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Clay Pigeon KC - Club Championship - Round 5

Clay Pigeon KC - Club Championship
Round 5 - Clay Pigeon - 13 July 2003

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Kart No. Driver Forename Driver Surname Class
37 Michael Collins Junior TKM
69 Tom Atwill Senior Rotax
49 Aaron Babbs Honda Cadet
94 Joseph Babbs Honda Cadet
95 Stewart Baker Senior Rotax
90 Joshua Barnett Mini-max
90 Joshua Barnett Min-max
57 Matthew Bastin Senior Rotax
20 Marcus Bazley Senior Rotax
36 John Beckenham Gentlemans Challenge
39 Matthew Bell Junior TKM
50 Winston Bent Gentlemans Challenge
30 Carl Binding Senior TKM
25 Derek Bjerved - Eades Gentlemans Challenge
72 John Blount Senior Rotax
81 Gavin Brewer Senior Rotax
72 Charlie Brinkley Mini-max
72 Charlie Brinkley Min-max
62 Robert Brooks-waite Senior Rotax
14 Tom Bryant Mini-max
14 Tom Bryant Min-max
18 Charlotte Burch Honda Cadet
18 Jon Burch Junior TKM
73 John Burgato Senior TKM
44 Daryl Burgess Senior TKM
21 Harry Byrne Honda Cadet
46 Dan Chain Senior Rotax
89 Alistair Chapman Junior Rotax
66 James Clarkson Senior Rotax
19 Jacob Clements Junior Rotax
16 Samuel Clements Junior Rotax
76 Andrew Cole Junior Rotax
62 Martin Collins Senior TKM
72 Mark Court Junior TKM
66 Tony Cowlam Gentlemans Challenge
64 Ashley Craig Comer Cadet
23 Martin Cull Gentlemans Challenge
26 Ryan Cullen Comer Cadet
17 Tom Davis Senior Rotax
49 Craig Dicker Senior Rotax
48 Mark Dicker Senior Rotax
27 Tom Dix Junior TKM
69 Gerard Dray Gentlemans Challenge
39 Danny Duhra Comer Cadet
44 Mark Dunne Gentlemans Challenge
49 Everton Elvin Gentlemans Challenge
54 Graham Fagg Gentlemans Challenge
42 Alex Ferris Junior TKM
98 Craig Fleming Senior Rotax
54 Kevin Francis Junior Rotax
55 Melvin Francis Gentlemans Challenge
77 Joshua Fry Comer Cadet
47 Jamie Garvie Junior Rotax
46 Scott Garvie Mini-max
46 Scott Garvie Min-max
52 Alexander Gatton Mini-max
52 Alexander Gatton Min-max
87 David Geere Senior Rotax
35 Kevin Gilbert Gentlemans Challenge
56 Stephen Girolami Senior Rotax
40 Jack Gover Honda Cadet
56 Mark Grady Gentlemans Challenge
22 Philip Gynn Junior TKM
80 Daniel Hands Senior TKM
99 Gareth Hardiman Senior Rotax
84 Ryan Hart Senior TKM
47 Lewis Harwood Junior TKM
91 Nick Harwood Senior Rotax
28 Philip Haworth Comer Cadet
48 Luke Herbert Junior TKM
76 Axel Hildebrand Junior TKM
44 Kyle Hinton Senior Rotax
27 Jonathan Hoad Junior Rotax
19 John Holmes Gentlemans Challenge
52 Patrick Horrocks Senior Rotax
73 Mark Hudson Gentlemans Challenge
22 Derek Hunt Senior TKM
74 Mark Jarvis Senior Rotax
20 Oliver Jeans Junior TKM
92 Mark Jeffries Senior Rotax
59 Ian Jones Senior Rotax
22 Mike Jones Senior Rotax
66 Nicholas Kelly Honda Cadet
27 Andy Kemp Gentlemans Challenge
89 Michael Kent Mini-max
89 Michael Kent Min-max
32 Andy King Senior TKM
20 James King Junior Rotax
20 Jim King Senior TKM
27 Kevin King Senior Rotax
77 Simon Light Junior TKM
47 Fraser Line Honda Cadet
68 Tony Longstaff Junior TKM
97 Jim Lovell Junior TKM
75 Paul Marlow Gentlemans Challenge
46 Chris Marshall Junior TKM
26 Daniel Mckenzie Junior Rotax
76 Stuart Neale Senior Rotax
85 Kevin Otway Gentlemans Challenge
88 Matthew Palmer Mini-max
88 Matthew Palmer Min-max
12 Matt Parker Junior TKM
88 John Parsons Senior Rotax
16 Richard Peach Senior Rotax
33 James Pirie Comer Cadet
99 Shaun Pirie Comer Cadet
25 Alex Powell Comer Cadet
47 Michael Prosser Senior Rotax
40 Chris Ratford Junior TKM
17 James Raven Honda Cadet
32 Domenico Redgell Honda Cadet
18 Brian Reed Senior TKM
44 Dylan Roberts Junior Rotax
28 Dan Rochester Senior TKM
44 Lewis Round Comer Cadet
18 Nick Rowe Junior Rotax
93 David Rubie-todd Junior Rotax
96 Steve Rubie-todd Senior Rotax
70 Phillip Russell Mini-max
70 Phillip Russell Min-max
75 Stephen Russell Mini-max
75 Stephen Russell Min-max
22 James Rygor Junior Rotax
52 Andrew Sirkett Gentlemans Challenge
91 Bradley Smith Honda Cadet
78 Ashley Sothcott Senior Rotax
77 James Sothcott Senior Rotax
88 Matt Soul Junior TKM
28 David Sutcliffe Senior Rotax
64 Hugh Sutcliffe Junior TKM
17 Stuart Tarr Senior TKM
26 Elliott Thompson Honda Cadet
38 Oliver Tucker Senior Rotax
88 Richard Wake Senior TKM
34 Nigel Ward Gentlemans Challenge
88 David Washington Junior Rotax
91 Stuart Wellington Comer Cadet
24 Billy Wells Junior Rotax
95 Martin Wheeler Honda Cadet
58 Brian White Senior Rotax
96 Jordan Williams Junior TKM
96 Jordan Williams Mini-max
96 Jordan Williams Min-max
93 Steven Wood Senior TKM
99 William Wright Junior Rotax
24 Neville Wynes Gentlemans Challenge
80 Caleb Zarth Junior Rotax

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