominating the X30 Junior class all weekend with Gordon Mutch of Clan Racing and Sam White of AMT Racing.
Between them they battled for every heat and had a good margin over the rest of the grid. Sam White eventually took the win in the final, again battling Gordon all the way, and took the lead on the last lap, while Gordon posted the fastest lap of the race.
GFR are one of the most successful engine builders in the world, having won major events with Max Verstappen, Tom Joyner, Dorian Boccolacci and others. GFR have also been successful in X30 since the introduction of the class and will be offering trackside support at selected races.
Contact GFR on 01698 886231 or to enquire about having your engine rebuilt by a world class team of engineers.

Photograph courtesy of Chris Walker/

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OK - Its Vega!   (12/04)

Sole UK Vega importer Andy Cox Racing Ltd are delighted and proud that Vega tyres have been chosen to be used for the new MSA OK Junior and Senior OK classes.
For the OK MSA Junior class the Vega XH is to be used, otherwise known as Vega "Green".
The Vega XH tyre gives superb grip, consistency and wear. These attributes of the Vega XH help to develop and introduce Junior drivers to more grip than they are perhaps used to compared to one make mono commercial classes which traditionally use harder compound tyres.
The OK MSA Senior class will use the Vega XM, otherwise known as the Vega "White".
The Vega XM's grip is legendary with unrivalled grip, performance and wear. The Vega XM without doubt helps to develop the professional kart and car drivers of the future with fantastic experience of grip levels.
Both MSA Junior and Senior OK classes will use the rain tyre the Vega W5 - probably the best karting wet tyre in the world!
All tyres are in stock call Andy Cox Racing Ltd on 01527 889595 to order yours, or email us

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Get Ready For OK In The UK   (08/04)

Click for larger image...With the dates now announced for the inaugural MSA OK British Championships, the official supplier of the series' Vortex Engines, Strawberry Racing, is inviting drivers to 'try before they buy' for a nominal fee.

Following painstaking development by the CIK, the new OK breed of engines will replace their KF predecessors this summer. Consequently, with the MSA adopting OK as its official British Junior and Senior championships, history will be made by the first race-winners and champions.

Not only that, the victorious drivers in the Senior and Junior classes will win a fully-funded entry into the World Championships - held in Bahrain (14th/15th November 2016) - with either the official Tony Kart or Kosmic racing team.
Ahead of the first meeting at Whilton Mill on 28th/29th May, Strawberry are inviting potential entrants to hire an OK DDS or DDJ motor for pre-series testing at a nominal fee.
Click for larger image...Priced from just £100 per day for a test, Strawberry's offer will give competitors a great chance to learn the characteristics and sheer power of the new engine.
"Once you've driven it, you'll love it!" assures Strawberry Racing's Warwick Ringham. "We've heard from (Vortex Engines Director) Mr Robazzi that in testing, the OKs (Senior) are now a similar lap time to their KZ counterparts. They're seriously rapid and great fun to drive."  
After the Whilton Mill curtain-raiser, the three-round series moves to Shenington (16th/17th July) and culminates in September (24th/25th) at PFi. Drivers can access the series full regulations via the following links:

Class regulations:

Engine fiche and MSA amendment appendices:

OK Junior homologation:
OK Junior Appendix:
OK Senior homologation:
OK Senior Appendix:
Entry forms are available via
Strawberry will maintain its £100 test hire price throughout the whole of 2016. Drivers committing to all three rounds can hire race motors for just £350 per round, or from £500 for individually selected races.
Group tests at certain tracks are also available.
For those looking to invest in their own motors, prices are £1,745 plus VAT for a Vortex DDJ and £1,895 plus VAT for the Senior unit. All engines are supplied with carburettor and exhaust as standard.
Please note that engines used in the MSA OK British Kart Championships must be sourced via Strawberry Racing.

For more information, please call Warwick on 0114 288 9933 or email

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CRG GB On Top In KZ   (07/04)

Click for larger image...CRG GB made it another win in two consecutive meetings with the all new and improved Road Rebel Gold Line and Maxter MXS 2.
Glear took an impressive win amongst a strong field of drivers at the last meeting at Forest Edge as well as the Shenington March meeting, which shows the growing potential of the CRG package.
CRG and Maxter newbie Lee Hasler, has shown good progress within the past month of stepping onboard and is pleased with the results so far. After taking a strong P6 finish with great race pace at Forest Edge, all is looking good for future podiums.
For any enquires regarding testing and buying complete outfits or either a kart or an engine, please contact Simon on 07970 203632 or email

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Fortec Motorsport   (07/04)

Fortec Motorsport is pleased to announce it has now completed its driver line-up for its first attack on the Karting Championship. With the late addition of two super talented young drivers, the driver line-up is as follows:
Super FKS
Jack McCarthy (reigning Euro Max Champion)
Dean MacDonald (Mini Max British Champion)
Max Stilp (3rd FKS Championship 2015)
Junior FKS
Oliver Clarke (reigning Honda British Champion)
Dexter Patterson (reigning Iame British Champion)
Fortec Motorsport has a long history of success in Motorsport at all levels and we feel we have the best drivers to continue that trend. Richard Dutton (Fortec owner)... "Fortec Motorsport is known for producing young champions and we are happy with our team selection for our first attempt at the FKS Championship. Keiran Crawley, our team manager, was tasked with attracting the best drivers and we feel we have achieved that. We are all very excited to be involved with the FKS Championship and we are looking forward to this new racing chapter".
For more information on Fortec's Karting Programme feel free to contact us on or 07968 987883 or

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Clean Sweep For Yorkie   Click for larger image...(06/04)

Click for larger image...Coles Racing driver Oliver York kicked off his LGM title bid with pure dominance at PFI.

From Practice 1 Saturday morning Oliver felt confident in both wet and dry conditions as the speed was there. Moving into Timed Practice Oliver Qualified 1st out of 82 drivers in the Junior X30 class, he went on to convincingly win the Pre Final and Grand Final.

Tyler Chesterton also had a storming drive for Coles Racing in the Junior X30 final, coming all the way from 27th on the grid to finish 12th in the Grand Final.

Click for larger image...Senior X30 saw Scott Mackrell make his maiden LGM appearance, qualifying 7th in group. Scott struggled with kart issues all weekend but still managed to finish inside the top 10 in the Grand Final.

Coles Racing would like to congratulate all their drivers and everybody involved for a fantastic weekend. If you are interested in joining our X30 team please don't hesitate to get in touch, spaces are limited. 
Contact Adrian Coles on 07867 301401 or by email to

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MSA Release OK Class Regulations   (06/04)

The MSA have released the OK/OKJ class regulations for the new MSA British Kart Championships which will be held on the following dates promoted by the Super One Series:
- 28-29 May 2016 - Whilton Mill
- 16-17 July - Shenington
- 23-25 September - PF International
The class regulations are available here:

The engine fiche and MSA amendment appendix are here:
OK Junior homologation:
OK Junior Appendix:
OK Senior homologation:
OK Senior Appendix:
It should be noted that the engines for the MSA British Kart Championships must be sourced through Strawberry Racing ( ) as follows:
- Sealed boxes from the factory and supplied through the appointed UK importer, Strawberry Racing
- Control exhaust and control carburettor (CIK-homologated Tillotson)
- Set retail price (complete with exhaust and carburettor): £1,745+VAT (Junior) and £1,895+VAT (Senior)
The draft championship regulations for the three rounds will shortly be available on the Super One website.  The Vega tyres will be supplied through the appointed UK importer, ACR Limited, to the Super One Series. 
Entries are now open for the MSA British Kart and Junior Kart Championships and registrations can be taken on line here:

And entries for the events can be made here:

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Lydd Kicks Off This Sunday   (05/04)

Click for larger image...IKR Owner Driver Summer Championship at Lydd Kart Circuit - Round 1 - Sunday 10th April (with each competitor's best 5 results counting towards their final position).
Senior Rotax 162 & Rotax Max 177:
The Maxxis HG1 tyre choice, 1 set for all 6 rounds is proving a good idea.  You can pre-order, pay via card over the phone, for collection race weekend. Contact the circuit in advance please to confirm a tyre order.
ProKart is now available for 2 classes 175 & 200:
Both may run on the same grid. (175's red numbers, white back plate / 200's black numbers, white back plate).
Both classes will score race day/championship points & receive race day trophies/end of season championship awards.
Junior Subaru:
Mojo W2 is the only permitted wet tyre (marked CIK/yellow barcode).
Like Rotax classes, the Maxxis HG1 is also the only permitted slick tyre for Junior Subaru competitors, same way forward, 'one set for the 6 round summer series'.
Honda Cadet & Honda Cadet Clubman:
Must run with the new exhaust.
Dropped nosecone rule for Junior Subaru/Junior Rotax/Senior Rotax classes also applies, however with a 4 second penalty if the nosecone drops.
Summer Regulations (available on website) are practice, timed qualifying, 2 heats and a 15 lap final for Honda Cadet Clubman, Honda Cadet, IAME Cadet, Junior Subaru, Junior Max, Mini Max, ProKart 175 & 200, Senior Rotax162, Rotax Max 177.  Bambino grids have practice/qualify, followed by 3 timed runs.
F4S are joining us today with their own grid. Contact Tommi Caldwell for further information
There are several ways to enter this meeting;
Completed race entry form by post to the circuit, entry confirmation & card payment over the phone.
Entries taken up to and including race morning (with no late entry fee).
Race entry online via, the deadline for this being Wednesday 6th April.
Clarke Karts Shop is open both Saturday 9th open testing/race practice & Sunday 10th race day. Café & Clubhouse is open both days for hot food & drink, spectators welcome.
Kart storage is £5 per week & garage space hire is £25 per kart/per day, transponder hire is £10 per day.
Contact Sue Hart (Club Secretary) on 01797 321747 or 01797 321895, or email You can also visit our website at, find us on Facebook or download our app at

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Honda Cadet 'O' Plate   (04/04)

Bayford Meadows are pleased to announce that thanks to the generous support from JAG and with help from Strawberry Racing and Project One Racing the winner of the ABkC 'O' Plate Honda Cadet meeting at Bayford Meadows on 24th April 2016 will receive a complete Mini-Max Kart. Many additional prizes including a mountain bike have been very generously pledged by the karting industry.
To enter please visit to secure a place on the grid for what promises to be the highlight of the Honda Cadet racers' year. Entries close on 17th April.
As well as the race for the prestigious 'O' Plate this mini festival of Honda Cadet racing will feature a large separate grid for the popular Honda Clubman class. Additional awards and prizes will make this a meeting not be to missed.
Enter online now or for further details please email

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Rotax Customer Survey   (31/03)

Rotax are asking you to take a few moments to complete the Rotax Customer Survey and you could win a set of tyres!

All participants will be entered into the Prize Draw to win a set of tyres. Entries close on the 30th April 2016.

Make your opinion count, do it now!

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Exciting HKC News Just In   (30/03)

Click for larger image...It is with huge excitement that Rye House Kart Raceway & HKC 2016 are able to announce a THIRD addition to this years "televised" race calendar...

April 17th's race, which many of you will know is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend Josh O'Malley, will be televised. Josh was passionate about racing at Rye and whilst his forte was developing young drivers, had a keen interest in all classes having raced, himself, at the highest level.

The meeting is being filmed in partnership with C.H. Media and will be featured on Motors TV at a date TBC.

Both Rye House & HKC 2016 would like to extend their welcome not only to the 200+ drivers that entered R's 1 & 2, but also any drivers "new" or returning for the first time this year!

Once again, we are going to ask all of our friends in the "motorsport" world to continue their efforts in talking, sharing and posting as much as they can to continue spreading the word.

Book now at

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Fortec Welcomes Macarthy & Stilp   (29/03)

Click for larger image...Fortec Motorsport is happy to announce its first drivers for the upcoming FKS championship.

Max Stilp finished in 3rd place in 2015 which will surely make this young charger a favourite for the 2016 title. He has reestablished his working relationship with Fortec Team Manger Keiran Crawley after last working together a few years ago in the Super Cadet category. Stilp said "When I was invited to the Fortec factory I was blown away by the facilities they have. My goal is to race cars and this is the place that I can learn everything in one place."

