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The Market Place at UK Karting is specifically for advertising items, either for sale or wanted. Please read these instructions carefully before looking at the adverts, and especially before submitting an advert for inclusion. Should you have any further questions please contact us at


Warning for Sellers!

There are many 'scams' around that try to part you with your money or other valuables, and a more recent variation of 'The Nigerian Letter' could affect some Market Place advertisers selling their karts.
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FAQs For Sellers:

Who can place an advert?

Anyone can place an advert regardless of location.  However, adverts must be submitted in English, and the item must be based in the UK, or relevant to the UK market and the owner is prepared to send it to the UK.  Remember, your advert will be seen by people all over the world, so you may be contacted by someone not resident in the UK.

Are there restrictions on adverts?

Yes, ALL adverts MUST be a private sale, karting related and the language used must be appropriate for all to read.  Retailers selling products commercially should contact contact us in the first instance.

Advertisements cannot contain reference to an external website, or a website URL of any kind.

Note: Adverts may be briefly checked before posting, and any irrelevant or unsuitable ads may not be posted.

How do I place an advert?

You can place an advert using the form provided. When writing an ad, remember that if there are several similar ads, the more detailed one may be more attractive, but if you make an ad too long with irrelevant information people will lose interest. For more information and to submit ad advert go to Submitting an Advert.

Can I include a photograph?

We regret the photographs and pictures cannot be included with adverts at the present time.

How long will my advert be listed?

All adverts are listed for a period of 14 days from the date they appear in the Market Place.  Those marked with a 'NEW' tag have been listed within the past 72 hours.  Adverts at the bottom of the list will only have been added in the previous 14 days.  If the item you are selling has been sold or the item you are looking for has been found, contact us using the same e-mail address as in the advert that's to be removed and stating the advert reference number.

How do I remove my advert?

When your advert is no longer required (the items have been sold/found) it can be removed by simply e-mailing us, quoting the advert title & reference number.

How long will it take to list my advert?

Your advert should appear on the Market Place within 5 days of you submitting it.  Although we offer no guarantees on the length of time it will take to list your advert, a turn-around period of approximately 36 hours is usual.

Why isn't my advert at the top of the list?

The 'Adverts Index' lists adverts in the order that they were received. Your advert may be new, but if others were received before it they will generally appear above yours in the Index.

Will UK Karting edit my advert?

UK Karting reserve the right to make changes to adverts to ensure clarity. We will not change details in the advert such as items, descriptions, or prices. We do not check adverts for spelling or grammar. If you disagree with any alterations that have been made, please e-mail us (quoting the ad's reference no.).

Do I have to give my contact details?

To allow prospective buyers to contact you will require at least a valid mobile or landline telephone number. You may also include an email address although this is not recommended, as it may result in receiving emails with fraudulent offers to purchase. We would advise buyers and sellers to communicate via telephone.


UK Karting reserves the right to alter or refuse adverts. This is a free service for private advertisers.  If you are a commercial organisation and would like to advertise, please contact us. UK Karting can accept no responsibility for any adverts which may be false, misleading or inaccurate. The information provided is done so without guarantees of any kind and in no event shall UK Karting be liable for any loss whatsoever. Always treat all advertisements with caution.  Caveat Emptor!

For more information on posting an advert, see Submitting an Advert

Should you have any further questions, please contact us.

FAQs For Buyers:

How should I pay for an item?

First and foremost, you should always treat adverts with caution! Whilst the vast majority of sellers on any online service will be legitimate, it is a sad fact that there will always be the odd individual with less than honourable intentions.

Before agreeing to purchase an item from the Marketplace, contact the seller to ask what methods of payment they accept to ensure they offer an option that you are comfortable with. You should never use an instant money transfer service (such as Western Union) as these offer no protection at all from fraudulent sellers.  Ideally you will collect your item in person and pay for it at the same time, thus giving you the opportunity to inspect the item(s) you are purchasing before handing over any monies.  If the purchase cannot be conducted face-to-face then you should remember there is an element of risk by sending payment before receiving goods.  Legitimate sellers will also want to protect themselves from fraudulent buyers and so are likely to want cleared payment before sending goods.  In these instances determine whether the seller is willing to accept a payment method with better guarantees for both parties, such as an online payment service (such as PayPal), or a third-party Escrow service.  You may have to pay extra for this but you should consider any additional costs against what protections the payment service offers.  If you are intending to send payment, ensure you know who you are dealing with - ensure you have a landline number for the seller and their home address.  Possible ways to validate this information include telephoning the seller on the contact numbers prior to making payment and sending a cheque in payment only to the address they have provided.

I cannot contact the seller!

All of the information that we hold is displayed in the Marketplace.  If you cannot get in touch with the seller then unfortunately we do not have any other way of contacting them.  If you suspect the contact information is invalid (i.e. telephone number unobtainable, email bounces) then please contact us with the advert reference number so that we can remove it from display - sometimes sellers do make genuine mistakes when filling in their details.

I saw an advert x days/weeks/months ago but it is no longer listed. Can you give me the seller's contact details?

Adverts are listed for 14 days or until the seller advises that the equipment had been sold or should be removed.  Once an advert is removed it is permanently deleted and unfortunately we are unable to recover it. If you see an advert that you think you might be interested in at some point in the future, we would recommend making a note of the details now, just in case it has been removed when you next visit.


By exercising care and common sense you should be able to join the many thousands of happy buyers that have purchased items from adverts in the Marketplace, but if you're in any doubt at all consider pulling out of the sale.

UK Karting can accept no responsibility for any adverts which may be false, misleading or inaccurate. Information provided in the Marketplace is done so without guarantees of any kind and in no event shall UK Karting be liable for any loss whatsoever. Always treat all advertisements with caution. Caveat Emptor!

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