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West of Scotland KC Club Championship - Round 1

West of Scotland KC Club Championship - Round 1

17th February 2013 - Summerlee

Hosted by West of Scotland Kart Club

Competitor Name
21 Paul Beattie Comer Cadet Novice
24 Robert Proudlock Comer Cadet Novice
18 Stuart Gray Formula Blue
85 Brian Lees Formula Blue
44 Scott Keenan Formula Blue
54 Cameron Low Formula Blue
41 Lewis Heath Formula Blue Novice
16 Keith Wilson Formula Blue
6 Steve Barlow Formula Blue
5 Douglas Simpson Formula Blue
80 Hamish Gilbert Formula Blue
66 Gordon Barclay Formula Blue
42 Calum Ramsay Honda Cadet Novice
33 Fergus Ramsay Honda Cadet Novice
30 Cameron Ross Honda Cadet
47 Ben Alexander Honda Cadet
38 Ben Creanor Honda Cadet Novice
88 William Walker Honda Cadet Novice
64 Mathew Seath Honda Cadet
A Cameron Evans Honda Cadet
17 Cameron Colville Honda Cadet
74 Matthew Collings Honda Cadet Novice
63 Jake Drew Calvert Honda Cadet
96 Daniel McLaughlin Honda Cadet
S(18) Lewis Miller Honda Cadet
16 Matthew Watters Honda Cadet
51 Joshua Nekrews Honda Cadet Novice
29 Cameron Thomson Honda Cadet
31 Evan Smillie Iame Cadet Novice
73 Jack Brailsford Iame Cadet
69 Dexter Patterson Iame Cadet
33 Angus Moulsdale Iame Cadet
19 Sam Jeffrey Junior Blue Novice
34 Liam Kennedy Junior Blue
5 Aaron Smith Junior Blue
40 Daniel Ward Junior Blue
80 Arron McQuade Junior Blue
27 Alistair Allan Junior Blue Novice
43 Graeme Hughes Junior Blue
22 Ross Adamson Junior Blue
50 Jamie Thorburn Junior Blue Novice
24 Fraser Pierce Junior Mini Max
88 Lucas Blakeley Junior Mini Max
16 Cameron McLauchlan Junior Mini Max
26 Lee Jamieson Junior Mini Max Novice
22 Harry Macdonald Junior Mini Max
71 Ryan McLeish Junior Mini Max
41 Abigail Ross Junior Mini Max
52 Dean MacDonald Junior Mini Max
77 Jack Tulloch Junior Mini Max
60 William Blake Junior Rotax
88 Chris Graham Junior Rotax
19 Ben Lambie Junior Rotax
69 Kieran Murphy Junior Rotax
50 Tommy Leckie Junior Rotax
16 Connor Stephenson Junior Rotax
35 Ben Douglas Junior Rotax
20 Clay Mitchell Junior Rotax
55 Mark Ross Junior Rotax
91 Paul Stewart Junior Rotax
18 Drew Campbell Junior Rotax
50 Jamie Fraser Junior TKM
46 Chris Morris Junior TKM
39 Nathan Findlay Junior TKM
16 Robert Gilmore Rotax Max
96 Kenneth Cowie Rotax Max
25 Scott Beattie Rotax Max
27 David Stewart Rotax Max
33 Cameron Brown Rotax Max
77 Charles Wagner Rotax Max
75 Blair Campbell Rotax Max
53 Ryan Todd Rotax Max
35 Robert Forsythe Rotax Max
82 Chris Fraser Rotax Max Novice
88 Liam Ross Rotax Max Novice
99 Jamie Rodger TKM 4 Stroke
52 Paul Etheridge TKM 4 Stroke
22 George Wilson TKM 4 Stroke
47 Raymond Daffurn TKM 4 Stroke Novice
42 Grant Findlater TKM 4 Stroke
24 Danna Sim TKM Extreme
44 Lewis Main TKM Extreme
91 Stuart Speirs TKM Extreme
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