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The Market Place at UK Karting is an effective medium for advertising goods for sale or wanted. Adverts are free to all private buyers & sellers and you can submit an advert by simply filling in the form below. Before submitting an advert, please take a moment to read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) which contains further guidelines and important information.

What to include in an advert...

When composing your advert, it is advised that you include all of the following information plus any other additional information you feel is appropriate...

For Sale Adverts Wanted Adverts
  • Advert Title
  • Description of items you are selling
    inc. condition, age, previous usage etc
  • The Asking Price
  • Location of Items
  • A Telephone Number
  • Plus, make sure you read the Warning message below!
  • Advert Title
  • Description of items you want
    inc. suitable condition, age etc
  • Your Price Range (or leave the box blank if you wish)
  • Your Location
  • Contact Details
  • Plus, make sure you read the warning message below.

Look at the adverts currently displayed in the Market Place to get an idea of what others are putting in their adverts. Try to find a good balance between providing comprehensive information about the item you are selling/looking for, without making the advert so long it is impractical to read it all. If there are any unique features of the equipment you are selling be sure to point them out to distinguish your advert from similar ones. Finally, if you're having trouble composing your advert, try writing it out on paper first before filling in the form on-line.

Placing your advert...

Once you have read the FAQ and the brief guide above, you should use the fill-in form below to place your advert. Only use capital letters where appropriate, adverts types all in capital letters will be rejected. We regret that we are no longer able to offer an e-mail submission facility. Adverts e-mailed to us cannot not be included in the Market Place.

NB: Adverts are often checked manually - those that do not conform with the guidelines in the FAQ may be rejected. UK Karting reserve the right to refuse adverts for any reason.


Please read the following warning before placing your For Sale OR Wanted advert:

There are many 'scams' around that try to part you with your money. Whilst many of these originate overseas there are also people operating within the UK that may sound both genuine and knowledgeable about karting.

If you are a buyer or placing a Wanted advert...

  • NEVER send funds via an instant money transfer service such as Western Union.
  • ALWAYS determine whether the seller will accept a payment method with better guarantees for both parties, for example an online payment service such as PayPal (but see the next point below). If not, ensure you understand the risks of using other ways of transferring funds.
  • When using an online service such a PayPal, check what buyer protection policies they have and if there are any exclusions.  PayPal, for example, allows you to send money "as a gift", but this removes any buyer protection they offer if you then have a problem with the seller.
  • Excercise extreme caution when using bank transfers - this is the equivalent to handing over cash to a complete stranger.  Always ensure you have sufficient information about an individual before sending money - a verified address and landline telephone number should be the absolute minimum.

If you are a seller placing a For Sale advert...

  • NEVER accept more money than you are asking for and refund the difference to the buyer. This is the most common form of scam and often involves the "buyer" sending you a forged cheque that will clear into your bank account and only then do you need to return the balance to them via Western Union or some other form of instant money transfer. Some weeks later your bank will bounce the cheque and debit the amount from your account.
  • Although you usually have to pay a percentage and/or transaction fee, use an online payment service such as PayPal which offers some protection for both buyers and sellers. Any fees such a service charges may be small compared to the potential loss from a fradulent buyer.
  • If you are posting an item, always use a postal service that offers tracking and provides adequate insurance cover for the goods.

General tips...

  • Never meet people that you do not know alone, especially if you have expensive equipment or cash with you.
  • Just because someone sounds knowledgeable about karting does not always mean they are trustworthy.  Sadly there are fraudsters in all walks of life, and some people will perform a great deal of research before contacting their intended victim(s).
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Further Advice and Reporting Online Fraud

If you would like more information on common types of online fraud, or believe you have been a victimof such activity and would like to report the crime, visit the ActionFraud website at

Please read before submitting your advert:

Repeat advertisements: If equipment has not been sold or items not found within 14 days you can resubmit an advert on or after the dates that your current one expires. Please do not submit repeat adverts before your current ones are due to expire as they cannot be included.

Amended advertisements: If you have an advertisement currently listed that needs to be changed, (e.g. price change, part of the equipment listed has sold, etc.) please do not resubmit through this page. Send an e-mail to with your current advert number shown in the Subject line (i.e. Amend advert no. 012345) and details of the new wording or amended information required. Submitting the advert again via this page will highlight it as a duplicate and it will be discarded.

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Before entering your email address...

We advise you to leave this box blank as individuals are currently targeting websites featuring classified ads, including UK Karting. By entering your email address you are likely to receive (some legitimate looking) offers to buy your items which are fraudulent. A telephone number will allow buyers to contact you whilst preventing such fradulent contact by email.
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