Jack Macarthy needs no introduction, current Euromax Jnr champion and fresh from winning the British 'O' Plate championship. Jack fits the Fortec ethos perfectly. Jack on completing his deal; "We had a number of offers to race in FKS and we felt Fortec had all the right tools to win this one make championship."

Jamie Dye (Fortec managing Director) said "When we decided to enter the FKS championship we had one aim and that was to win from day one, both Jack and Max fit the bill perfectly. with the professional way that we approach winning single seater championships, we will put all our facilities and personnel behind these drivers to make sure they have the best chance of victory."

With testing for the championship already underway, drivers wishing to join this program should get in contact to be sure not to miss out.

Interested parties should contact either Jamie Dye or Keiran Crawley (Team Manager) at or contact the office on +44 1327 879999.

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The Awning Company Super One Series   (23/03)

The first round of the Super One 2016 season got off to a tremendous start at Rowrah, in Cumbria's Lake District, arguably one of the most technical circuits in the UK. Racing conditions for the record entry of 206 in Britain's premier and only recognised British and National Series had perfect racing conditions all weekend. The turn around in TKM Extreme seniors was especially notable, from around 9 competitors last year to 47 this year. This was put down to new economy initiatives from the promoter and Tal-Ko, including banning Friday practice for the TKM classes and allowing normal pump fuel.
MSA British Cadet Kart Championship for IAME Cadet:
Harry Thompson took an eight point lead from the first round after two narrowly won victories.  Both finals for the IAME 60cc 2-stroke engines resolved into four way scraps for the wins. In Final One Thompson slotted in behind polesitter Joseph Taylor until Taylor Barnard leapfrogged both.  Thompson briefly led but had to slot back in behind Taylor once more with Barnard alternating between third and fourth.  A great pass on the last lap sealed victory for Thompson.  Thompson started on pole for  Final Two, the televised race, and ended up taking victory. However, it wasn't made easy for him as he was closely pursued by GP plate driver, Taylor Barnard right from the word go. The race came to an unfortunate end, 10 laps in, due to a red flag because of an incident between Oliver Denny and Harrison Skinner, both drivers thankfully walked away. This put the results back a lap meaning Thompson was 1st, Barnard 2nd and Bray Kenneally 3rd.Click for larger image...

Results of the Second Final:
1 Harry Thompson Synergy
2 Taylor Barnard Zip
3 Bray Kenneally Zip
4 Joseph Taylor Synergy
5 Zak O'Sullivan Synergy
ABkC National Championships for Honda Cadet:
The same Harry Thompson started the Honda Cadet second final on pole from Ben Kasperczak and Cadet McQueen and held the lead until lap 10 with Kasperczak only 0.1 seconds behind. Kasperczak took charge for a few laps before dropping to second on the last lap, giving first place to Caeson Gibson. After a strong race from Thompson, he was holding on to second but unfortunately dropped to sixth on the last lap. Gibson took the chequered flag ahead of Kasperczak who was later excluded for "driving in a manner incompatible with general safety" therefore, Caden McQueen took second and Archie Brown was third. O-plate driver Wesley Mason finished 15th after climbing up 17 places! He had a very good day on Saturday finishing 3rd and 4th in the heats, but had a disappointing final one after he was forced to retire.  Oliver Bearman, who was second fastest in timed qualifying, was excluded from the meeting after the first heat for a fuel anomaly, but he has appealed the decision.Click for larger image...

Results of the Second Final:
1 Caeson Gibson Project One
2 Caden McQueen Zip
3 Archie Brown BRK
4 James Walker Synergy
5 Archie Swinscoe BRK

ABkC National Championship for Mini Max:
Both Mini Max finals were exceptionally close, especially between Jonny Edgar and Tom Canning who disputed the victory hard. Canning ended the race, the same way he had started it in P1. Edgar took 2nd and after closing the gap on the last lap, Strawberry Racing driver, Lorcan Hanafin finished in 3rd. Jenson Butterfield had an amazing drive in final two, making up 15 places to finish 4th after an unfortunate final one.Click for larger image...

Results of the Second Final:
1 Tom Canning Kosmic
2 Jonny Edgar Esprit
3 Lorcan Hanafin Tonykart
4 Jenson Butterfield Tonykart
5 Dexter Patterson Kosmic

ABkC National Championships for Junior TKM:
Going into Sunday this was really Bradley White's race to lose after he dominated proceedings on Saturday. He started on pole for final one and was challenged on several occasions by Kristian Brierley but had all the answers required. However, final two was a different story. White lost the lead in the opening laps as Brierley took over and led the grid of 19 until the end with Abbi Pulling on his tail. Some last lap over taking and place changes saw Brierley take the win ahead of Joe Fowler in second and Pulling a close third. White finished fourth. Pulling, the Tal-Ko supported driver, also took the "Girl Power" trophy for scoring the most points throughout the weekend out of every other girl who had entered.Click for larger image...

Results of the Second Final:
1 Kristian Brierley Tonykart
2 Joe Fowler Jade
3 Abbi Pulling Tal-Ko
4 Bradley White Tal-Ko
5 Ian Sisson OTK

ABkC National Championships for Junior Max:
KR- Sport dominated in final two with Jonathan Hoggard finishing first and Joe Turney runner-up. Hoggard took the lead from third on the grid straight away and never looked back eventually winning by just under 2 seconds. Behind him was William Pettitt for most the race, before Turney usurped the 'O' plate champion to third at the end.  Two drivers fell foul of the new 10s penalties for incorrectly positioned front fairings.Click for larger image...

Results of the Second Final:
1 Jonathan Hoggard Tonykart
2 Joe Turney Kosmic
3 William Pettitt Tonykart
4 Mark Kimber Tonykart
5 Rory Hudson Tonykart

ABkC Championships for TKM Extreme:
It was amazing to see the return of a full, talented, TKM Extreme grid at Super One. This is a race that has been highly anticipated over the winter with names such as Phil Smith, Charlie Bruce-White, Jake Campbell-Mills and Paul Monks all returning. And it's fair to say it certainly delivered! On Saturday the racing was very close in the heats and this continued in to Sunday, not only at the front of the grid but all through it! Christopher Whitton took pole for final one but it was Matthew Taylor who took the win, putting him on pole for final two. Taylor made a brilliant start and held on to the lead for half the race, before Whitton found his way through. He led for a few laps but Taylor was not prepared to settle for second and eventually re-took the lead and victory! Whitton finished a solid runner-up and in third was reigning champion Matt England after showing all the qualities of a reigning champion.Click for larger image...

Results of the Second Final:
1 Matthew Taylor Tonykart
2 Christopher Whitton OTK
3 Matt England Tal-Ko
4 Kyle Sproat Tonykart
5 Harry Moore Jade

Senior Rotax:
After a battle with Josh Skelton, Jack McCarthy won final one and took his place at the front of the grid in final two. He couldn't hold on to pole for long as Charlie Turner took the lead within the first lap but it wasn't long before Josh White negotiated his way to the front and brought the win home for Coles Racing. McCarthy finished in second and Turner third.Click for larger image...

Results of the Second Final:
1 Josh White Tonykart
2 Jack McCarthy Tonykart
3 Charlie Turner Tonykart
4 Harrison Thomas Tonykart
5 Josh Skelton Tonykart

Race report courtesy of Bethany Lawson, edited by TSR Productions.

Full results are available here:

Photographs courtesy of Chris Walker/

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Huge Cash Prize Fund   (23/03)

Trent Valley Kart Club are pleased to announce that they'll be awarding cash prizes to the top 3 drivers in each category at the 2016 IAME European Open!

The total cash fund for the event will amount to a massive €19,750!

X30 Junior / X30 Senior / X30 Masters:
1st €3000
2nd €2000
3rd €1000

IAME Cadet:
1st €1000
2nd €500
3rd €250

And that's not all! In addition to the cash prizes, the top 3 from each category will also receive a FREE entry to the 2016 MSA Kartmasters British Kart Grand Prix - the UK's most prestigious annual karting event, organised by Trent Valley Kart Club and staged at the fabulous PF International kart circuit from 4-7th August 2016.

And remember, entries for the 2016 IAME European Open will be open online from 12 noon on Saturday 2nd April 2016!

For more information about the IAME European Open, visit the dedicated website at

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Super 1 Embraces Rotax   (22/03)

Following the success of the opening round at Rowrah, the Super 1 Organisation are offering the Rotax 177 & Masters drivers the opportunity to sample Super 1 competition at their next round - Rissington on the 23rd /24th April.

As a guest class on this occasion the Rotax 177s will have a 2-day meeting offering timed qualifying, two heats and two finals, there is no control fuel, a set of race tyres and a fixed price of £300 all inclusive. Bring your own wets on rims to put in Parc fermé.

Little Rissington is one of the best kept secrets of all the circuits in the UK. Plenty of Paddock area, a warm welcome and easily one of the best and most technical circuits in the UK today. Rissington offers some of the best racing in the UK with its fast sweeping curves.

Entries are open now via the Super 1 website at

JAG Engineering, the Rotax distributors for the UK are supporting the new Privateers Awning at Super 1 this year. If you are new to National level racing, please feel free to contact us at for more information.

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The Future Is Fluro   (21/03)

KKC and its race team Vital Motorsport, the UK & Ireland importer & distributor for the fantastic Compkart Chassis & Components range, would like to congratulate Ben Wooldridge, Junior X30, on his fine performance at the pre-LGM Shakedown race at Kimbolton during the weekend of the 12th & 13th March against a grid of 51 Competitors.

Ben truly showed and proved the capabilities of the new Compkart Chassis to his UK competition. After a storming drive, winning the 1st heat and furthermore placing the new Compkart chassis on Pole Position for the final, a dominant drive would see Ben and the Fluro chassis take its 1st UK win of surely many to come, after having only been available in the UK for less than 3 weeks.
One week later, further success was then seen at Buckmore Park, during the weekend of the 19th & 20th March. Compkart South England Distributor, Ambition Motorsport would see their Senior X30 driver, Ben Steward, finish in fine form, after having set the pace during Saturday, strong results in the heats would contribute to the final result, crossing the line in 1st place & winning the Senior X30 Class. Yet again proving the capabilities and strengths of the Compkart Chassis.
To arrange your test, on THE chassis obtaining results at different circuits with different drivers, but the same end result, please contact Gary Rolfe, Sales Director & Team Principal at KKC Kart Components on 01327 844320 or email

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Grice Racing Engines   (21/03)

Grice Racing Engines is fully focused on the upcoming season, with the start of Super One and Euromax just around the corner. We've assessed our performance after the big club meetings of the winter and we're extremely happy with the results achieved by drivers across the Rotax classes and teams.
We don't discriminate between drivers at any team, you all get the maximum attention, as shown by Dean Panrucker's dedication to technical support for our customers trackside.
Back at the workshop we're constantly investing in new resources to give you the best. We have a state-of-the-art dyno as well as a rolling road so we can get all of the engine parts and ancillaries working together.
We've got a small batch of the latest Junior Max cylinders in so get your hands on yours by contacting us as soon as you can.
Our normal rebuild costs apply after our winter special offer has ended, but keep an eye out for our next offer.
Full build £355 + VAT
Dyno testing £90 + VAT
Preparation and full strip £200 + VAT
For more details please contact Tom Grice on 07707 298774, Dean Panrucker on 07581 793552, or the Workshop 01268 727847.

You can also visit our website at

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Msport Joins CIK Academy Trophy   (18/03)

Click for larger image...The team at Msport Karting are pleased to announce that they will be looking after their current driver Oliver Clarke at this year's CIK Academy Trophy.
We are also pleased to welcome on board our new Indian driver Manav Sharma who will also be taking part in his first International event with Msport at this prestigious race.
The team will be traveling to all three rounds and offering technical assistance and support for all its drivers.
We aim to give them the same world class service as used to win the U18 World Championship in 2011 which was part of this event.
We have one additional space for this race, interested parties should contact on 07968 987883 or email

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IAME European Open   (18/03)

Trent Valley Kart Club are excited to launch the dedicated website for the forthcoming IAME European Open which will be held at PF International kart circuit (UK) from 15-19 June 2016.
All of the information about the event can be found at
The introduction of the website starts the countdown toward the entries opening online from 02 April 2016 at 12 noon.

