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GYG Pro Kart Endurance Championship

GYG Pro Kart Endurance Championship
Round 1 - 4th March 2007 - Glan Y Gors Park

The first round of the GYG Pro-Kart Endurance Championship on the 4th March attracted a grid of 17 teams including most of our previous supporters and a number of new teams. With 20 teams already registered for the Championship the racing this year is something to look forward to. The forecast of testing wet and windy conditions didn’t put off any of the visitors to the Welsh Hills and the Championship was to start with some determination.

GKD 66 the 2007 Champions was one of the starters ready to defend their Championship Trophy, but it was going to be an awesome 4 hour wet challenge between some of the very competitive home teams, who were keen to make an impressive start to the competition.

Qualifying results put MBC Racing on pole, with Propaint on the front row, Mizzi Racing and GKD 66 on the second row and SAS Racing on the third row with new comers Elite 0.

From the starting flag the front 4 pushed ahead. By lap 6 Propaint had taken the lead from MBC, Staffs Bulls had moved up to 5th place from 12 position with Ultima and GRPC also claiming 6 places from their grid positions. MBC & Propaint alternated positions and fastest lap trying to lose the pursuit from GKD 66 and Mizzi Racing. Trailvan stayed in touch with the frontrunners maintaining a consistent 5th and 6th position right through the race, but the front four were not going to let up. Propaint dropped back to fourth following an unscheduled stop when a steering bolt gave up and had to be replaced. Crisis 1 had a late start joining the race from the pits on the 3rd race lap, but managed to claw their way through up to 7th position and appeared to be pulling Crisis 2 up through the ranks with them by the final quarter of the race. An impressive first race from the new teams Elite 0 and Elite 5, who reached 5th and 6th positions during the race and who finally finished in 6th and 8th positions. Showing some of the home teams that they may not have the Championship all their own way.

The last hour was a close battle between the top three, MBC, Mizzi and GKD 66 who were all on the same lap, as Propaint were struggling to regain the lost time. GKD were ahead on lap 214 a recipe to be an exciting finish. Following some final pit stops, however, it was all change and the MBC Team were delighted to take the chequered flag, followed by Mizzi who were only 9.44 seconds of their tail and then GKD.

The tyre draw of Dunlop’s SL1 was won by SAS Racing.


1st – 53 – MBC RACING (HERBIE) (245 laps) Fastest Lap (56.23)
2nd – 4 – MIZZI RACING (245 laps) Fastest Lap (56.13)
3rd – 66 - GKD 66 (244 laps) Fastest Lap (56.31)
4th – 11 - PROPAINT (238 laps) Fastest Lap (56.20)
5th – 22 – TRAILVAN (235 laps) Fastest Lap (57.54)
6th – 0 – ELITE 0 (232 laps) Fastest Lap (57.23)

Fastest Lap: MIZZI RACING (56.13)

Pro-Kart Endurance 160cc CHAMPIONS

1ST – No 66 GKD 66 (196 pts)
2nd – No 2 DATUM RACING (181 pts)
3rd – No 4 MIZZI RACING (158 pts)
4th – No 70 ECOLAB (150 pts)
5th – No 53 MBC RACING (144 pts)
6th – No 22 TRAILVAN (125 pts)

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