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Re: Gx 390
Posted by 'Knighty' on 06 Jul 2018 @ 09:28

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After many many years of wanting a GX390 kart, back in 2012 I bought one, the previous owner had spent thousands on it, with many trick tuning parts from the US, but I was to soon find out it was a nightmare to own and run.

It let me down 3 times at the track, the crank needed replacing, flywheel came loose, rocker studs stripped, exhaust cracked......

Then eventually it blew up in fantastic style, despite having lots of lovely tuning parts on it, about 2000 worth, such as a big-valve has-flowed head, high lift cam, fancy springs and billet rockers, a 400 clutch......but it was spec'd by a numpty......the compression ratio was only 10.5:1, and the biggest flaw was a standard cast honda piston was used, it was eventually the piston that disintegrated and utterly obliterated the engine......when it did blow up I was actually quite happy about it as the project turned into a nightmare that was consuming me more than I ever intended......but I still got 800 for all the spares salvaged, as they were quite valuable.

So my point being, even spending 2000 on a tuned GX390 of these is sometimes not enough, if you are going to get one contact Dan at GXT as he has built some monster GX390's with all the correct parts, but they aint cheap.

But otherwise I'd be inclined to go with a GX200 twin engine prokart, you can easily tune each to around 14HP, then you have 28HP....and far more options to race it.

hope that helps?

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