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New Arrive & Drive Enduro Series   (17/03)

Click for larger image...A brand new Arrive & Drive endurance race series has been launched, on the high performance 2-stroke DMAX karts by Daytona Motorsport.
In partnership with Power Maxed, the two motorsport giants have come together to offer drivers an affordable and extremely exciting team endurance format which forms the new four round race championship.
Daytona's DMAX fleet of karts are race prepared and equalised prior to each Championship event, offering the highest performance possible where team strategy and consistency will triumph. The Rotax EVO engines are 22hp, with electric start and centrifugal clutch. Daytona DMAX run Bridgestone YDS tyres paired with Birel N35 chassis, offering one of the most evenly-matched and rewarding driving experiences possible.
Power Maxed Championship teams get 30 minutes of practice to include 10 minutes of qualifying, with up to 30 karts lining up on the grid for a 2.5 hour long endurance race. Teams can enter between 2&4 drivers, and there are both Light and Heavy weight classes.
Jim Graham, Daytona Race Director, explains; "Daytona and Power Maxed are delighted to offer this brand new team endurance series to drivers this year. We know endurance racing is so popular in the UK, and building on the back of our successful TW Steel DMAX Championship and special events such as the Daytona 24 hour and Race of Champions, we can now offer a first class endurance racing experience to drivers on the UK's fastest Arrive&Drive karts."
Adam Weaver, Power Maxed owner and series partner, commented; "The Power Maxed DMAX Team Endurance Championship is an exciting adventure for us as we continue involvement with all levels of Motorsport in the UK, now with go-karting at Daytona through to BTCC and RallyX, with everything in between. Power Maxed racing support the new endurance series with prizes throughout the year courtesy of Power Maxed racing, plus some incredible prizes at the end of the series for the champions".
The Power Maxed DMAX Team Endurance series goes green on 2nd April at Daytona Milton Keynes, with further rounds at Daytona venues on different circuit layouts in June, July and September with best three rounds from four to count towards the championship.
The Light weight class has a minimum driver weight of 75kgs and requires kart and driver to weigh at least 194kgs every time the kart enters the pit lane. Heavy drivers must weigh 90kgs minimum and weigh at least 209kgs every time the kart enters the pit lane.
Entry costs just £475.00 inc VAT per round. Teams and drivers interested in getting on the grid for this exciting new championship should call Championships Coordinator Mark Wimblett on 033 033 278 70 or visit for further details.

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X30 & Honda Cadet Success   (17/03)

Click for larger image...Team Evolution have started 2016 in great form with all of their team drivers achieving various wins podiums and fastest laps.
In the fiercely contested senior X30 category Jay Rudd has at times been in a class of his own, recently winning both wet finals at the last PFI meeting. Rudd also finished 3rd at the previous PFI meeting from p11 showing he has the pace in all conditions to compete at the forefront of this extremely competitive class.
Yuki Ishii also showed great pace in his one off race with the team at the December meeting. In his first senior race Yuki qualified p3 and briefly led the pre final.
Click for larger image...In the Junior X30 category Taylor Bellini has shown great pace with p2 and p4 in quali and a 4th place finish from p9 at the most recent PFI meeting. Ronnie Foster dominated his first Jnr X30 race with an impressive win at Bayford Meadows. Freddie Stacey Simpson has also been on the podium at Buckmore Park and has continued to improve over the winter period. The Grice mounted FA chassis proving its a winning formula.Click for larger image...
Team Evolution have also been dominant in the Honda Cadet class, recently taking a 1-2 with Ollie Greenall and Kristian Brookes respectively, at the O Plate warm up meeting. Brookes also qualified p1 at the recent Buckmore Park race meeting and set fastest laps throughout the day.
The team still have limited drives available for S1, LGM, selected X30 euro races, PFI, Kimbolton, Buckmore Park and Bayford Meadows club events.
For more information on joining this winning formula please visit the new website, email or call Ashley Whitcroft on 07789932134.

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Super One New Title Sponsor   (17/03)

The Super One Series is delighted to announce a partnership with The Awning Company for the 2016 season.  The Awning Company will become the title sponsor to Britain's premier karting championship, the only kart series on short circuit to hold the official British and National Kart Championships. 

Click for larger image...Promoter John Hoyle said: "Our association with The Awning Company is the latest in a long line of prestigious companies associated with our series, bringing mutual benefits for both organisations.  The registrations for the 2016 series has surpassed our expectations and we look forward to a ground breaking year with the return of the MSA British Kart and Junior Kart Championships for the new and exciting OK engines."
The Awning Company offers a wide range of products not only from its well-known range of awnings, but also bespoke free standing structures and the Safeguard range of protective barriers for race circuits.

ary Harthern, The Awning Company's Managing Director said: "The Super One British Karting Championship is a firm favourite in the karting diary and we're immensely proud and excited to be the title sponsor of such an esteemed series.  The Awning Company neé 'GH Awnings', have been providing the karting paddock with high quality, Made In Britain awnings for over 30 years. From weekend enthusiasts with panel vans, campers and small trailers, all the way up to professional race teams with large trailers, we provide wind-out and modular framed awnings to suit all applications. This year we have introduced Safeguard Barriers, which provide crash protection around the race circuit, so we are pleased to say from the paddock to circuit, The Awning Company have you covered. Our continued expansion fits well with 'Super One' and we'll be offering special packages exclusively to Super One competitors, so keep a look out on the website for those. Good Luck to all and have a safe season."

For more information visit and or telephone the Super One Series promoter on 01928 740090 / 07774 646784.

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MSA British Kart Championships   (15/03)

The relaunched MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships will kick off at Whilton Mill on 28-29th May, promoter Super One Series has confirmed.

In a major boost to UK karting, the MSA British Championships will run as non-gearbox classes for the first time in three years. The full three-round calendar is:

28-29 May 2016 - Whilton Mill
16-17 July - Shenington
23-25 September - PF International

Meanwhile the MSA and engine-supplier OTK (Vortex) are delighted to confirm that a formal contract is now in place for the supply of power units in both championships for 2016. Both engine fiches will be made available on the MSA website at in due course. Both engines are in stock and available from the UK importer, Strawberry Racing.

Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive, said: "I'm absolutely delighted that a contract is in place for 2016. We are confident that the relaunched MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships will be very successful, in which case the MSA has every expectation of extending the arrangement with OTK for at least a further two years."

The championship regulations will be made available through the promoter at In addition, Vortex OK class regulations will be available to clubs, again through the MSA website at These class regulations will confirm the minimum class weights as being 142kg and 152kg in the junior and senior classes respectively.

The 2016 MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Champions will be awarded works drives with a Vortex team (Tonykart Racing Team or Kosmic Racing Department) in the 2016 CIK-FIA World Championships in Bahrain (16-19 November). This will be fully funded by OTK, including race entry, race material, mechanic, flights, accommodation and subsistence.

For a factsheet about the 2016 MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships, click here.

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Jonny Edgar Joins Fortec   (11/03)

Fortec Motorsports is pleased to welcome the current British Karting star Jonny Edgar to the Fortec Driver Development Programme. Jonny is the current British open champion and one of the most talented youngsters in the British Karting scene, winning multiple Championships and major international races.
Fortec Motorsport owner, Richard Dutton said; "We look forward to developing Jonny's skills and to prepare Jonny for the future steps in his motorsport career. Our DDP is here to help the young talent to move from karting to cars. We have always helped the young drivers move from karting to cars with great success (RSF drivers) and hope to help more drivers to develop their skills and prepare for the next step in the motorsport ladder through the use of the program."
We would like to wish Jonny all the best of luck as he aims to win his 4th British Open in a row this weekend.

For enquires please contact or

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Representing The United Kingdom   (11/03)

Click for larger image...Callum Bradshaw and Oliver Clarke will represent the UK in this year's CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy, a world championship for karters aged 13 to 15.
Click for larger image...Fourteen-year-old Bradshaw (left) - runner-up in the 2015 Junior X30 international final - returns for a second Trophy campaign, having also been nominated by the MSA in 2015. "Going into this year I feel a lot more confident and determined and would like to thank the MSA for selecting me for the second time," said Bradshaw. "My goal for this year in the Academy is to be on the podium for each race and win the series."
Clarke (right), 13, is the reigning Super One Honda Cadet National Champion and will be tackling the Trophy for the first time. "I am delighted to have been asked to represent the UK in this prestigious championship and thank the MSA for choosing me," he said. "I'm excited to take my racing into Europe at three top-level tracks and compete with the best in the world."
The championship comprises three rounds in France (24 April), Portugal (26 June) and Sweden (4 September). The MSA is paying both drivers' entry fees.

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KKC Is Recruiting   (09/03)

Following continued expansion, KKC the UK's largest Karting sector company is currently seeking to recruit an additional Sales Administrator based at the offices at Whilton Mill, Northamptonshire.

This role will consist of providing key sales administration to the company. Primarily supporting our customer base. Along with telephone sales answering and providing key service through our retail shop portal. Furthermore expanding our sales distribution network.

The selected candidate will have a strong personality - confident, assertive & organised with a high confidential and discreet integrity. Polite, Professional, Approachable with a Strong Customer Service ethic.

Knowledge of Karting products, along with being computer literate within Microsoft applications is a necessity. Previous experience within a sales role would be advantageous.

In return you will receive 21 days holiday per annum with a negotiable salary to meet your experience.

If you feel you have the right assets to fulfil this role in a high paced environment, please send your CV with covering letter only & expected salary to - Gary Rolfe, Sales Director, KKC Kart Components Ltd, Whilton Mill Kart Circuit, Whilton Locks, Daventry, Northants, NN11 2NH.

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RPM's New X30 Team   (04/03)

Due to RPM's recent success in the X30 class, plans for expansion have been made with the introduction of an X30 team. The day to day running of the teams will be undertaken by John Hewitt.
Limited spaces will be available within the team, ranging from awning space, to full arrive and drive packages. Packages can be tailored to suit all budgets. 
The team will be competing at various events including PFI and Whilton Mill Club Meetings, LGM and Super One. 
Please contact John or Matt Hewitt on the following details below to discuss your requirements:
John Hewitt on 07770 921479 or Matt Hewitt on 07711937498.  You can also email

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Fortec Motorsport Karting Team   (04/03)

Fortec Motorsport, the most successful junior car racing team, are entering the karting arena.

Fortec Motorsport has a long history of producing world class drivers competing in Junior Formulas from MSA F4 up to the World Series by Renault. Up until now karting has been the only missing link.

2016 will see the collaboration with U18 World Championship winning team MSport Karting entering the FKS Championship in both junior categories.  This will form part of the young driver's development programme which will also include use of Fortec's new state of the art simulator, leading to a testing programme with the current F4 team.

We are the only company to offer the young driver this complete package with genuine specialists in each field.

Places on this programme are strictly limited and interested drivers should get in contact with us here at Fortec Motorsport to discuss the programme.

For enquires please contact or

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IKR Owner Driver Championship   (03/03)

Round 6 of the IKR Owner Driver Winter Championship takes place on Sunday 13th March (last winter round).
Click for larger image...Here at Lydd Kart Circuit we run practice, timed qualifying, 2 heats and a final for Honda Cadet Clubman, Honda Cadet, IAME Cadet, Junior Subaru, Junior Max, Mini Max, ProKart, Senior Rotax (162), Rotax Max 177.  Bambino grids have practice/qualify, followed by 3 timed runs.
There are several ways to enter the meeting: Completed race entry form by post to the circuit, confirmation over the phone, email & attached completed entry form. Entries taken up to & including race morning (with no late entry fee).
Race entry online via - the deadline for this being Wed 10th of March.
Race meetings see the Honda Cadet Clubman class using fixed gearing 20/72 and all Rotax classes using the Maxxis HG1 tyre - refer to regulations, available on the website.
The Supermax UK Race Series are hosting their own 1st championship round here this weekend, so welcome Simon & competitors from
Clarkekarts Shop is open both Sat 12th open testing/race practice & Sun 13th race day.

Tyres including the Maxxis HG1 can also be purchased at the weekend, subject to availability, or ordered in advance for collection from the circuit.
Café & Clubhouse is open both days for hot food & drink, spectators welcome.
Kart storage is £5 per week and garage space hire is £25 per kart/per day. Transponder hire is £10 per day.

