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2006 British Superkart Grand Prix

2006 British Superkart Grand Prix
22nd/23rd July - Cadwell Park, Lincolnshire

Cadwell Park’s majestic circuit with its stunning backdrops complimented the fantastic spectacle that is the MSA British Superkart Grand Prix. Competitors from all over the UK as well as eight other European nations had representatives and the hordes of spectators witnessed some fantastic racing over the weekend.

Damian Payart Division 1 GP Winner & Stefan Maln

Very much in control the whole weekend it was Frenchman Damian Payart who took the Division 1 title, he and his team-mate Stefan Malm from Sweden, taking a fabulous 1 & 2 in the final. Malcolm Crowe led early on but the Malm racing duo eased past and went on to win by a comfortable margin, Carl Hulme from the Wirral joined them on the podium in 3rd with Malcolm Crowe 4th.

Trevor Roberts 250 National

German Wolfgang Fritz led for much of the Division 2 final but a broken engine handed compatriot Guido Klienemeyer the victory with just two laps remaining, Norway’s Erik Gjertsen and Martin Reuck also from Germany completed the top three. Locals Dave Harvey, Simon Holloway and Stuart Parker suffered badly from tyre degradation and as a consequence failed to match their excellent performances in earlier races.

Trevor Roberts from Lurgan in Northern Ireland held off a fine challenge from reigning MSA Champion Gavin Bennett to take the 250 National GP, young Jason Dredge from Reading came from well down the field to take 3rd.

Paul Platt won the 125 Open after a fierce battle with Justin Doherty, James Irvine and Richard Ward, Doherty the only one failing to finish.

Dan Edwards had a race long dice with Mark Brookman and Alex Von Ehrheim on his way to victory in the ICC class whilst Simon Bateman held off a late charge from Louise Colin in the 210 National class.

Paul Platt 125 Open Winner

Dan Edwards & Mark Brookmman 125 ICC

Photos courtesy of Robin Haworth.


Division 1
1 Damian Payart PVP FPE
2 Stefan Malm PVP FPE
3 Carl Hulme Anderson RCS Rotax
4 Malcoclm Crowe Anderson RCS Rotax
5 Roy Panman APG Rotax
6 Olaf Dau PVP BRC

Division 2
1 Guido Klienemeyer PVP GasGas
2 Erik Gjertsen PVP Honda
3 Martin Reuck PVP GasGas
4 Marcel Masseman APG Rotax
5 Richard Blom Viper Rotax
6 Dave Harvey Anderson Rotax

F250 National
1 Trevor Roberts Anderson Honda
2 Gavin Bennett Anderson Honda
3 Jason Dredge Jade Honda
4 Stephen Shipley Anderson Honda
5 Tony Moss PVP Honda
6 James O’Reilly PVP Honda

F125 Open
1 Paul Platt F1 TM
2 James Irvine F1 Pavesi
3 Richard Ward F1 TM
4 Peter Bennett Anderson Pavesi
5 Howard Bennett Anderson Pavesi

F125 ICC
1 Dan Edwards Cat TM
2 Mark Brookman Tony Pavesi
3 Alex Von Ehrheim Energy TM
4 Lee Morgan Energy SGM
5 Michael Groves Arrow TM

F210 National
1 Simon Bateman Anderson Nametab
2 Louise Colin Lazer Villiers
3 Paul Fowler Anderson DMV
4 Tony Bury TBA Villiers
5 Peter Masson Invader Villiers

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