Contact Sue Hart (Club Secretary) on 01797 321747 or 01797 321895, or email You can also visit our website at, find us on Facebook or download our app at
Summer Regulations Update:

Prokart is available for 2 classes, 182's and 200's. Both may run on the same grid. (182's red numbers/white back plate, 200's black numbers/white back plate.)  Both classes will score race day/championship points & receive race day trophies/end of season championship awards.
Junior Subaru Mojo W2 is the only permitted wet tyre (marked CIK/yellow barcode). Popular with all our Rotax classes, the Maxxis HG1 is also the only permitted slick tyre to be used in race meetings for Junior Subaru competitors, having discussed and agreed with drivers this way forward.  'One set of Maxxis HG1's for the 6 round summer series'.
Honda Cadets & Clubman must run with the new exhaust.
Dropped nose cone rule will also apply, however, with a 4 place penalty.

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Exprit Takes Another Win   (01/03)

Click for larger image...Click for larger image...Exprit registered a 1-2 on the road as well as fastest lap for the orange kart at Whilton Mill.

BKC's Callum Bradshaw took Exprit's 3rd victory in 4 weeks at a packed Whilton Mill February meeting.

Fusion Exprit driver Chris Lulham, who posted fastest lap in every race, stormed through from 11th to 2nd on the road, but was later penalised for a dropped nose cone caused by another kart spinning in front of him.  
Join the orange revolution and contact Fusion Motorsport on 07733 011221 or email, or Exprit agents, BKC on 07889 793035. Karts in stock.

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World Champ Winning Compkart   (29/02)

KKC are proud to announce, that with immediate effect, they will become the sole UK & Ireland Importer & Distributor of the Compkart chassis brand and products range.
The Compkart chassis, manufactured via BirelArt of Italy, has been of a dominant force since its release winning several major races and titles. Moreover it successfully dominated the Junior X30 World Championship in 2015, winning this prestigious title.
During this championship, taking place at the French Le Mans Circuit, several differing weather conditions were present and throughout this the chassis was the dominating force, from qualifying in pole position through to winning all of the heats, the pre-final & the inaugural main grand World Championship finale! A feat no other chassis brand has achieved previously in such weather conditions and with such dominating force in the X30 class.
After witnessing this first hand, it was this that made KKC realise that this truly was a chassis with the correct pedigree of manufacturing to become a multi-championship winning brand that KKC are proud to be associated with.
KKC and its in-house race team Vital Motorsport will also become the factory race team of the Compkart brand providing the necessary link for its American Owners J3 Competition and their drivers to develop and race in the UK & Europe.
All enquires relating to the Compkart Chassis, spares and brand or to arrange your test on this latest eye-catching chassis can be directed to Gary Rolfe, Sales Director & Team Principal on 01327 844320 or email

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Easykart UK Championship   Click for larger image...(24/02)

Easykart UK is delighted to announce some superb prizes for drivers competing in the 2016 Easykart UK Championships.

The strength and diversity of the BirelART brand covers many aspects of karting including the company's superb mono brand - the Easykart racing series.

Easykart is unique and illustrates the raw talent of the drivers rather than any difference in a karts performance thanks to the level playing field and quality of the Easykart brand made by BirelART.

Thanks to its association with the company "ART Grand Prix" BirelART has put forward some fantastic prizes for the 2016 Easykart UK Championship.
Easykart Cadet
Easykart UK Champion: Free kart to use in the Easykart World Finals in Castelletto Italy on Oct 7th, 8th, 9th.
1st Place: Simulator experience at AOTech - the subsidiary engineering company of ART Grand Prix - which provides high technology products and services to the car industry, including cutting-edge simulators adapted to both driver training (F4, F.Renault, F3, GP3, GP2, LMP) and R&D engineer teams.
For all registered Easykart Cadet drivers: A free draw to select one driver to receive a Paddock pass for GP3 and GP2 at the 2016 Italian F1 Monza Grand Prix.
Easykart Junior
Easykart UK Champion: Free kart to use in the Easykart World Finals in Castelletto Italy on Oct 7th, 8th, 9th.
The best Easykart Junior driver (at the discretion of Easykart UK) may be selected (must be aged 15 years) for a test day in France with the Formula Renault ART Junior team.
Easykart Lights
Easykart UK Champion: Free kart to use in the Easykart World Finals in Castelletto Italy on Oct 7th, 8th, 9th.
For all registered Easykart Senior drivers: A free prize draw to select one driver to receive a Paddock pass for GP3 and GP2 at the 2016 Italian F1 Monza Grand Prix.
Easykart Masters
Easykart UK Champion: Free kart to use in the Easykart World Finals in Castelletto on Oct 7th,8th,9th.
For all registered Easykart Senior drivers: A free prize draw to select one driver to receive a Paddock pass for GP3 and GP2 at the 2016 Italian F1 Monza Grand Prix.
For more information call Easykart UK 01527 889595 or visit or find us on facebook or the easykart uk YouTube channel.

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Vital Motorsport 2016 Line Up   (23/02)

To cement our continuous commitment to push forward, newly reinforced Whilton Mill based team Vital Motorsport are proud to announce that they will boast a strong driver line up at Club level through to European & World Championship status events in 2016.

The current line up is as follows:
European & World X30
Hugo Bentley Ellis (UK)
Lochie Hughes (AUS)
Dante Yu (USA)
Mathew Armstrong (UK)
David Malukas (USA) - Reigning X30 World Junior Champion (in collaboration with BN Racing)
Gary Edwards (IRL) (in collaboration with BN Racing)
X30 Tour UK
Hugo Bentley Ellis
Ben Wooldridge
Fraser Fenwick
Kiera Scott

UK Club Races
Senior X30

Matthew Armstrong
Hugo Bentley Ellis
Joseph Farragher
Senior Rotax
Savannah Courtney
Junior X30
Ben Wooldridge
Thomas Byrne
Fraser Fenwick
Kiera Scott
Shay Stevens
Mini Max
Piers Henderson
Theo Edgerton
Iame Cadet
Joshua Green
For further information on the remaining drives available for the World, Euro, LGM and Club races please contact Team Principal Gary Rolfe on 01327 844320.

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Exprit Takes X30 Victories   (22/02)

Click for larger image...The all new Exprit chassis by OTK took victories at two of the biggest X30 meetings of the year, with BKC's Callum Bradshaw changing to the kart for the PF Winter Series Round 3 winning the final, whilst Exprit main agents Fusion Motorsport took victory with their driver Chris Lulham at the second round of the HKRC Championship at Kimbolton.
The 2016 Exprit Noesis in striking bright orange is in stock and available from Fusion Motorsport.
Contact Dan Hazlewood on 07733 011221 or email for further information.

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Trackside Support Success   (22/02)

Grice Racing's unique initiative in having Dean Panrucker manage trackside support is proving to be highly successful, and Dean's long experience and pedigree as a team manager and mechanic is helping many drivers get to the front of the field.
This will of course continue as the season starts properly in Super One, Little Green Man and club meetings.
We've found yet more X30 pace so talk to us now to book your engine in to be rebuilt to our exacting standards.
We have over 30 years experience in virtually every class in karting, and we concentrate entirely on engine preparation, constantly investing in new resources to give you the best. We have a state-of-the-art dyno and rolling road where we investigate every new part when it becomes available, one reason why in X30 we've been at the front since the launch of the class.
Our normal rebuilds costs apply now our winter special offer has ended, but keep an eye out for our next offer.
Full build - £355 + VAT
Dyno testing - £90 + VAT
Preparation and full strip - £200 + VAT
For more details please contact Tom Grice on 07707 298774, Dean Panrucker on 07581 793552, or the Workshop on 01268 727847.

You can also visit our website at

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Winter Cup Win For Coles   Click for larger image...(19/02)

Click for larger image...Junior Max driver Adam Smalley made his European debut at the 2016 Winter Cup, Valencia. Adam took the field by storm, taking his maiden pole position in timed qualifying. Adam battled hard through three heats and the pre-final, lining him up 7th on the grid for the final. After a brilliant start Adam shot into 3rd position, constantly changing with the front pack. 12 gruelling laps had past and Adam came out on top in his first European Euromax race.
Senior Max saw Josh White have a very strong weekend, starting P7 in all his heats Josh came away with a 1st, 2nd & 3rd lining him up P2 for the Pre Final. Things didn't quite go Josh's way in the Pre Final finishing 5th position, but this meant Josh started the final on the inside of row 3. Josh got off to a flying start slotting into 3rd place and instantly challenging for the lead, he battled hard but didn't quite have the edge on his rivals, finishing in a strong 3rd place on the podium.Click for larger image...
Coles Racing want to thank and congratulate all their drivers Tom Croydon, Stephanie Le Vesconte, Josh White and Adam Smalley for a brilliant weekend in Spain.
Contact Adrian Coles at Coles Racing on 07867 301401 or email

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Super One Series   (19/02)

Click for larger image...The 2016 Super One entry forms along with tyre and ancillary equipment order forms are now online here.
Please note these packs are only available on-line this year as a download and will not be posted out.  Please read the letter at the front of the pack carefully and remember in most classes the last three round entries must be made by 26th March (not in X30 or KZ1).  School children will also need to show their letter of permission from their school.
The facility to enter online on the Super One website will be available soon, on and Guest Drivers will also be able to make use of that facility.

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Msport At Kimbolton   (19/02)

Click for larger image...Click for larger image...Another strong result at Kimbolton last weekend. Oliver Clarke showed great pace all weekend finally starting the final in 16th place after a nose cone penalty. He came through to challenge for 3rd until a coming together knocked him back to 6th at the finish, trading fastest laps all through the final.
Now on to PFI for some half-term testing.

If you are wondering where your speed has gone... get in touch to arrange a test.

Contact us via email at

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MSA Jnr/Snr Championships   (19/02)

Click for larger image...The Motor Sports Association (MSA) can reveal further details about the revamped 2016 MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships, which will be promoted by Super One Series and run over three rounds.
Following negotiations, the MSA can confirm that Vortex (OTK) will supply the CIK-homologated DDJ engine for the returning MSA British Junior Kart Championship (CIK OKJ class). Meanwhile the DDS engine (also CIK-homologated) will be used in the MSA British Senior Kart Championship (CIK OK class).
It can also be revealed that the Junior championship will run Vega's CIK-homologated XH (option) tyre, while the Senior championship will feature the XM (prime) tyre (also CIK-homologated). The wet tyre for both championships will be the CIK-homologated Vega W5. These will also be used internationally as the selected tyres for this year's CIK-FIA OKJ and OK championships.
In a further exciting development, there will be a special prize for the MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Champions: Works drives with a Vortex team (Tonykart Racing Team or Kosmic Racing Department) in the 2016 CIK-FIA World Championships in Bahrain (16-19 November). This will be fully funded by OTK, including race entry, race material, mechanic, flights, accommodation and subsistence.
Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive, said: "These are some of the most exciting developments in UK karting for many years. For the first time since 2012 we will have non-gearbox MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships, both running with engines and tyres that will help control costs while ensuring great racing. What's more, the prize package presents the opportunity to create both MSA British and CIK-FIA World Champions in the space of just four race meetings."
John Hoyle, Super One promoter, added: "This decision will put a structure in place for the resumption of a popular MSA British Kart Championship series once again in the UK. All the feedback from teams and drivers points towards the OK engines being a hugely exciting challenge, and probably faster than the KF class. We just can't wait to see them in action at our British circuits."
Super One Series will confirm the championship dates and venues shortly.
- Sealed boxes from the factory and supplied through the appointed UK importer, Strawberry Racing
- As homologated by the CIK-FIA, with additional controls including further markings for component identification, to limit tuning
- Control exhaust and control carburettor (CIK-homologated Tillotson)
- Set retail price (complete with exhaust and carburettor): £1,745+VAT (Junior) and £1,895+VAT (Senior)
- Option for those contesting all three rounds to hire an engine at a special cost of £350+VAT per meeting (Junior and Senior)
- Alternative option to hire engines on a one-off basis for £500+VAT.
- Maximum retail price for a full set of slicks: £127+VAT (Junior) and £132+VAT (Senior)
- Maximum retail price for a full set of wets: £139.95+VAT (Junior and Senior).
Class regulation details:
- Based on CIK-FIA technical regulations, with added MSA variations
- To accommodate a broader spectrum of competitors, the CIK-FIA minimum class weights will be increased by at least 2kg (142kg-plus) in the Junior Championship and 5kg (150kg-plus) in the Senior Championship. The precise increases will be confirmed in due course, depending on feedback from entries
- These class regulations used by the MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships may also be adopted by kart clubs.
- Strawberry Racing:
- ACR Limited:
- Super One Series:
- MSA:

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4Gadgets London Cup 2016   (16/02)

Motorsport World are pleased to announce the "4Gadgets London Cup 2016", including television deal!
After lengthy discussion and negotiation, Mostorsport World are delighted to confirm that the London Cup 2016 at Rye House will be filmed and televised on Motors TV.

Locally based communications group have taken the opportunity to associate themselves with this poplular annual event and fund the project.

"Having worked at Rye House as a teenager and subsequently raced there many times, myself and my business associates are extremely pleased to be able to offer our support to such a prestigious event as well as being excited by the branding opportunities that arise from it" said Steve Healy of, adding "We would like to take this opportunity to wish all drivers and teams a successful 2016 season!"

Chris Hartley Media, who's production team were responsible for the superb 2014 coverage, have been commissioned to oversee the filming and production for the event's TV coverage.

Chris Hartley expressed his delight to be returning to Rye House, saying "The 4Gadgets London Cup is our second featured meeting in 2016 and we're looking forward to teaming up with HKC, Rye House and 4Gadgets to produce the piece."
An elated Ryan Musk from Motorsport World and Book It Now Ltd said "We are delighted to have been able to facilitate this deal on behalf of the Club. It's fantastic news and should really help elevate HKC's status for 2016. There's still plenty of work to do though and we urge all drivers and teams to continue to 'Talk, Talk, Talk, Share, Share, Share', let's make this event as big as we can!"

For more information contact Motorsport World on telephone 01992 460895.

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Super One Comes To Fulbeck   (16/02)

After an absence of a number of years Lincs Kart Racing Club are once again hosting a round of Super One on 9th & 10th of July!

The club race is the 4th weekend (entries for the Feb meeting will remain open until Tuesday 23rd) with an open practice and non-MSA meeting on the 3rd weekend.

Friday March 25th and Friday May 20th are open test days. Other open test days are planned - watch our website/UK Karting for details. All MSA classes are welcome and with three heats and a final guaranteed all for at just £40.00 (for members), can you afford not to enter?

LKRC would like to thank Strawberry Racing for their kind decision to sponsor both monthly meetings by providing 3x £50.00 vouchers per race weekend.

The track is also available for private hire.

For more information please contact Julie on 0844 8000622 or visit our website at

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Honda Cadet 'O' Plate Entries   (10/02)

Entries have now opened for the ABkC 'O' Plate Honda Cadet meeting at Bayford Meadows on 24th April 2016.

To enter please visit to secure a place on the grid for what promises to be the highlight of the Honda Cadet racers' year.

The kart trade have been very generous in their support of this meeting with prizes pledged from Dartford Karting, RPM, Strawberry, Project One, JKH, GMS, Ambition, BRK, .UFO, Pro Kart Engineering, CER, Evolution, Kart Parts UK, Synergy, Zip, KKC, PFi and Tillet seats.

As well as the race for the prestigious 'O' Plate this mini festival of Honda Cadet racing will feature a large separate grid for the popular Honda Clubman class. Additional awards and prizes will make this a meeting not be to missed.

For further details please email

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Kent Kart Championship 2016   (10/02)

Click for larger image...Since its launch in 2012 the Kent Kart Championship has grown increasingly popular with South Eastern based teams and drivers.  The joint venture between Buckmore Park Kart Club and Bayford Meadows Kart Racing Club will continue in 2016. The six round two circuit series will be open to the following classes: Honda Cadet, Honda Clubman, Mini Max, Junior Rotax, Senior Rotax (inc 177), X30 Juniors and Seniors. The opening round will be in March at the Bayford Meadows meeting on the 27th.

There will be no championship registration fee just the usual race entry fees. Drivers will score points in each meeting towards the usual club championship and also towards the Kent Kart Championship (points are scored in the finals only).

This championship is a welcome opportunity for drivers to compete at more than one circuit avoiding the costs associated with racing in a national championship.

As in previous years a generous prize fund will be on offer for each class. For further details about the series please contact Sheila via or Ian Ward via

The dates and venues for each round of this year's championship are as follows...

Round 1 -  27th March - Bayford Meadow

Round 2 - 17th April -Buckmore Park
Round 3 - 22nd May - Bayford Meadow
Round 4 - 17th July - Buckmore Park
Round 5 - 28th August - Bayford Meadow
Round 6 - 18th September - Buckmore Park

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Ellough Park Kart Club   (09/02)

Click for larger image...The second round of the Ellough Park Kart Club takes place on Saturday 20th February on the newly resurfaced and reconfigured Ellough Park Race Circuit, East Anglia's only British Championship venue.

EPKC already hosts grids for Honda Cadet, Minimax, Junior Rotax, Junior X30, Senior X30, Senior Rotax and Senior Rotax 177 but we welcome all other classes to come along and compete. Lap Records are bound to continue to tumble as drivers get used to the new circuit so why not come along and attempt to put your name on top of the leaderboard?
Ellough Park's renovations are continuing in 2016 with nine more 5m x 6m garages being built to hire and the installation of a large LED scoreboard to display live timing.

Each class will be receive practice, 10 minute timed qualifying, two 10 lap Heats and a 14 lap Final.

Race entry fees remain frozen for 2016 with member price £45 and non-members £55. Season membership is just £30. Entries must be made with the circuit by 4pm on Monday 15th February otherwise a £10 late entry fee applies. Entries can be paid via our online booking system.

For full details about the EPKC please visit or call 01502 717718.

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IKR Owner Driver Championship   (08/02)

Here at Lydd Kart Circuit we run practice, timed qualifying, 2 heats and a final for Honda Cadet Clubman, Honda Cadet, IAME Cadet, Junior Subaru, Junior Max, Mini Max, ProKart, Senior Rotax (162), Rotax Max 177.  Bambino grids have practice/qualify, followed by 3 timed runs.
There are several ways to enter the meeting. Completed race entry form by post to the circuit, confirmation of race entry over the phone, email with attached completed race entry form (note that race entries are taken up to and including Sunday race morning - with no late entry fee!), or enter via trakentries from our website, the deadline via trakentries being Wed 10th of February.
Race meetings see the Honda Cadet Clubman class using fixed gearing 20/72 and all Rotax classes using the Maxxis HG1 tyre - refer to regulations, available on the website.
Click for larger image...Clarke Karts Shop is open both Sat 13th open testing/practice & Sun 14th race day.

Tyres including the Maxxis HG1 can also be purchased at the weekend or ordered in advance.
Cafe & Clubhouse is open both days for hot food & drink, spectators welcome.
Kart storage is £5 per week and garage space hire is £25 per kart/per day. Transponder hire is £10 per day.
Contact Sue Hart (Club Secretary) on 01797 321747 or 01797 321895, or email

You can also visit our website at, find us on Facebook or download our app at

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Steve Armstrong Joins KKC   (05/02)

Stop Press - Steve Armstrong joins KKC & the Vital Motorsport Race Team!

KKC would like to announce and welcome Steve Armstrong, former Team Manager of the RL Race Department, to the company. Steve brings with him a wealth of experience after winning multiple championships over the past 8 years, including:

- British Championships in 2008, 2009 & 2014,
- British Open Championship 2011,
- European Championship title in 2008
- FKS Championship in 2012,
- International Open Championship 2010
- Vice British Champions 2009, 2010 & 2012
- Vice World Champions in 2008

In addition to these titles, Steve also managed the Karting career of Max Chilton before he moved onto his successful motorsport career culminating in 2 years of F1 and now a full Indy car drive for 2016.

With the immediate appointment of Steve to the KKC and Vital Motorsport Team, his primary role will be to head up the Vital Motorsport Race Team in Major UK & International Races working alongside Jamie Allen's British & European Championship winning experience, further strengthening our race team division with professionalism, experience and expertise at the highest level.

All enquiries regarding this press release are to be directed to Team Principal & Sales Director Gary Rolfe on 01327 844320 or email

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Edgar Opts For Coles Racing   (03/02)

Click for larger image...Young Jonny Edgar has chosen Coles Racing in a bid for the Rotax MiniMax British Super One title!

Coles Racing are delighted to have Jonny as part of the team, following on from a highly successful few seasons in Iame Cadet. This past weekend at PFI Jonny stepped into the MiniMax kart for the very first time, taking to the track with his new team. Practice went well with Jonny communicating with his mechanic and team bosses very well to get the optimum set up. Come Sunday morning it was time for Timed Qualifying where Jonny just missed out on pole position by just 2 hundredths of a second after being impeded on his flying lap!

In the Pre-Final Jonny finished in 3rd place in some tricky conditions as the heavens opened while the drivers were out on slicks. Starting 3rd for the Grand Final Jonny swiftly made his move for the lead, trading places for a few laps before making a clever move on the exit of the bridge creating a big gap. Jonny was able to manage the situation and extend his lead to over 6seconds.

Off the back of his victory Jonny said "I am really pleased to finally announce I'm joining Coles Racing in the Mini Max category for the 2016 racing season, this will include competing for the British Title in the Super One Series. It is great to be involved with such a hard working dedicated team and to have such friendly team mates. Let's hope the whole team can achieve the results they deserve this year."

For more information on Coles Racing and how they can help your season email Adrian Coles at or call 07867 301401.

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Coles Continue Their Flying Form   (03/02)

Click for larger image...Click for larger image...Coles Racing continues their flying form at the PFI meeting on 30/31st January.

In Junior X30 Oliver York was in fine form, despite the odds being against him. Oliver's spark plug failed in timed practice meaning he had to start the Pre Final at the back of the grid. In Pre Final B Oliver came through the field to finish in a strong 9th place, booking himself a place in the grand final on row 9 (grid 18).

In extremely wet conditions Oliver carved his way through the field to 2nd place, setting fastest lap and closing very rapidly on the race leader!

Senior X30 saw Scott Mackrell continue his great form in the X30 class, qualifying in 2nd place in timed practice. Scott went on to take a convincing victory in Pre Final B meaning Scott then lined up on the outside of the front row for the grand final. Following a difficult first lap Scott dropped almost 3 seconds behind the race leader, eventually making his way into 2nd place and charging towards the man out front, closing the gap to 1 second but running out of laps!

Click for larger image...Click for larger image...All this is off the back of some brilliant performances in X30...

Tyler Chesterton qualified on Pole position in Junior X30 at the December meeting, finishing 3rd and 5th place in the finals and setting the event record. While the Coles Racing Senior X30 drivers have finished on the podium in every X30 race they have competed in! Josh White took a solid 2nd place in the November meeting at Whilton Mill, while Scott Mackrell also finished 2nd at the December PFI race meeting before receiving a 10 second penalty due to a technical infringement with the new CIK-FIA drop down bumpers.

The Coles Racing X30 team will be kitted out with a brand new box van and a linear awning, big enough to fit 6 drivers with ease. The team also have the luxury of owning all their own X30 equipment, 4 Junior and 4 Senior X30 engine packages. Spaces are still available but places in the team are limited. Feel free to contact team owner Adrian Coles if you are interested in joining the team.

Email or phone 07867 301401.

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Paul Fletcher Honoured By MSA   (02/02)

Click for larger image...The MSA have awarded Paul Fletcher the prestigious Sir Malcolm Campbell Memorial Trophy in recognition of his services to Karting.  Paul was presented with his trophy at the MSA's star-studded ceremony, the Night of Champions, which took place in London over the weekend.

Trent Valley Kart Club would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Paul on being presented with such a respected award for his continuing dedication to the sport of Karting.

Over 20 years ago, Paul Fletcher's plan to have his own karting track came to fruition!  PF International - in the heart of the Lincolnshire countryside at Brandon, Grantham.  The plan was to provide a modern facility and a brand new kart circuit.

So in 1994, the 1080 metre circuit, while not of 'Tilke' design, did embrace all things good about a traditional UK Kart Circuit.  It had slow, fast and medium corners, some decent straights, hairpins and good 'run off areas'. Added to that there were fantastic 'parc ferme' and 'dummy grid' areas.

Off track was probably one of the most stunning paddocks in any kart facility in the World.  Fully tarmacked and capable of housing 160 competitors in the main area and a further 160 in the rear paddock. Also to complement this was a modern building complex housing bar, restaurant, toilets, showers and garage facilities.

The vision Paul Fletcher had was to create the best karting facility in the UK and provide racing for 'club' drivers on a purpose built kart track - hence the need to create a kart club capable of organising and promoting events at the venue - Trent Valley Kart Club (TVKC) was born.

Soon into its history the Panorama viewing room was built, also providing a double covered dummy grid area, and an onsite Retail Shop (JM), the premises were soon becoming an established 'icon' in UK Karting.

As the years have gone by Paul Fletchers dreams became reality but driven by the ambition of TVKC, the plan was to reach out to Europe and the World of karting and showcase the great facility that is PFi.

2010 was the breakthrough year when the CIK-FIA granted the first such sanctioned event in the UK for over 45 years! It was only a European Qualifier - but - it ignited a brilliant 5 years of International karting at PFi.

The momentum was, and is still rolling, the highlight of which was in 2011 when a £1.3 million extension to the circuit (including a unique 'flyover'!) made it the longest in the UK at 1382 metres, this allowed the CIK-FIA (along with support from the MSA) to apply for an International 'A' Grade licence - this was duly granted and PFi, at that time, became one of only 9 such Kart circuits in the World!   CIK-FIA events kept coming to PFi, the culmination being a World Championship Round in 2013 - World acclaim for the venue and also World acclaim for TVKC as they were honoured to receive the 2015 award from the CIK-FIA for the best organised event of the year.The impetus is still never ending, electricity to every pit bay in the paddock (free of charge courtesy of TVKC), ever improving off-track facilities, a massive 'big screen' worthy of any motor sport facility in the World, ongoing circuit lighting and safety area enhancements. With the never faltering ambition and drive of Paul Fletcher & TVKC the PFi Kart Circuit will forever evolve as one of the very best karting facilities in the World.

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British Champions Crowned   (01/02)

Click for larger image...Formula 1 legend John Surtees CBE and FIA Deputy President (Sport) Graham Stoker crowned the 2015 MSA British Champions during the Night of Champions ceremony in London on Saturday (30 January).

MSA Chairman, Alan Gow, welcomed the winners of UK motor sport's most prestigious titles for the annual awards evening. They were joined by a series of special award winners, each recognised for outstanding achievement.

FIA President Jean Todt could not attend on this occasion but sent a video message in which he highlighted the strength of grassroots motor sports in the UK and called for a round of applause in recognition of volunteers' hard work and dedication to the sport.

Before presenting awards, Stoker also praised the UK's standing within world motor sports and paid tribute to the competitors, clubs, marshals, officials and other award winners whose successes were honoured on the night. Fresh from being made a CBE, Surtees, the only world champion on two wheels and four, returned for a second successive year to entertain the guests and hand out trophies.

Steve Rider returned as Master of Ceremonies and was once again joined by colleague Louise Goodman.

Alan Gow, MSA Chairman, said: "On behalf of the MSA I would like to congratulate all the 2015 MSA British Champions and special award winners who were crowned during our Night of Champions last Saturday night. Once again this prestigious event underlined the incredible breadth and depth of UK motor sport as well as the matchless calibre of all our volunteers, marshals and officials. Thank you also to John Surtees CBE and Graham Stoker for presenting the silverware. And to all those who attended, our best wishes for a very safe and successful 2016."

The Champions honoured on the night were:
MSA British Cadet Kart Championship: Dexter Patteron
MSA British Short Circuit Kart Championship: Henry Easthope
MSA British Long Circuit Kart Championship: Gavin Bennett
MSA British Autotest Championship: Alastair Moffatt
MSA British Car Trial Championship: Mark Hoppe
MSA British Sporting Trials Championship: Roland Uglow
MSA British Drag Racing Championship: Kevin Slyfield
MSA British Sprint Championship: Colin Calder
MSA British Hill Climb Championship: Alex Summers
MSA British Rallycross Championship: Julian Godfrey
MSA British Cross Country Championship: Mike Moran and Tony Coid
MSA British Historic Rally Championship: Jason Pritchard and Phil Clarke
MSA British Endurance Championship: Calum Lockie and David Mason OBE
British GT Championship: Andrew Howard and Jonny Adam
MSA Formula - Certified by FIA, powered by Ford EcoBoost: Lando Norris
MSA British Touring Car Championship Manufacturer: Honda
MSA British Touring Car Championship: Gordon Shedden

There was also a series of special awards:
JLT MSA Club of the Year: South Hams Motor Club
JLT MSA Volunteer of the Year - Marshal: Godfrey Evans
JLT MSA Volunteer of the Year - Clerks & Stewards: Graham Battersby
JLT MSA Volunteer of the Year - Overall: David Barlow
FIA Outstanding Official: Adrian Fawdington
Renault MSA Young Journalist of the Year: Scott Mitchell
Renault MSA Young Photographer of the Year: Jayson Fong
RSF MSA Young Driver of the Year: Ben Tuck
Sir Malcolm Campbell Memorial Trophy: Paul Fletcher
BWRDC Lord Wakefield Trophy: Leena Gade

For details of all the award winners, please click here.

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Logan Hannah Joins YRDA   (22/01)

Click for larger image...The professional motorsport ambitions of talented 14 year old kart racer Logan Hannah has been given a significant boost after being selected to join the Young Racing Driver's Academy (YRDA) in only her second full season of kart racing.

In 2013, British born, Dubai based schoolgirl Logan qualified to represent the UAE in the SWS World Junior Cup Karting Finals at Le Mans, France (1 of only 3 girls in the top 20 SWS Junior Kart drivers in the World), and she is currently competing in the Rotax Max Challenge in the United Arab Emirates, driving for the Sodi Middle East Team.

The invitation to join the YRDA builds upon her recent commendation in the hotly contested 2015 Karting Magazine Awards as a contender for Female Driver of the Year. Logan is currently preparing to compete in this weekend's prestigious international Dubai 'O' Plate race meeting.

Logan became the first UAE based driver to be selected for a place on the prestigious and much sought after programme following a meeting with Arden's CEO, Jamie Horner, during the team's GP2 / GP 3 winter testing session at the Yas Marina F1 circuit in Abu Dhabi last December.

Click for larger image...Jamie Horner Director of TBOS and Founder of the YRDA said "We are delighted that Logan has joined the YRDA. Already in her short career she has displayed the key attributes that we look for in up and coming drivers that we invite to join our programme. We are looking forward to working with her and being a part of her motorsport journey going forward."

As part of the YRDA programme, Logan will receive dedicated on track and off track support to nurture, support and encourage her development as she pursues her dream of becoming a professional racing driver. The programme allows her to participate in a bespoke driver development programme including physical training, dietary advice, simulator sessions, one to one mentoring, media training, sports psychology, race preparation, team dynamics, driver coaching, and individual performance testing and also an opportunity to take part in single-seater testing.

The Young Racing Driver Academy (YRDA) was launched in the UK in 2013 by leading sports management consultancy, The Business of Sport (TBOS), in association with multiple formula racing team, Arden International.

YRDA is a motorsport academy that is focused on identifying, mentoring and coaching young racing driver talent and providing a pathway from karting into single-seater racing. YRDA delivers a specialist programme and provides tailored mentoring, marketing and management support to young racing drivers.

YRDA and its programme partners possess wide-ranging expertise and experience across the business of motorsport and are perfectly placed to encourage and assist a young racing driver in maximising his or her on and off track potential. YRDA's aim is to identify talented young racing drivers and provide opportunities for those individuals to develop the necessary range of skills, knowledge and level of confidence to fully prepare them to compete to the best of their ability in their chosen feeder series and move towards their ultimate goal of racing in F1 or other categories of professional motorsport.

You can follow Logan on Facebook at

Photographs courtesy of Paul Velasco - Dubai Autodrome & Darren Rycroft, Dubai -

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AzTech's LGM & TVKC Assault  (20/01)

Click for larger image...This season AzTech Motorsport will be entering the LGM series and TVKC (PF) championship. We would like to recruit motivated drivers in Cadets, Juniors and Seniors to our small focused works team, with the opportunity for subsidised drives in our Lenzo Luxor chassis.
The team is run by two masters qualified vehicle dynamics engineers with over 20 years of experience in karting and Formula 3, ensuring all of AzTech's products and services have uncompromised levels of precision and quality.
If you are interested in this opportunity contact James on 07801 258532 or

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McNish Supports Race 'n' Respect   (20/01)

Sportscar legend and ex-F1 racer Allan McNish joined the MSA at Autosport International (16 January) to extend the Race 'n' Respect campaign across all karting, junior circuit racing and junior drag racing, and to present awards to Bambino karters.

Race 'n' Respect is a code of conduct designed to create a positive atmosphere in motor sports, on and off the track. It was trialled last year in the MSA Bambino and MSA British Cadet Kart Championships, with great success. It will also now be adopted by the National Karting Association (NKA), which represents indoor venues and 'arrive-and-drive' karting - a popular entry route into the sport for many competitors.

The campaign is underpinned by the Racing Code that applies not only to competitors but also to officials, organisers, parents, guardians and teams. It is based on strong values:
- Respect
- Fair play
- Self-control
- Good manners
- Sincerity

McNish, a three-time winner of the Le Mans 24 Hours and the 2013 FIA WEC World Champion, said: "I first launched Race 'n' Respect in Bambino and Cadet karting at Autosport International 12 months ago, and for it to be so successful and expanded across all karting and into junior circuit and drag racing is a really important step. I am sure drivers and teams all realise from an early age that racing is not just about winning - it's also a fun and social family sport for so many competitors. That's what Race 'n' Respect promotes and it's why I'm right behind the campaign."

McNish and MSA Chief Executive Rob Jones also took the opportunity to present awards to the top 10 competitors in last year's inaugural MSA Bambino Kart Championship. The champion, Taylor Orridge, was thrilled to win a brand new IAME-engined Cadet kart, donated by the MSA and displayed on the MSA stand during Autosport International.

"I'm sure that there are some future stars among the current crop of Bambino competitors," said McNish. "They should all be very proud of their achievements, but most of all as well as racing hard they enjoyed their racing season. I just wish I could be their age again, starting out with a world of possibilities ahead!"

Further information can be found on the MSA website at

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Msport Race Team Package   Click for larger image...(18/01)

Click for larger image...Celebrating our change to the new World Champion CRG Chassis, Msport karting are offering a team package including the latest KT2 Chassis and either XP tuned X30 or Ogden tuned rotax engines.

We can tailor this package to suit all classes and you can be sure of superb preparation of your race kart.

The offer of £650 per race weekend includes hire of the complete kart/engine  and Team fee/Awning space for Saturday and Sunday.  Places on this package are limited so please get in contact to secure your place.

Click for larger image...We will be racing at PFI, Kimbolton, Shenington, Whilton Mill, Little Rissington and Forest Edge.
For more info call 01327 842778, or email or

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MSA Selects Engine & Tyres   (18/01)

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is pleased to confirm that it has entered into negotiations with Vortex (OTK) and Vega as the preferred suppliers of engines and tyres for the 2016 MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships.

The move follows an open tender process that the MSA launched last December. The chosen Vortex engine is the newly homologated CIK-FIA OK unit. The Vega tyre is also homologated, and coincidentally has also succeeded in the tender process for the CIK-FIA championships.

The MSA has always specified CIK-homologated engines for the MSA British Championships, so that when the KF engines proved unsuccessful, the MSA British Junior Championship was suspended, while the British Senior Championship continued with the KZ1 engine.

These decisions mean that the MSA British Junior and Senior Kart Championships will now run in 2016 with the latest CIK-homologated engines. There will also be a new MSA Championship this year for KZ1 and the existing Bridgestone tyre.

Cheryl Lynch, MSA Race, Speed & Kart Executive, said: "There is no doubt that the MSA British Championships have suffered from the lack of a suitable CIK-homologated engine. However the fact that we now have a new homologated engine will rejuvenate the MSA British Championships and UK karting as a whole."

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CIK-FIA European Championships   (18/01)

Thanks to the high financial contributions obtained by the CIK-FIA for the various tenders concerning the 2016 season, WSK Promotion is able to offer significant rewards to those drivers classified among the first 15 in the Championship ranking of the four CIK-FIA European Championships, providing that those drivers will also participate in the CIK-FIA World Championships or the CIK-FIA International Super Cup for KZ2.

Depending on the category in which he or she enters, there will be cash bonuses of EUR 1000 each in OK and OK-Junior and EUR 750 each in KZ and KZ2.

This allocation represen ts a redistribution of the sponsorship money of EUR 52500 excluding tax granted by WSK Promotion.

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HKC Sponsorship Offer Rotax   (15/01)

Rye House has always held the Rotax classes close to heart, John Huff ex "Deavinsons" and now "Motorsportworld" remembers fondly the introduction of the 125cc classes at Rye House through both the MSA meetings and the "endurance" formats set up by Matthew Norman (of Deavinsons). Ryan Musk also campaigned in the class for numerous years, winning multiple club championships at Rye. Rye house have also had recent involvement with the D-Max Champs.
Enthused by the positive feedback from an initial sponsorship/prize offer, John and co-director of "B.I.N. Kart Team Management Systems Ltd.", Ryan Musk have offered to double up their financial support to the club's February round and now...
The first 5 Snr Rotax  finishers* will get their race entry back! Sponsored by Ryan Musk of "B.I.N. Kart Team Management Systems Ltd."
The first 5 177 Rotax  finishers* will get their race entry back! Sponsored by John Huff of "B.I.N. Kart Team Management Systems Ltd."
* - Recipients will have shown their support to the club and be club members for 2016.
HKC will release a plan of action for the 2016 season prior to the first race & can assure the drivers there will be a huge amount of effort put into this years racing!

For more information and to enter online visit or call 01992 460895.

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The IAME Winter Cup   (15/01)

With LGM X30 Tour on the horizon, the Hoddesdon Kart Club invites all IAME / X30 drivers to the "IAME Winter Cup" at Rye House Kart Raceway on 21st February 2016.
With great prizes at stake and some cracking offers to twist your arm, the club and its associates aim to restore MSA racing at Rye to its former position as London & the South East's best venue and club meeting.
The "IAME Winter Cup" will run concurrently with  the first round of the HKC season and with the Club having already secured  more investment into the race track, more organisation and television coverage (details tba) throughout the season,  who's to say IAME's won't want to race at Rye more often?
As the starting block for many drivers, coaches and teams, the historic Rye House Kart Raceway still to proves a tough challenge producing great racing.
The "IAME Winter Cup" set up in conjunction with James Mills - IAME UK agent, will make a fantastic shakedown for those drivers already entered into the LGM series!
Local businesses are also keen to promote "HKC 2016" allowing a helpful "prize" fund to get the first race of the season on track!
The first 5 IAME cadet finishers will get their race entry back! Sponsored by John Huff of "B.I.N. Kart Team Management Systems Ltd."
The first 5 Jnr X30 finishers will get their race entry back! Sponsored by Ryan Musk of "B.I.N. Kart Team Management Systems Ltd."
HKC will release a plan of action for the 2016 season prior to the first race & can assure the drivers there will be a huge amount of effort put into this years racing!
Book Now! You can enter online at or contact the Competition Secretary at Rye House on 01992 460895.

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Dare To Be Different   (15/01)

Susie Wolff and the Motor Sports Association - governing body of UK motorsport - have joined forces to launch Dare To Be Different, a high-profile new initiative that will inspire, connect and celebrate women who work in every aspect of motor sport.

Dare To Be Different is about increasing female participation, not just on the track but in all aspects of the sport and other perceived male-dominated industries. It will achieve this in two key areas - creating an expansive online community, and bringing young girls (aged 8-14) together with some of the sports' most inspiring women in a series of special events.

Dare To Be Different is not preoccupied with finding the next female F1 driver - it is about inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds to break the mould and shatter perceptions. In the coming months, a fully integrated online community will be formed across our all-new website and social channels, bringing together girls and women from all over the UK who share a passion and desire to get involved in motor racing.

Susie Wolff said: "Our main aim with Dare To Be Different is to Drive Female Talent. This is an ambitious and long-term project that will build an online community of women from all over the world. It will connect them through a shared passion and empower them to become the next wave of role models, whilst also providing access to some of the most successful female names in the sport.

"Our UK events for young girls will boost awareness and demonstrate the varied and exciting areas of the sport - showing that they too can dare to be different.

"I'm proud to launch today and must thank my team and our ambassadors for their invaluable contribution and dedication to the project."

The Dare To Be Different network will bring women in motor sport together in an unprecedented way, with members benefitting from direct access to their peers, colleagues and even their idols for information, advice and inspiration.

There will be networking events exclusively for Dare To Be Different Community members, bringing aspiring girls and women face to face with our Ambassadors. In addition there will be giveaways, competitions and other benefits.

Set up as a non-profit organisation and access to the community is £25 per year. As the initiative grows, so too will the benefits to its members. For more information on the community, visit

In its first year, Dare To Be Different will aim to inspire the next generation with five free special events across the UK:

13 April, Daytona Sandown Park, Surrey
5 May, Nutts Corner, Crumlin, Northern Ireland
24-26 June, The Sports Show at the NEC, Birmingham
25 August, Knockhill Circuit, Fife, Scotland
15 September, Daytona Manchester, Manchester
(All dates are provisional and subject to change)

These events will offer a money-can't-buy experience to girls, and will be open to school groups as well as passionate individuals. Girls aged 8-14 will be getting tips from some of the top female racers in the world - Susie will be at every event along with an incredible team of ambassadors including current racer Alice Powell to inspire the racing spirit. The Williams F1 show car will be there for the girls to get up close and snap a selfie with, but it's not just the driving that Dare To Be Different is here to promote.

The girls will be checking out life on the other side of the camera, as Sky Sports will be bringing a crew to showcase the opportunities in the media that come with a life in racing, plus renowned presenter Rachel Brookes will attend several events to give insider tips from the F1 media centre.

In partnership with STEM, there will be activities that focus on the engineering side of racing, while the girls will also get to hear about the nutrition and fitness regimes needed to get racers to the top of their game. The events are going to be special, and start some of the next generation down the path to a career in motor sport.

The Dare To Be Different Ambassadors will play a crucial role in Driving Female Talent, and some of the most high-profile names in racing are already confirmed. Claire Williams, Deputy Team Principal of Williams Martini Racing, Sky Sports' Rachel Brookes and current racer Alice Powell are all on board already and will be appearing on the Dare To Be Different stand at Autosport International this weekend (14-17 January) as well as at future events.

Claire Williams said: "I'm delighted to support the Dare To Be Different initiative and add my encouragement to women everywhere who aspire to work in motorsport. I am constantly inspired by the women I work with within Williams and I hope that my participation can help to spread that message.

"Sometimes it takes courage to pursue your dreams, Dare To Be Different will provide that encouragement and support."

Rachel Brookes said: "I always dared to be different. I am proud that I became the first woman to present live cricket updates from the boundary edge, and to host the Post Race FIA Formula One Press Conference."

Alice Powell said: "Motor sport is a male dominated sport and I have witnessed girls turn away from it because of this. I would not have had the most incredible experiences if I did not dare to be different. I always believe that you should aim high and try and better yourself. Sometimes to do that, you need to be different."

With such a strong combination of passionate people and an important message, Dare To Be Different There is much more to be revealed in the coming weeks. Watch this space!

More information about our 2016 events can be found at

For more information contact

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Easykart UK Open Day   (14/01)

Click for larger image...Interested in joining the 2016 Easykart UK Championships? 
Easykart UK is an independent kart racing series with its own racing licence with a strict - but free! - driver evaulation test which has to be completed by any driver wishing to race in our Championship.
Easykarts are a single make BirelART chassis with IAME Easykart aircooled TAG engines, grippy Vega tyres, no teams allowed, no cheque book racing - see a real driver's natural talent.
Easykarts have fantastic lap time performance comparable to other karting catagories but at half the cost!
All Easykarts come complete with engine and new tyres ready to race you just need to add fuel.
The Easykart Range...
Easykart Cadet Iame 62cc - £2250 + VAT
Easykart Junior 100cc - £2650 + VAT
Easykart Senior 125cc - £2850 + VAT

Visit the Easykart UK HQ in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire and see the complete range of Easykarts from Cadet up to Seniors.
The Open day takes place on Saturday 23rd January, from 10am until 4pm.  Entry is free with a complimentry buffet and refreshments.
For more information visit or call the Easykart UK office 01527 889595. You can also find us on facebook or on the Easykart UK YouTube Channel.

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MSA Chooses Dunlop   (14/01)

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) is pleased to confirm that it has entered into negotiations with Dunlop as the preferred supplier of tyres to the Formula Cadet kart class from 2017.

The move follows an open tender process that the MSA launched last July. The tender document required a half-second increase in average lap times, and extensive tests carried out by the MSA showed that Dunlop met this criterion.

Rigorous testing also showed that the proposed Dunlop tyre is very durable, with minimal performance drop-off - all tyres were put through the equivalent of 500 laps of use during the testing process. Consequently one set of tyres could theoretically be used for multiple race meetings, and the environmental impact will also be reduced by limiting the number of tyres disposed of.

The new tyre will be mandatory in the Formula Cadet class from 1 January 2017. It has been decided almost a year in advance to help manufacturers develop new 2017 chassis that are suited to the new tyre.

Simon Blunt, MSA General Secretary and Chairman of the Selection Panel, said: "We were delighted with the level of interest from tyre manufacturers, and with the quality of all their proposals. This made the selection process tricky, but thorough testing revealed that the new tyre proposed by Dunlop exceeded the criteria. This left the Panel in unanimous agreement."


When will the tyres be in use?
The tender process has been run in good time for the development of the 2017 new chassis homologation - manufacturers will have early access to the Dunlop tyre from mid-2016. The tyre is then compulsory in all MSA Formula Cadet racing, including both IAME and Honda, from 1 January 2017 for a three-year period, up to and including 31 December 2019.

What will be the price of the tyres?
Dunlop has offered the following fixed retail prices (exclusive of carriage) for the duration of the three-year contract:

- Front: £24.55+VAT each
- Rear: £30.30+VAT each
- Complete set: £109.70+VAT

- Front: £26.07+VAT each
- Rear: £32.11+VAT each
- Complete set: £116.36+VAT

This is less than the current tyre, and Dunlop will also continue to support the promotion of the Formula Cadet classes.

Will the wet weather tyre change?
No, the wet weather tyre will remain the same as it is currently.

How would you sum up this change?
The MSA believes the choice will both reduce costs in the Cadet classes and enhance the driving experience, leading to better and more exciting racing.

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Hobzie Motorsport   (13/01)

X30 British champions Hobzie Motorsport choose Kosmic and become the sole South-West, South - Wales and South East agents up to and including Forest Edge for the chassis. Karts and parts will be available on a next day delivery so for any Kosmic or OTK original part please contact us using the details below.
Hobzie Motorsport and Revolution Racing Engines are based next door to each other and work very closely together. We are probably the only 'One Stop' shop in the South-West of England for all of your karting needs. We can offer all engine services for any make of engine, Dyno facilities, chassis checking & straightening facilities, welding, new & used equipment sales, a comprehensive range of spare parts & consumables, Kart preparation, engine hire, Kart hire and driver tuition. Whether you are new to the sport or a seasoned racer we can cater for your every need.
For anything Kosmic or Hobzie Motorsport please contact James on tel 07909 520208 or email
For Revolution Racing Engines please contact John on tel 01454 311588 or email You can also visit

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Winter Sun With Next-Gen   (13/01)

Click for larger image...Next-Gen Motorsport will be visiting the Kartdromo Valencia circuit in Spain over the Feb half term Holidays. The team will be on track From Tuesday 16th with the Final days testing on Saturday 20th, with an open circuit and the warm weather making it the perfect opportunity to get your kit and driver sorted for the start of the British Championship season.  The RGMMC Rotax Winter Cup takes place the previous week so the circuit will be in great condition to gain some valuable high grip testing, we will be arriving a couple of days early to catch the Final day at the Winter Cup, why don't you come and join us!  The circuit is 25 mins from the nearest airport with flights currently very cheap, there's plenty of accommodation also available.
Please see the circuits website for more details at!welcome/c1xhu.
The truck will be leaving on Feb 10th so we'll need you equipment before then, we are located 5 minutes from Whilton Mill but could also collect your equipment from the PFI club meeting in February. The truck will return on Feb 24th.
Please get in contact for prices, we can offer transportation, driver coaching day or days, or an all-inclusive package.
We still have team spaces available for both IAME and Honda, the team will be competing in S1 and LGM. We can also cater for club drivers.
Please contact David Bellchambers on 07446173293 or email You can also visit our website at

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HTR Returns To Super 1   (11/01)

HTR Racing returns to Super 1 with factory support from Synergy, after a very successful 2015 winning the NKF Honda, CKRC Championship, Lakeland Challenge Trophy and the Champion of Champions trophy with James Walker and numerous club events. 
HTR will be competing in Super 1, NKF, 0 Plate, Kartmasters, PFI club and Rowrah club championship races, and will offer everything from basic awning space to full arrive and drive packages to cater for all. 
HTR carry all parts and spares for the Synergy chassis. 
If you wish to join a successful and professional team then don't hesitate to contact Derrick for more information on 07836 248459 or email

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Custom Race Suits & More   (11/01)

In these days of standing out and being individual, why does it seem to come at a huge cost?!

It doesn't have to, Embotics have been providing custom made suits fully CIK approved, custom gloves, kit bags, boots and any of your race requirements for a fraction of the "major" brands and at a quality to match.

So if you are looking to stand out a little, from a single pair of gloves right through to unique fully measured custom CIK suits take a visit to our website and be truly unique at a price well below an off the shelf suit.

Take the opportunity of matching race apparel to your kart for maximum visual impact - visit

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CIK Karting Academy Trophy   (11/01)

Click for larger image...The CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy begins its 7th season in 2016 with several very interesting innovations on the programme: a new type of engine, a new chassis and engine supplier, new tyres and, for the first time, a very significant prize for the winner. More than ever, the one-make formula of CIK-FIA designed to make access to Karting Competition easier is very attractive for young talents worldwide. The large number of countries already interested at the start of the year is proof.

The CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy is a unique Competition of its kind that compares the best hopefuls from around the world on equal terms. Young Drivers aged 13-15 represent th eir country at the wheel of one-make karts drawn randomly. With the financial component relegated to the background, the formula allows the most promising talents of the younger generation to be revealed.

The 2016 season of the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy revolves around three Competitions, integrated into the most prestigious Karting Championships. The Trophy will start in France, in Aunay les Bois, from April 22nd to 24th, with an additional day of testing on Thursday. It will then be the turn of Portugal to host the round on June 24th to 26th, the second Competition on the Portimao circuit, while the conclusion will be held from 2nd to 4th September in Sweden at Kristianstad during the CIK-FIA World KZ Championship.

The OTK Group won the tender to supply chassis and engines to the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy Drivers for the next three seasons. From 2016, the engines will comply with the new OK-Junior regulations, while "Option" type tyres supplied by Vega will be used this year.

For the first time, additional prizes in 2016 make this Competition even more attractive, if it were needed, affirming the will to encourage the continuation of the international career of the most promising hopefuls in karting. First, the winner of the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy will be invited to participate free of charge to CIK-FIA World Junior Championship held in Bahrain in November 2016 with one of the official teams of the OTK group. The CIK-FIA will also offer the top five overall in the Academy Trophy in 2016, free entry to whichever 2017 CIK-FIA Championship they choose. This bonus can be estimated on average as being worth EUR2,000 per Driver.

Entry to the CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy is through the ASN who will select the Drivers representing their country. In addition to the criteria between 13 and 15 years of age, Drivers should not have been classified among the top 15 of a previous CIK-FIA Junior Championship. To date, 39 ASNs have already expressed their wish to include at least one representative in the 2016 edition: Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, China, South Korea, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, UK, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Japan, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, United States and South Africa. The maximum number of entries is 51 and registration will be closed on March 4th, 2016. Interested ASNs should come forward as soon as possible to the CIK-FIA.

The details of CIK-FIA 2016 Karting Academy Trophy are available on the website For more information or special requests from Drivers, Competitors or ASNs, please contact the CIK office by email at

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AMT Return To Their Roots   (08/01)

Click for larger image...Drawing on experience from AMT's highly successful KF days where they won the British Championship, British Open Championship and Northern European Championship, the team will compete in the Little Green Man and NKF championships with the aim of taking victory at every opportunity.

To back this up AMT will be competing at various club meetings, PFi during the winter and spring, and at other tracks to gain experience for the championship rounds.

In 2015 AMT won the NKF championship in Senior Max with Alana Taylor, finished 2nd in NKF in Junior Max with Jack Brailsford and was 3rd in Minimax with Sam White. The team also held its own in selected races in Europe and America, most notably when Alana put her kart on pole at Genk in the BNL.

There are spaces available in Rotax and X30 with full PI data support. To discuss your requirements please contact Ashley Todd on 07711 740077 or, or read more about the team at

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Forest Edge Kart Club   (08/01)

With 2015 proving to be one of the best ever in terms of grid sizes it would seem hard for Forest Edge Kart Club in Hampshire to top that for 2016!

But already memberships have exceeded all previous years at the same point, all reserved pitspaces have been sold out, that's 126, don't worry with over 4 acres of hard standing there is plenty of room for all!

With the UK's strongest grids for many classes and many already committed to the club for 2016 it looks like the place to race, a club run by members for members and only for owner drivers it proves that club karting is alive and well! With 177 membership currently over 40 members, Junior Rotax not far behind that, augment with LGM/X30 tour in August shows that the club copes for all classes, Gearbox sees the biggest consistent MSA grids seen in the UK and we still have 2 months before the first race!

For 177, sees the O Plate in July with the winner claiming entry to the Rotax Grand finals courtesy of JAG and Rotax, it's a not to miss race, along with many key events this year the club welcomes members back for 2016 and new members alike.

Click for larger image...Memberships can be all completed online , be quick to reserve your preferred race number and a free kit bag as this year's members gift keeping all your prized racewear safe in one place.

13th January Club AGM at Longparish Village Hall is open to all, failing that reserve Saturday 13th February as first track day of 2016!

For more details check out
Thank you for the continued support from our members and the club looks forward to welcoming all back for 2016 Championships!

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Hoddesdon Kart Club   (07/01)

Hoddesdon Kart Club and Rye House Kart Raceway are back on the map as the best venue for club racing in London and the South East. Now with the full support of the team at Rye House the track is licensed for up to 30 karts (15 Bambinos) on track and standing starts for both Honda cadet grids. There is a clear commitment to racing throughout 2016 and with our continued zero tolerance efforts on driver standards and behaviour, our mission is to deliver "Quality racing for All!"
2016 Club Calendar:
AGM (7pm) & 2015 Trophy Presentation (8pm) - 15th January
Round 1 - 21st February
Round 2 - 20th March
Round 3 - 17th April (The Josh O'Malley Memorial Cup)
Round 4 - 15th May
Round 5 - 19th June
Round 6 - 17th July
Round 7 - 21st August
The London Cup - 18th September
Round 8 - 16th October
Round 9 - 20th November
Round 10 - 18th December
Racing is now held on the third Sunday of each month and there are ten rounds to the club championship with the best eight rounds (barring any exclusions) counting. Round 1 is in February, with the last round held in December.
Entries are now being taken & memberships can also be purchased online at

You can also see our 2016 HKC video here:

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TVKC Membership Applications   (07/01)

Trent Valley Kart Club are pleased to announce that you can now apply for your 2016 membership online.

Simply visit

For more information on club events for 2016 visit

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New Brake System   (06/01)

Click for larger image...Our new KC Brake system is now available!

This system has been completely updated and is now a massive 450g lighter than before. The KC30 brake system is manufactured from billet and and can be used on discs from 3mm to 12mm thick making it ideal for bambino, cadets, Mini Max, TKM and Pro Karts.

This is a manually adjusted system with 4 coil spring pad return and comes with our all new lightweight master cylinder.
Go to for more details or contact for any technical queries.

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Kart-Tek Awning Space   (05/01)

Kart-Tek are offering awning space at Shenington, Whilton Mill, Rissington and Kimbolton circuits.
From just £50 per weekend this will include heaters and electricity supply and, in addition to this we also offer kart set up advice from £75 per weekend.
We offer a kart storage facility, kart preparation prior to you arriving at the circuit, and kart transportation to and from the track.
In addition we can provide driver tuition days on weekends or week days, including kart set up.
We also offer kart hire for Iame Cadet, X30, and Rotax Engine hire, plus equipment from our support van.
Over the years Kart-Tek have won the British Championship, Open Championships, Midland championship, several Cub Championship, and Easykart Championship, so our pedigree is clear.
We attend Whilton Mill every Wednesday night to coach Cadet and Bambino drivers who are preparing to take their MSA Licence.
If you would like to discuss any of the above please contact Darren Masters on 07469 189272, or email

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NJL Racing For 2016   (05/01)

NJL Racing have available for 2016 awning space to full team support at special one off pre-season prices just starting from £75.
Space and team support also available for the first round in January at Kimbolton and Whilton Mill.
Be prepared for the 2016 season. Successful and professional team NJL Racing have a wealth of experience with expertise from former British Touring Car and GT racer and British Super One kart racer offering the perfect combination of their driver skills and knowledge. Including top flight engineers and mechanics available to keep your kart set up creating the best performance in all weather conditions with the knowledge of specific set up characteristics and data of each track, NJL Racing can offer the perfect package for you.
Click for larger image...Also for a limited time winter testing available includes driver coaching and kart set up. Each test personalised to the driver to achieve their ultimate pace / knowledge and skills, looking to fine tune, find extra performance and consistency.

Most circuits are available - Whilton / PFI / Kimbolton / Rissington / Fullbeck and Shenington in Bambino / Cadet / Rotax and X30.

NJL Racing Team Services offer:
Professional Team support
Kart storage and transportation facility
Full Kart preparation
Kart hire
Driver coaching / management / analysis
Driver PR & Sponsorship services
Awning space
For this special pre-season offer or more information please contact us with your requirements - email or telephone 07774 891435.

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Karting Experience Days   (05/01)

Brett Wykes Racing offers corporate karting days and driver experience days in full- race prepared Rotax Max, Iame Cadet and X30 karts.
We cater for birthday parties as well as one-to-one driver tuition and coaching where drivers can take to the track with former British Champion Brett Wykes.
We also offer Awning space at Shenington, Whilton Mill, Rissington and Kimbolton as well as kart storage and transportation to and from the circuit.
Driver coaching at Whilton Mill is available for all classes including Cadets and Bambino drivers on Wednesday nights.
Brett has won the British Championship, Open Championship, Midlands, Whilton Club, Rissington Club, Shenington Club, and Kimbolton Club championships plus lots more, so you can be sure you're learning from the best.
Call Brett Wykes to discuss your requirements on 07792 990592 or 07469 189272, or email

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IKR Race Meeting   (04/01)

Click for larger image...Happy New Year to you all.  Here's to 2016, practice & great racing for the year ahead.

Round 4 of the Owner Driver Winter Champs takes place on Sunday 10th January.
Here at Lydd Kart Circuit we run practice, timed qualifying, 2 heats and a final for Honda Cadet Clubman, Honda Cadet, IAME Cadet, Junior Subaru, Junior Max, Mini Max, ProKart, Senior Rotax (162), Rotax Max 177, with each competitor's best 5 results counting towards their final position.  Bambino grids have practice/qualify, followed by 3 timed runs.
Entries taken up to and including Sunday morning (or, enter via trakentries from our website, deadline for this being 6th of January).
Race meetings see the Honda Cadet Clubman class using fixed gearing 20/72 and all Rotax classes using the Maxxis HG1 tyre - refer to regulations, available on the website.
Clarke Karts Shop is open both Sat 9th open testing/practice & Sun 10th race day.

Tyres including the Maxxis HG1 can also be purchased at the weekend or ordered in advance.
Café & Clubhouse is open both days for hot food & drink, spectators welcome.
Kart storage is £5 per week and garage space hire is £25 per kart/per day. Transponder hire is £10 per day.
Contact Sue Hart (Club Secretary) on 01797 321747 / 01797 321895 or email You can also visit our website at, find us on Facebook or download our app at

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